Chapter 272 : You Rock, Highgod! (22)

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Yue Ning was the Ancient God who had been in charge of the marriage fates of all beings. Back then, two other Ancient Gods had been in love with her.

They gave their all for the sake of pleasing her, but neither had ever managed to win her favour.

One of these Ancient Gods was Zi Huan, while the other was Qing Guan’s father.

Qing Guan’s father gave up first and married her mother, who had been ardently chasing him at the time.

Zi Huan, however, never gave up. Despite this, Yue Ning still didn’t fall for him. She instead liked a normal person who had ascended from the Mortal Realm.

But this person already had a spouse who ascended with him and who he enjoyed a loving relationship with.

Yue Ning abused her authority as the Moon Elder to break the two of them apart. The woman was sent to The Great Desert, which was covetously eyeing up the Heavenly Realm during that period.

Back then, the devil beasts were in charge of The Great Desert. Soon after the woman was sent there, she couldn’t take the humiliation and torment and chose to take the then Devil Beast King down with her.

Dong Jing stopped here.

Shi Sheng continued for him, “And that ‘normal person’ was you?”

Dong Jing neither admitted nor denied it. He continued, “After the man found out, he made a big scene in the Heavenly Realm. But there were still several Ancient Gods who hadn’t fallen back then. Adding to the fact that Yue Ning was being protected by Zi Huan, he had no way of taking revenge.”

After a slight pause, he continued, “Your mother helped me once at that time. Although it was merely not telling my pursuers my hiding spot…if she hadn’t chosen to do so, I wouldn’t have been able to leave the Heavenly Realm.”

Shi Sheng blinked and only spoke after a while had passed, “So this was why you followed me?”

‘There really are surprises in the plot of every world… I’m(bbb) slightly despairing right now… System, can you not add these complicated twists at random? All I(bbb) want is to quietly show off and be a beauty that is worshipped.’

Dong Jing first nodded then shook his head. “That’s half the reason.”

‘Alright, let’s just ignore that since it’s unimportant.’

“So your red string was with Yue Ning, which was why it eventually ended up with Yue Yao, right?”

Dong Jing nodded. He had been rushing to flee the Heavenly Realm back then, so he had naturally forgotten something minor like that.

‘Since she found Dong Jing’s red string, she probably also gained some stuff Yue Ning left behind for her and learned something from them.

That lil bitch Yue Yao actually dared to tie my red string to the person her mother liked! Isn’t she afraid her mom will leap out from the grave to beat her unfilial ass to death?

Wait. Then who’s Yue Yao’s father? The plot ending didn’t even reveal this point. I’m beginning to suspect the author might’ve dropped this…’

“It wasn’t me,” Dong Jing seemed as if he had read her mind, for he quickly denied involvement. Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. ‘I(bbb) never said it was you. What’re you in such a rush to deny it for?

Could it be Zi Huan? That doesn’t seem possible…he should at least be able to recognise his own daughter. Then who could it be?

The Jade Emperor? He is rather concerned about Yue Yao, but it doesn’t seem like the concern a father would have for his daughter—more like he’s afraid of something. This FL’s cheats are simply inexhaustible!’

“Something you should take note of is: during that period, Yue Ning and your father were rather close. It’s probably why your mother chose to hide the fact that she saw me.”

“So you’re saying: Yue Yao may be my sister.”

‘Please let there not be this much dog blood! I(bbb) won’t be able to take it, okay?’

Dong Jing didn’t say any more.

Shi Sheng’s fingernails scratched across the surface of the table, causing a screechy sound. ‘As expected, there’s no such thing as “too much dog blood”, only “more dog blood”…’


“Boss, Boss! That woman won’t give up on seeing you! She injured several of our comrades!” Er-Er and Si-Si helped a beaten-up San-San inside to tattle to her.

The hand that was scratching at the table paused before Shi Sheng picked up her sword that was lying beside her and walked out. “I(lz) wanna see just what she’s planning.”

Outside the city gates, Yue Yao was dressed all in red. Though her features were the same, the feeling she gave off was completely different.

Whereas the previous Yue Yao was petite and cute, the current Yue Yao was seductive, her every move seeming to overflow with a provocative charm.

“That lil’ bitch actually tried to seduce us! I’ve lost my appetite just seeing that caked face. Isn’t that right, Boss?” Er-Er subserviently expressed his loyalty to Shi Sheng.

“Boss, you’re the prettiest—the prettiest of them all!”

“That’s right! Boss is way better lookin’ than that lil’ bitch! She doesn’t even have the qualifications to carry Boss’ shoes!”

After a round of praise, the devil beasts spoke in unison, “Boss, avenge us!”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘The last part’s the main point eh?’

Yue Yao wasn’t far away, so she was naturally able to hear their words. Her face turned dark.

“Qing Guan, here I was thinking you wouldn’t dare show up,” Yue Yao raised her voice.

Shi Sheng launched herself off the city wall and stood in the air facing Yue Yao.

“So why are you looking for me? To have a family reunion?”

Yue Yao frowned. “You know?”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘I was just spouting whatever came to mind…don’t tell me it’s real?! Wtf, so Qing Guan’s dad was that kind of Ancient Highgod…’

“Know that you’re illegitimate?”

“Qing Guan!” It appeared that Shi Sheng had hit a sore spot, for Yue Yao sharply shouted, “You’re the illegitimate one!”

“Oh wow, I was right…” Shi Sheng muttered as she cursed System (and the author of this novel) inwardly. ‘That author must’ve never gotten around to finishing this novel! This plot is clearly unfinished, okay?’

“So why did you want to see me? To boast that you’re an illegitimate daughter who has a daddy?” Shi Sheng raised her head and spoke in a ridiculing tone, “A pity that old fella’s been dead for so long. He can’t see nor protect you.”

Yue Yao suddenly calmed down as she spoke with a hint of triumph in her tone, “Qing Guan, I bet you don’t know that he left Verdance to me?”

“What’s that?” ‘Is this “Verdance” thing amazing or something?’

Yue Yao was stumped. Her reaction was different to what she had anticipated.

“You don’t even know the ancient divine weapon Verdance? You aren’t fit to be his daughter!”

‘She must be faking indifference!’

After all, how could anyone remain truly calm upon learning that their father had another daughter—and that he’d left his divine weapon to her?

Yue Yao consoled herself inwardly.

“Oh, an ancient divine weapon eh? Well, take it out and let’s have a look.” Shi Sheng gave Yue Yao a faint smile.

Yue Yao was desperate to show off, so she immediately summoned Verdance. It was a viridian1 shade of green and was delicately and exquisitely crafted, making it appropriate for females to use.

Yue Yao smugly lifted her chin. “Qing Guan, even if you were born in the Verdant Palace, you still never got Verdance! The person he truly loved was my mother so he left Verdance to me!”

‘Just because she was born in the Verdant Palace, she became a Highlord from birth. Why did she get to be the one to enjoy this treatment? I’m his daughter too! Why did I always have to live on the edge?’

Shi Sheng displayed her sword. “Know what this sword of mine is called?”

Yue Yao was caught off guard at first. Soon, doubt rose in her heart as she was unclear about what Shi Sheng was planning.

She had borne witness to the might of that sword before and overheard people deduce that it was a divine weapon—yet no one knew which divine weapon it was.


Shi Sheng’s lips curved upwards. “God-Killer, an ancient demon sword.”

[1] Okay, so the raws were more dark green, but I felt this shade of green fit a sword called Verdance even more (the name does too). In case you wanted to see what this shade of green is without searching it up:


Author’s note:

Sword: Master, do you even remember my real name…?

Shi Sheng: Of course!

Sword: What?

Shi Sheng: Show-off Tool.

Sword: Don’t hold me back! I’m turning on this Master!!!


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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