Chapter 273 : You Rock, Highgod! (23)

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‘God-Killer? An ancient demon sword?’

Yue Yao was shaken from the answer. ‘How come I’ve never heard of it before?’

But Shi Sheng didn’t give Yue Yao the time to digest this as she suddenly shot towards Yue Yao, her sword calling gusts of wind. In that moment, a destructive energy seemingly capable of destroying the heavens and earth had gathered around her.

Shi Sheng slashed her sword down towards Yue Yao, who panicked and subconsciously used Verdance to block. The clashing of blades caused dazzling sparks to appear.

Shi Sheng swiftly hacked and slashed at her. As she did so, she cussed, “Dare to come and show off in front of me(lz)?! Shoulda taken a good look at who it was first! When I(lz) was showing off, you were still playing with mud who-knows-where! Is that Verdance so amazing? Think you’re awesome now that you got an ancient divine weapon?!”

It was likely that Verdance did live up to its reputation—after all, it hadn’t broken even after taking so many blows from Shi Sheng’s sword. But it probably wasn’t able to release even a tenth of its true potential with Yue Yao wielding it.

Shi Sheng aimed for Yue Yao’s wrist and stabbed. The latter felt a sharp pain burst through her wrist. “Ah!”

Her hand suddenly lost the strength to maintain a grip on Verdance, causing it to fall from the air. Without its assistance, Shi Sheng managed to kick Yue Yao out of the air fairly easily. “There’s a road in heaven for you to go through, yet you insist on opening up hell[1]? Think I’m(lz) dead?! Kill her.”

Shi Sheng kicked Verdance over to the devil beasts who had come running out of the city.

“Sure thing, Boss. You want her in slices or chunks?” Having managed to snatch the sword, the burly Er-Er’s bearded face was all smiles.

The other devil beasts forced Yue Yao to her knees, blood still flowing from her wrist.

“Qing Guan, you can’t do this to me!” Yue Yao shouted in alarm.

Shi Sheng turned a deaf ear to her cries. “Do it.”

‘Don’t wanna see her skipping about one second longer than I have to.’

“Got it, Boss!”

“Qing Guan, you’ll regret this! Don’t forget your red string is still tied to Dong Jing’s!” As the burly man closed in on her, Yue Yao could only take out her final trump card.

“Do it.” ‘Worst thing that could happen is dying. I’ll just respawn, so what’s there to be afraid of?’

“Qing Guan, you bitch!”

“Dared to insult out Boss! Cut out her tongue! Still dare to glare at Boss?! Gouge out her eyes!”



Shi Sheng didn’t watch them kill Yue Yao, instead turning to return to the city. Dong Jing was standing beneath the city gates, his gaze falling on an empty space outside.

“You really killed her,” Dong Jing spoke up.

‘There was almost no hesitation—she followed through on killing her quickly.

This girl…doesn’t seem like someone descended from gods.’

There was a wicked aura on her. Yet at the same time, that wickedness was different to what he felt from those who had committed many atrocities.

Wildly arrogant and antagonistic, yet not murderous.

She held ill-will for others, yet no killing intent.

She would make all sorts of guesses about your ulterior motives, but wouldn’t attack you because of them. Only once she had confirmed that your malice was intentionally targeted towards her would she attack with no mercy. She aimed to kill in a single strike, leaving you without a single chance to live.

“Gonna die anyway; might as well reincarnate earlier.” Shi Sheng hadn’t completely vented yet, so her tone wasn’t pleasant. “I’m not going to see you off.”

Dong Jing, “…”

He thought for a bit before catching up to her. “Is your sword really called God-Killer?”

He knew about Verdance and had witnessed its might before.

But it was inferior when faced with that sword of hers. Even if the person wielding Verdance wasn’t powerful enough to unleash its true potential, it shouldn’t have been suppressed to that extent.

“What? You’re eyeing it?” Shi Sheng turned to direct her placid eyes that could cause one’s scalp to crawl at him.

‘This malice again… I was just asking! There really wasn’t any other meaning behind that question!’

“Already have one.”

Dong Jing’s meaning was obvious: he already had a fine weapon of his own, so he didn’t need hers.

“Then why’re you asking?” Shi Sheng chucked her sword back into her space. “Doesn’t matter what it’s called as long as it’s useful.”

Dong Jing, “…” ‘Those words are very logical—I don’t even have anything to retort with…’


News of Yue Yao’s death hadn’t yet returned to the Heavenly Realm when Ancient God Zi Huan dropped down dead.

Yue Yao had been the dominant party under the Yin-Yang Gu’s influence, so her death meant he would die too.

The immortals had been turmoil ever since, having lost all hope with Zi Huan’s death.

Cang Lan regained his memories after Yue Yao’s death. It was impossible to claim that he didn’t hate her after he got everything straight.

After all, she had tampered with his memories and then had the gall to get together with Zi Huan.

But since she was already dead, he could only let it go. Cang Lan disappeared thereafter. Without the power of Highgod Cang Lan, the immortals declined even faster.

Dong Jing soon accomplished the achievement of conquering the three realms.

Shi Sheng had always been wondering about the matter of ‘her’ red string being tied to Dong Jing’s. He was clearly only treating her as a senior would treat a junior—there were no signs at all of him falling for her.

‘So…just what was that red string used for?’

Until one day…Dong Jing had a chance encounter with the reincarnation of his beloved wife.

Every time Dong Jing’s heart thumped for her, Shi Sheng had to go through an agonising torment. ‘Fuck your great grandpa! So this is what that lil bitch Yue Yao had up her sleeve!’

Shi Sheng dragged her sword along and stormed over to Dong Jing’s palace. Bearing with the agony that wracked her body, she chose to suppress the urge to charge in upon thinking that there was a girl inside. She took a deep breath…and roared, “Dong Jing!!!”

Dong Jing was startled into jolting away from the woman. Doubts swirled in his mind, ‘What’s she doing here?’

“Wait a moment.” Dong Jing put his mask back on, got up, and opened the door. Outside the house, Shi Sheng stood with her sword acting as a crutch to prop herself up, her face pale.

“What’s up with you?” Dong Jing was surprised. Ever since he’d first met her, he’d never seen her in such a sorry state.

Shi Sheng gasped for breath, her hands trembling as she held herself back from strangling Dong Jing. “You know how much pain I have to go through all because you finally decide to get a girl? Fuck your grandpa! Hurry up and think of a way to untangle those damn red strings!”

“What?” Dong Jing didn’t really get what she was talking about.

Shi Sheng ground her teeth. “Our red strings are still tied together, remember?”

Dong Jing, “…”

The reason he always acted so indifferently before was because he thought he’d never love anyone ever again. He hadn’t expected to be able to see his beloved wife once again.

Dong Jing hurriedly helped Shi Sheng into the house.

“Qian’Qian, come over to help,” Dong Jing called the woman who was in another room.

The young woman named Qian’Qian emerged from a side room and upon seeing Shi Sheng, blanked out for a moment before her eyes lit up. “It’s you!”

“You’re acquainted?” Dong Jing was puzzled. He didn’t remember any instance where they might have gotten acquainted.

Shi Sheng draped herself over the table and forced her eyes open to look at the woman. “Oh, it’s you. The two of you, stand further apart, will ya? Are you planning on killing me with the pain?! …You! Get out!”

Towards the end Shi Sheng pointed at Dong Jing irascibly. Dong Jing was speechless. ‘This is my house, okay?’

“Qian’Qian, take care of her for a bit. I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay,” the woman nodded obediently before turning to look excitedly at Shi Sheng. “Jiejie! You still remember me! That’s wonderful!”

‘I thought I’d never see her again!’

“En…still alive huh?” Shi Sheng weakly played around with the teacups on the table, looking very adorable as she did so.

Qian’Qian immediately poured Shi Sheng some water. “It’s all thanks to you, Jiejie. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be alive right now.”

[1] Meaning she took the hard option when she had a much easier one. And it’s not in a praising manner either…basically, she’s being an idiot.

Author’s note:

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Translator’s Corner:

Translator: *nosebleed* Sheng-ge is so cute and overbearing!

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