Chapter 274 : You Rock, Highgod! (End)

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Qian’Qian was the girl Shi Sheng had met in The Great Desert.

Shi Sheng finally realised. “Weren’t you a mute?”

Qian’Qian stuck out her tongue. “I met a strange man in The Great Desert. I gave him food, which he repaid by curing me.”

Shi Sheng heaved a long sigh. Her heart had finally stopped tormenting her. “Your luck’s pretty good.”

That was an understatement. Being able to have such a fortunate encounter in a place like The Great Desert was already bullshit levels of luck.

Qian’Qian lowered her head bashfully before asking in a soft voice, “Jiejie, are you hungry? What do you feel like eating? I can make it for you!”

She was really grateful towards this Jiejie. If it wasn’t for her, she would’ve long since died in The Great Desert.

Shi Sheng waved her hand. “All I want to do now is to quietly act as a lightbulb[1]. Let me get some shut eye.”

She had been on the other side of the world from Dong Jing’s place of residence. For the sake of rushing over, she had foregone rest for quite a long time now.

“Okay. Jiejie, I’ll help you inside,” Qian’Qian spoke with an obedient expression.

Once she had laid down, Shi Sheng spoke once more, “You’re not allowed to see Dong Jing. Otherwise I’ll die!”

“Ah?” Qian’Qian only just seemed to realise that her Jiejie’s condition wasn’t quite right. But by the time she took another look, Shi Sheng was already asleep.

Completely defenceless.

Qian’Qian helped cover her with a blanket, causing Shi Sheng’s brows to furrow. They only smoothened once her hands left.

Qian’Qian carefully retreated from the room and simply stood at the doorway, looking off into the distance.

Dong Jing carried several dishes over. “She is?”

“Sleeping,” Qian’Qian wasn’t as obedient in front of Dong Jing—she appeared more aloof actually.

“Then have something to eat.”

“Dong Jing! Are you planning on murdering me?!” A slightly muffled voice could be heard from the room. “Come on! I helped you once, right? You don’t have to treat me like this, right?! Why didn’t I just kill you off back then, huh?!”

Dong Jing helped Qian’Qian sit down on a chair before turning to enter the room. Seeing Shi Sheng supporting herself and clutching at her chest with a fierce expression, he could only weakly reply, “You know some things can’t be helped.”

“Well could you pretty please try to control it? There’s a life in danger here!” Shi Sheng raged.

“What is it, Jiejie?” Qian’Qian followed Dong Jing in, her eyes lighting up when she saw Shi Sheng and her voice turning very gentle, “Are you injured?”

Dong Jing, “…” ‘Why do I keep having this feeling that my wife is going to elope with someone else?’

“No, I’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t feel tempted by you.” Shi Sheng weakly lay back down.

“Ah?” ‘What does that mean? Does Jiejie like Dong Jing? If she does…I can let her have him.’

“As if I’d fall for that murderous lunatic!” Shi Sheng immediately shouted. “Forget it, you explain it to her. Basically girl, just remember that I don’t like him. I really don’t. He’s too old.”

Dong Jing, “…”

‘Please, all of our life spans are long, okay? Don’t phrase it as if you aren’t old either…’

Once Dong Jing briefly explained the situation to Qian’Qian, she immediately chased him out, causing Shi Sheng to give her a big thumbs-up. “Great job!”

Qian’Qian smiled shyly, “Then can the red strings be untied?”

“Dunno,” Shi Sheng shook her head. “If they can’t, then you can’t be with Dong Jing for the rest of your life.”

“My life is yours, Jiejie. As long as it lets you avoid suffering, Qian’Qian is willing to do anything,” Qian’Qian replied with an earnest expression.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Oh for crying out loud. Can’t even use all the threats I had prepared now…’


Not only was Dong Jing’s bedroom stolen, even his wife was stolen. This was already enough to make him grumpy. What made things worse was the devil beasts that came knocking the next day, looking for their Boss. He’d never felt this frustrated before.

In order to send this plague god[2] away sooner and ‘rescue’ his stolen wife, he could only work day and night without rest in search of a solution.

Every time he wanted to catch a glimpse of his wife, he’d get chased around by a pack of devil beasts.

It really was…quite stifling.

‘That’s my wife! …Dear, can you not look at another girl with such a bashful expression?’

“Jiejie, eat something.” Qian’Qian placed a bowl of soup in front of Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng’s hands were supporting her temple. But upon hearing Qian’Qian’s voice, she raised her head to look up at her. Adopting an arrogant and cool posture, she raised her eyebrow and spoke, “You’re going to make me fat by giving me soup to drink every day.”

“What ‘fat’? This is called nourishment! Jiejie will look even prettier if you drink more!”

Shi Sheng sighed, a helpless ‘I can’t do anything about you, can I?’ written on her face. “Where’s Dong Jing? Can he do it or not? Seriously, he still hasn’t found a solution yet…”

Qian’Qian shook her head.

Once Shi Sheng finished her soup, she left the house to look for Dong Jing. Before she did so, she made sure to instruct Qian’Qian not to follow her.

‘I’m the one who suffers if Dong Jing catches sight of this girl, so for the sake of my safety, I can only inconvenience others.’

Shi Sheng didn’t find Dong Jing, only a bunch of devil beasts who were playing around and enjoying themselves immensely.

During the following few days, Shi Sheng still didn’t see Dong Jing. And since she hadn’t had any reaction, it proved Qian’Qian hadn’t seen him either.

‘So…Dong Jing’s gone missing?’

Qian’Qian wasn’t worried at all as she tailed Shi Sheng everywhere.

She appeared determined to feed Shi Sheng into a fatty.

Dong Jing only returned on the fourth evening in a dishevelled state. For the sake of his wife, he had gone all out. But he still hadn’t gotten any results.

Shi Sheng felt like the world was filled with deep malice.

‘You’re forcing me to die ah! I haven’t had enough fun yet! Why do I have to go die already?’

Shi Sheng was in a bad mood, so the immortals who were secretly preparing their revenge suffered. She caught nearly every single one that was still alive to interrogate them. But the result was that none of them had any inkling of what Yue Yao had done.

In the end, Shi Sheng chose to kill herself. She’d already messed this world up to this extent…her morality points had to be so negative, they would’ve shot through the floor.

‘Should probably accumulate some virtue…’

And so, Shi Sheng picked a pleasant day to leave without saying goodbye—only leaving some stuff behind for Qian’Qian.


Returning to the System Space once more, Shi Sheng refused to explain how she had committed suicide. ‘This is a stain upon my honour! An absolute disgrace! I shouldn’t have let Yue Yao die that easily!’

[……] ‘Why do I get the feeling Host is rather generous to some girls?

I mean just look at those devil beasts. They followed her for so long yet never got many benefits. And how long has Qian’Qian been with her? She left behind so many things for that girl…’

System noted down this important piece of information before displaying Shi Sheng’s stats.

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -139,000

Life Points: 25

Contribution Points: 18,000

Mission Rank: B

Mission Points: 80

Side Quest: Not completed

Side Quest Reward: 0 Contribution Points

Item List: “Queen’s Crown”, “Ghost King’s Heart”

‘Very good! Deducted another 10k+ morality points!!!’

[A friendly reminder: you only have 61,000 Morality Points left to waste.]

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘That’s still a lot; no worries! It’s enough for me(lz) to squander a bit longer.’

[……] ‘Host, your thinking is very dangerous!’

[Do you wish to enter the next mission?]

[Initialising transfer…]

[1] Third wheel, or for those of you unfamiliar with the term, someone who gets between a couple.

[2] Unwelcome, hard-to-get-rid-of person.

Author’s note:

A chapter to thank the little angels who donated~

Arc 9 is over. Because this arc didn’t have the ML, and Shi Sheng broke the world, the story isn’t as long as the previous arcs.

Yep, you weren’t seeing things: there’s no ML in this arc hahaha.

Although he’ll be present in most worlds, there are some where he isn’t around.

All of you guys who were making guesses about Feng Ci, come over and get slapped hahaha.

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