Chapter 275 : A Rose Wedding (1)

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Darkness. Cold. Hunger. These sensations greeted Shi Sheng after she gained consciousness.

Shi Sheng discovered that she was in a very dark and narrow space; the type where she wouldn’t be able to see her fingers if they were stretched out in front of her.

There wasn’t enough space to so much as turn her body. Shi Sheng was rather stupefied. ‘The hell is this place?’

She felt around. Something satiny cushioned her back, but the partitions at her sides and above her felt like wood.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Why does this seem very much like…a coffin? Oi, I(lz) haven’t even begun my mission yet, and you already buried me(lz)?! Who was the retarded asshole behind this?! I’m(lz) not dead yet!!!’

Shi Sheng kicked the base of the coffin, but couldn’t make much of a sound—one could see how sturdy it was.

She extracted a night luminous pearl[1] from her space, lighting up the inside of the coffin. ‘If this isn’t a fucking coffin, I’ll(bbb) livestream me swallowing this pearl!’

Suppressing her anger, Shi Sheng decided to go through the plot first. She figured there wouldn’t be any idiots who would dare to disturb her while she was in a coffin.


This was a vampire academy novel.

The female lead was Ai Wei, eighteen years of age and a university freshman attending Rose Academy.

Rose Academy was a nationally famous school for the elite; everyone there had background and connections.

And not all of its students and faculty were humans; there were also vampires.

Because Ai Wei had stayed in school at a later time than normal for self-revision, she was caught by Zuo Lie, who’d been injured and urgently needed blood.

Like in all vampire novels, the female lead’s blood was special. Zuo Lie got addicted to it and stuck to her ever since.

But Ai Wei had a crush on Sikong Sa. He was the reason she had diligently studied to get into Rose Academy.

At first, Zuo Lie only followed her around for her blood. Learning of her crush on Sikong Sa, he gave her a well-intentioned heads-up that Sikong Sa wasn’t as nice as he appeared.

Ai Wei naturally didn’t believe Zuo Lie, thinking he was just slandering Sikong Sa, so she didn’t like him. In the end, Ai Wei and Zuo Lie came to an agreement: she would give him blood if he would help her court Sikong Sa.

And Zuo Lie was true to his word; he helped Sikong Sa and Ai Wei get together. But it was only after doing so that he realised he’d already fallen for her.

And so a love triangle began.

At the end of the story, Ai Wei uncovered Sikong Sa’s true colours and threw herself into the arms of Zuo Lie, who had always been there for her. And they lived happily ever after.

The person who’s body Shi Sheng occupied was called Mi Nai. She was a Pure Blood vampire who was somewhat of a proud loner. She didn’t even like hanging out with her own kind—vampires—let alone humans.

But she was pretty. She had the reputation in school of an aloof goddess, so she was pretty popular. A vampire of her station wouldn’t normally have any dealings with Ai Wei at all, but…the person Mi Nai liked was Sikong Sa. Ever since he got together with Ai Wei, Mi Nai played the part of the supporting female lead who always caused trouble for the female lead.

After Ai Wei was attacked by vampires, she suddenly accused Mi Nai of being the mastermind behind the attack.

Although Mi Nai didn’t like Ai Wei, all she did was use some petty tricks to cause minor trouble for her. She hadn’t ever wanted Ai Wei’s life.

However, because she was always finding trouble for Ai Wei, no one believed that she wasn’t the one behind the attack.

For the sake of peaceful coexistence between vampires and human vampire hunters, a treaty was formed between them and an organisation called the Blood Hunters Association (BHA) had been created. They restricted the actions of vampires in the human world as well as the vampire hunters who wanted to kill vampires that hadn’t broken the rules.

What Mi Nai had been accused of was against the rules, so the BHA wanted to bring her in for trial.

Mi Nai was naturally unwilling to go, for she was completely innocent. Hence, she tried to escape but was caught and brought back to the headquarters of the BHA.

Mi Nai witnessed countless bloody scenes there; she watched as her own kind was dissected for humans to study.

Those humans wanted eternal life, but weren’t willing to be turned, so they attempted to discover the secrets of immortality from vampires.

As a Pure Blood, Mi Nai had a lot of research value; experiments were conducted on her endlessly, causing her to be tormented to death.

Mi Nai had only one wish: revenge.

The BHA and Ai Wei—she wanted revenge against all of them!

If Ai Wei hadn’t suddenly accused Mi Nai, she would have never entered the crosshairs of the BHA, nor would she have experienced such a cruel fate.

‘Just some face-slapping, eh? I’m(bbb) good at this! I’ll have them crying for their parents in no time!

Now let me(lz) the fuck out! How are you supposed to open this damn coffin, huh? I can’t even push the lid off! It’s jiangshi[2] that are supposed to sleep in coffins, okay?! What’s a vampire doing sleeping in a coffin? Have some self-awareness of your status as a noble vampire, okay?!’

After spending ages fumbling around trying to open the coffin and failing, Shi Sheng lost her temper—she pulled out her sword and hacked her way out. Bisected, the two halves of the coffin lid smashed to the ground, making a dull thud.

It was pretty dark outside the coffin. Fortunately, it had been facing the window, where moonlight streamed in and dimly lit the dark room, making it appear as though a veil had been placed over everything.

Shi Sheng found the light switch using Mi Nai’s memories and flipped it on, causing the room to brighten up.

The room was decorated in a classy, European style. The colour scheme leaned towards darker tones and the antique furnishings were simple. One’s first impression wouldn’t lead them to believe this was the room of a girl…or well, a vampire girl.

Shi Sheng turned to look at the coffin she emerged from. It appeared to be of a higher class than everything else in the room.

She then turned her gaze to the poster on top of the coffin . No—it wasn’t a poster. It was a very lifelike painting.

The main theme seemed to be roses; blood-red roses bloomed all over the painting. The outline of a child’s back was vaguely visible through the slight gaps between them. What stood out the most was the crescent-shaped pendant that hung on a red string tied around the child’s wrist.

Mi Nai had greatly treasured this painting, but Shi Sheng couldn’t find the reason from the memories she’d inherited.


Mi Nai lived alone, so there was no one else around to bother her. But something terrible had just occurred to Shi Sheng… ‘Vampires need to drink blood ah! I don’t like to drink that stuff!’

Thinking about blood made Shi Sheng feel hungry all of a sudden. ‘Oh damn… I’m going to starve to death in this world!

I could write a book…titled: 101 Ways I Died in My Transmigration Days.

I bet it’ll be a hit.’

But now that her train of thought had turned to novel writing, Shi Sheng felt somewhat gloomy. ‘Haven’t started a new one in ages. This time I gotta write a couple to satisfy my craving! I’m hungry…’

Shi Sheng rubbed her tummy, got up, and walked out of her room. There were several flasks filled with a red liquid in the fridge.

It was clearly sealed tightly, yet she thought she could smell blood. It was a tempting, tempting smell.

Gulping down a mouthful of saliva, Shi Sheng picked up the flasks, slammed the fridge door shut and tossed them into the bin before turning to head back to her room.

‘Can vampires eat other things instead of blood?’

But to Shi Sheng’s sorrow, human food was utterly useless to vampires—eating too much would even cause her to weaken!

So, the only option was to drink blood.

Any vampire that wanted to enter human civilisation had to obtain approval from the BHA. All their blood needs would have to be settled through what was provided by the BHA.

What she had thrown away just now was an example of the blood that was obtained through proper channels. But from what had happened to Mi Nai, Shi Sheng was pretty certain the BHA had done something to it.

Even without her aversion to drinking blood in the picture, she’d definitely never drink stuff with an unknown origin.

Shi Sheng thought for a bit before sitting on the sofa cross-legged. She had felt some spirit energy in this world just now. Although it wasn’t much, absorbing it should at the very least be enough to suppress some of the hunger, right…?

[1] Raws are 夜明珠. They look something like this:


[2] Jiangshi are like hopping zombie versions of vampires. Okay, that was oversimplifying… Here’s a wiki link:

Author’s note:

Mini Info Theatre

Little Fairy: Hey, do you guys recognise the first character in Shi Sheng’s current name?

Little Angel: ……

Little Fairy: Beg me and I’ll tell you.

Little Angel: I think you don’t want votes.

Little Fairy: You’ll lose me if you keep threatening to cut off the votes!

Little Angel: *slight smile*

Little Fairy: I was wrong! 祢 is read Mi, second intonation. It’s a surname.

Translator’s Corner

Since the people in Discord wanted me to include the F ML’s status at the start of arcs, I’ll include it in spoiler boxes like so:

ML's Status

Present. What? Did you want his identity too? That’d be no fun.

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