Chapter 276 : A Rose Wedding (2)

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Pure Bloods didn’t fear the sun, but they still instinctively despised it. Shi Sheng avoided sunlight as much as she could on her way to the academy.

Blood-red roses embroidered on her black skirt seemingly came to life as she moved, creating a strong visual impact for those who saw her. However, everyone seemed to be used to Mi Nai’s style of dressing, for the only looks she received were either of envy or admiration.

Shi Sheng lowered her head to look at her phone. It was the 17th of August, the day when Ai Wei would be attacked, following which she’d be accused as the mastermind.

Shi Sheng kept her phone, her gaze sweeping across her surroundings. Seeing these lively students, she thought she could hear the blood in their bodies flowing, constantly tempting her. That unprecedented sensation ate at her nerves.

Shi Sheng bit her lip and picked up her pace. Only once she was far away from the crowd did she heave a slight sigh of relief.

“Senior Mi Nai!”

Shi Sheng paused just before climbing the stairs and turned to look at the person who’d called her.

It was a cute girl wearing a white blouse, a denim skirt, and a pair of white sneakers, sporting a refreshing look.

The cute girl rushed in with a red face, bowing apologetically to Shi Sheng before speaking respectfully, “Senior Mi Nai! Sorry, I was delayed by some matters with the Student Council. Here are the things you asked me to look into.”

She retrieved a stack of documents from her backpack and handed it over to Shi Sheng.

Mi Nai had memories of this girl.

Liang Ge, the Vice-President of the Student Council.

She’d once spotted Mi Nai drinking blood and so knew Mi Nai was a vampire. But Liang Ge yearned to be a vampire, so she was very protective of her.

‘I think Mi Nai got her to investigate the FL.’

“Senior Mi Nai, her details are in here.” Liang Ge’s eyes sparkled like a pet waiting for praise.

Shi Sheng silently accepted the documents.

Mi Nai wasn’t one for words and Liang Ge had already grown used to it; she merely quietly watched as Shi Sheng flipped through the documents. The only information recorded on them were the details that Ai Wei had provided upon enrolling—nothing of much value.

“Class is starting. You may go first.” Shi Sheng kept the documents before speaking to Liang Ge.

“Okay. If you have anything you need, Senior, don’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll help you out any time.”

After Liang Ge left, Shi Sheng destroyed all evidence of the documents and walked towards her classroom.

Since this was an academy for the elite, there were only around 20 or so people in each class. Thanks to Mi Nai’s reputation as an aloof goddess who maintained a distance from her classmates, Shi Sheng wasn’t disturbed by anyone during class.

Having safely made it through class, Shi Sheng waited till everyone else had left before moving her somewhat stiff limbs and standing up.

Can you imagine how it felt being surrounded by delicious food while you were starving yet couldn’t eat them? It was simply a tragedy.

‘So hungry…’

Shi Sheng dragged herself out of the classroom but before she’d even managed a couple of steps, someone collided into her. ‘For fuck’s sakes! Don’t you know how to walk?! Are your eyes just there for decoration?! How the hell did you manage to not see me?!’

“Ah? Sorry, sorry! Senior Mi Nai, are you okay?”

The person who had bumped into her was a boy that she didn’t recognise.

Shi Sheng grasped the boy’s arm and gulped, her gaze turning rather frightening. ‘So hungry!’

“S-sorry Senior Mi Nai…” The boy gave a shaky apology.

Shi Sheng released him and grunted, “Scram.”

The little boy had been really frightened, so at her command, he immediately scrambled up the stairs. ‘Senior Mi Nai’s gaze was so scary…’

Shi Sheng suppressed the hunger and made her way to a more deserted location. ‘Just seeing people makes me feel like I’ll pounce on them at any time…’

That impulse was unlike anything she’d felt before. It was the basic instinct of a vampire, so Shi Sheng was finding it hard to suppress.

Pure Bloods would be fine even if they didn’t drink blood. But Mi Nai had kept up the habit of drinking it, so now it was something like an addiction. The constant hunger tormented her nerves to the point Shi Sheng felt like she was going crazy.

Remembering that she had to go spectate the FL later tonight, Shi Sheng felt rather tired. ‘Why are vampires such fussy eaters anyway?’

“Hss—Be gentler, don’t bite that hard…” The sounds of a girl’s complaints could be heard from the trellis beside Shi Sheng. She paused, her nose twitching slightly.

‘It’s blood…and especially delicious blood at that. Don’t ask me how I know it’s especially delicious—those words just popped into my head!

Wanna drink…

Wanna drink…’

One could nearly see ‘wanna drink’ written in her eyes.


A figure emerged from under the trellis, bringing with him the sweet, cloying scent of blood. He charged over to Shi Sheng and aimed to grab her by the neck.

Shi Sheng narrowed her eyes. She raised her arm to block his attack while aiming a kick at his lower body. She had moved too quickly for her attacker to react, so he took the full brunt of her blow.

“Hss—” Zuo Lie took a sharp intake of breath. He doubled over and held onto his privates, cold sweat appearing on his forehead. Only people who’d experienced being kicked in the nuts would know what that indescribable pain felt like.

“Zuo Lie, are you okay?” A girl, who was wearing a sports outfit, helped Zuo Lie up before turning to glare angrily at Shi Sheng, “Senior Mi Nai, if you have any dissatisfaction with me, just come at me! Zuo Lie’s never offended you!”

Shi Sheng’s gaze landed on Ai Wei’s neck. There was a bite mark there from which fresh blood slowly oozed out of.

She felt slightly dizzy. ‘Really wanna pounce over…

I feel control slipping away…’

“Mi Nai, don’t you dare!” Zuo Lie pulled Ai Wei behind him, adopting a stance of protecting his ‘food’ from Shi Sheng. She licked her dry lips, a hint of malice surfacing in those normally calm eyes of hers. “Zuo Lie, you’ve broken the rules.”

Vampires weren’t allowed to feed on humans even if doing so didn’t kill the latter party. Zuo Lie treating Ai Wei as his own personal blood bank had definitely broken the rules.

“Mind your own business!” Zuo Lie was still experiencing a stinging pain down there, but he forced himself to straighten up and act alright to not show any weakness in front of Mi Nai.

‘She’s a Pure Blood too… It’ll be hard to deal with her.’

“Zuo Lie?” Ai Wei called out with uncertainty. ‘When did they get acquainted?’

This was at the point in time when Ai Wei was still unaware that Mi Nai was a vampire.

Zuo Lie firmly protected Ai Wei behind him as he glared sharply at Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng brushed a lock of hair off her chest, a pleased smile on her face, “I’ll mind my own business alright. Though…weren’t you Sikong Sa’s girlfriend, Ai Wei? What were you doing here with Zuo Lie? Do you guys have a little secret you can’t tell others about?”

Nervousness gripped Ai Wei but she forced herself to speak in a calm voice, “How’s it any of your business what Zuo Lie and I were doing?”

‘I can’t let her find out that Zuo Lie’s a vampire!’ This was the only thing in Ai Wei’s mind right now.

“So you guys do have a secret?”

“No!” Ai Wei loudly refuted, explaining righteously, “I just happened to meet Zuo Lie here by coincidence! Senior Mi Nai, please don’t slander others maliciously!”

Author’s note:

I haven’t read vampire novels in years… Not too clear on the details, only know the rough background. If there are any mistakes, feel free to point them out.

*whimpers* Seeing as how I’m so cute and obedient, aren’t you guys going to vote?

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