Chapter 281 : A Rose Wedding (7)

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As Shi Sheng had expected, this fellow picked what was probably the most high-class restaurant in town. Even a single bowl of rice there cost more than a thousand.

“Is your rice made of diamonds?” When Shi Sheng saw the prices on the menu, her face twitched.

Even she, the wastrel who once squandered money like water, had never eaten such expensive rice.

The waiter merely smiled before turning his gaze back to Xi Yin. Shi Sheng felt like she had earned the waiter’s disdain.

“The usual.” Xi Yin didn’t even look at the menu.

“Very well. Please wait a moment, Mr Xi Yin.” The waiter took out a pen and wrote something down before looking at Shi Sheng. “And what about you, Miss? Will you be having the same as Mr Xi Yin?”

“I’m not eating.” Shi Sheng tossed the menu down. ‘Would I still be alive after eating?’

The waiter smiled warmly and respectfully withdrew.

“You’re a regular here?” Shi Sheng looked at Xi Yin. ‘That waiter clearly knew this guy… And he was really respectful… Are you telling me this guy’s an overbearing CEO in the human world?’

Xi Yin raised his head to look at her, but didn’t reply.

After the waiter served all the dishes, he also served up a bright red drink. Shi Sheng sniffed it. The rich scent of roses greeted her.

Xi Yin’s movements when he was eating were graceful, but not slow. He soon finished off all the food but hadn’t touched the drink at all.

Shi Sheng was so hungry she felt like scratching the table. ‘Will he really not get indigestion after eating so much?’

Xi Yin wiped his lips and handed a card to her. “Go pay the bill.”

“And here I was, thinking that all you had to do was to show your face.” Shi Sheng raised her brow, finding this rather peculiar.

‘Villain-sama actually needs to pay? How illogical!’

Xi Yin coolly glanced at her, whereupon Shi Sheng innocently shrugged and got up to pay the bill.

She took a couple of steps before stopping. “The passcode?”

“No need.”

‘It doesn’t need a passcode?’

The hand which Shi Sheng was using to hold the card traced its surface. She hadn’t paid much attention before, but now she discovered it was somewhat different to the ones normally issued by banks.

And the logo on the card appeared to match this restaurant’s…

However, when she saw the number of zeros on the bill, she felt very unwell.

‘It seems like my estimate of 10k+ was an underestimation… Just those few things are worth more than a million!’

The waiter displayed no hints of scorn towards Shi Sheng’s confusion as he respectfully presented her with the bill. “Miss, please sign here. Using Mr Xi Yin’s name would do.”

“You guys are into daylight robbery!” Shi Sheng took the pen and signed Xi Yin’s name.

“You must be joking, Miss.” The waiter took the signed bill and handed her a copy.

‘Who said I was joking?! I’m(bbb) very poor right now, okay? I can’t afford to just throw money around! I don’t understand you rich people…’

Shi Sheng took the bill and returned to Xi Yin. The drink that had been on the table was gone.

Xi Yin didn’t even look at the bill as he kept the card and walked out of the restaurant. Only when they had walked out did it occur to Shi Sheng…

‘Why did I have to go help him pay the bill ah? Did I go retarded or something?’

Shi Sheng looked up at the brilliantly lit signboard.

‘This wastrel… How am I supposed to provide for him?’

By the time the two returned to the mansion, it was almost the wee hours of the morning.

Shi Sheng went straight back to her room but was unable to fall asleep. She was too hungry. She wanted to drink blood to the point she was about to lose control of herself.

Shi Sheng ground her teeth and looked at her wrist.

Click. The door made a slight sound upon opening.

Xi Yin stood in the doorway, his fingers still wrapped around the doorknob. In the darkness, he could only make out the figure curled up on the bed. He slowly approached her.

“Why did you run over here instead of sleeping at this ungodly hour?” Shi Sheng’s voice was a bit weak. “Do you really want me to screw you?”

Xi Yin stood beside the bed, the moonlight pouring in from the outside seemingly causing him to glow with an ethereal beauty.

When she caught sight of the pulsing vessel in his neck, Shi Sheng lost control of herself.

She grabbed Xi Yin and pressed him beneath her. Her fangs extended and she made to bite his neck. However, when they touched his cool skin, Shi Sheng trembled and abruptly stopped herself.

She got off him and stumbled off the bed to stand beside it. She grunted in a low voice, “Get out.”

Xi Yin half-supported himself on the bed. “Why suppress yourself when you so clearly want to drink?”

His voice seemed to contain a hint of temptation that made its way into Shi Sheng’s mind, seeming as if it would break down her last bit of reason.

“Scram.” Shi Sheng grabbed something to the side, her voice low.

Xi Yin got up. But not only did he refuse to leave, he even closed in on Shi Sheng and forced her into a corner. He pulled down his collar, revealing his pale, slender neck. “Don’t hold yourself back. This is your instinct. Why put yourself through so much pain?”

“Xi Yin.” Shi Sheng squeezed out through gritted teeth, “If you continue to stay, I’ll take you here and now!”

Xi Yin’s expression changed, and he pulled up his collar. He then took a cup out from who-knows-where and handed it to her. “Drink it.”

Shi Sheng could smell that thick rose smell again.

“What is this?”

“Poison. Do you dare to drink it?”

Even if it was too dark for her to see, Shi Sheng could feel that he was smiling.

The thick scent of roses seemed to make her less hungry. She took the cup and, under his watchful gaze, downed it in one go.

It was a sticky, sweet liquid with the overwhelming aroma of roses that slowly slid down her throat. It felt like parched earth that was finally getting the rain it needed.

She could feel the hunger lessen significantly.

“Is there any more?” Shi Sheng licked her lips. ‘Although it’s a bit too sweet, if it can help alleviate the hunger, I suppose I could accept it.’

“What do you think this is?” Xi Yin scoffed lightly. The moonlight stretched his shadow out on the ground.

He suddenly leaned down, using one hand to support his weight against the wall as he closed the distance between them. Shi Sheng tilted her head upward slightly to meet his gaze.

His lips curved upward. “You really are unafraid of death.”

Right as Shi Sheng was prepared to speak, he suddenly leaned down to take her lips with his.

A cold tongue lapped up the remaining liquid on the corner of her mouth. He then turned his head, his lips brushing against her face as he leaned closer to her ear. “Mi Nai, I hope you’ll always be this unafraid of death. Who knows? I might actually accept you.”

Shi Sheng wanted to smack him, but found that she was actually unable to muster up the energy.

Xi Yin caught her as she lost her strength, speaking with a smile in his voice, “Forgot to tell you. Although this substance can help alleviate your hunger, it’ll cause you to be in a weakened state for an hour.”

“Xi Yin! Just you fuckin’ wait!”

“I don’t like girls who are too rough.” Xi Yin swept her off her feet and placed her on the bed. “Though I suppose your current state isn’t too bad.”

He covered her with the blankets before turning around, just so happening to catch sight of the painting illuminated by the moonlight.

In the darkness, it seemed to come life; roses appeared to be vying with each other as they bloomed, as if they were about to reach out from the painting and overtake the world.

His gaze shifted slightly, a slight curve appearing on his lips as he exited the room, all the while ignoring the murderous gaze directed at him from behind.

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: Not voting today?

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Little Fairy: I hadn’t expected you guys to be these types of angels!

Little Angels: You’re blaming us when you were too dirty minded? We were referring to clapping sounds!

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