Chapter 282 : A Rose Wedding (8)

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Shi Sheng had been planning to settle the score with Xi Yin after regaining her strength, but then she fell asleep while waiting. This was probably because…it was easier to relax after one had had their fill?

But when she got up the next day and looked for Xi Yin, she discovered that he’d actually run off!

Shi Sheng ground her teeth so much they creaked. ‘Actually dared to run! You’d better hope I(lz) don’t catch you!’

She rubbed her belly. It seemed like she really didn’t feel that hungry anymore.

‘The thing he made me drink was from the restaurant we went to yesterday? Though when did he bring it back? That restaurant…’

The sudden ringing of her phone interrupted Shi Sheng’s train of thought. She turned around to go pick up her phone and answer the call.

“Senior, don’t come to school! You mustn’t come to school!” Liang Ge’s voice was panic-stricken and it sounded like she was crying.

“What is it?” Shi Sheng frowned.

“Some people want to capture you! They say you…zzz zzz… Don’t—zzz zzz… Senior? Can you hear me? Don’t—”

Liang Ge’s voice cut off and silence fell.

Half a beat later, she heard a low, male voice speak, “Mi Nai, if you don’t want anything to happen to your only friend, come to the mountain behind the school. I’ll give you an hour.”

He hung up after he finished speaking.

Shi Sheng held her phone with an expressionless face.

‘So the FL still accused me after all? And they dared to use other people to threaten me!’

A moment later, she unhurriedly changed into a dark blue dress embroidered with gorgeous blooming roses.

By the time she made it to the mountain behind the school, an hour had already passed. There was a field on the mountain. And on the field, quite a number of people stood waiting.

Liang Ge was tied to a chair. From the looks of it, she had fainted though she didn’t appear injured otherwise. Beside her stood a very young man who wore glasses, appearing very refined. “You’re late.”

Shi Sheng recognised him. Du Jue. The person who had been in charge of experimenting on Mi Nai.

“That I came at all was your fortune and you’re quibbling about my punctuality? People who don’t mind their own business die early, kiddo.” Shi Sheng was smiling as she spoke these arrogant words.

‘Du Jue’s on the death list! The experiments he did on Mi Nai can’t even be described with the word cruel!’

Du Jue’s eyes narrowed, a dangerous light flashing in his eyes underneath his glasses. “You’re not afraid I’ll harm her?”

“Why are you talking about kindness and morality with a vampire? You sure you don’t have a mental illness? You should go and take your medicine if you do. You don’t seem like the type that can’t afford treatment. Even if you don’t have any money, with those looks of yours, all you gotta do is crook your finger and I reckon a bunch of people would be clamouring to give you money.”

‘How noble could these people who kidnapped a member of their own race to threaten me be? And they just had to put on the mask of being just and righteous while they were at it. Innit disgusting?’

Du Jue’s expression darkened. ‘Wasn’t it reported that Mi Nai’s not good with words? I see a bloody orator—what part of her is not good with words?!’

“Mi Nai, you have violated the rules of the BHA. Your disrespect today has increased the severity of your crimes.” A middle-aged man beside Du Jue stood out. “Obediently follow us back to HQ and your sentence can be lessened.”

“Oh? Pray tell, which rule have I violated exactly?” Shi Sheng looked at him.

He immediately replied, “The first rule. You attacked a human.”

“Who have I attacked?”

“The person involved requested secrecy, so we can’t tell you.”

“Then how do I know you’re not slandering me?” Shi Sheng’s expression didn’t change at all. “Randomly fabricating a reason to catch me… Do you think the BHA belongs only to you humans?”

The middle-aged man’s voice deepened, “We’ve already investigated and have concrete evidence. It’s no use arguing with us.”

“If I wanted to kill someone, she wouldn’t still be alive.” Shi Sheng paused before continuing, “Forget it. No use explaining to you guys since you’ve already set your mind on capturing me.”

She drew her sword, a malicious smile emerging on her face. “Want to catch me? Well, that’ll depend on your own abilities. If anyone dies, they only have themselves to blame for not looking at the almanac[1] before leaving home.”

Seeing the sword appear out of thin air, everyone’s expressions changed. They had never heard of vampires using a sword as a weapon before; vampires had always used their own sharp claws as their means of attacking. And this sword in particular had appeared out of nowhere, so it shouldn’t be a normal sword.

“Mi Nai, don’t be too arrogant!” The middle-aged man roared angrily.

“Don’t like it? Then why don’t you return the favour?” Shi Sheng humphed as she charged over to the middle-aged man with her sword in hand. “So fucking talkative. Let’s offer you up to my sword first.”

The middle-aged man was infuriated. He took out a crossbow from behind him. It was very small and appeared to have been skilfully made. Even the bolt was different from a normal crossbow bolt.

It was clearly meant to be used against vampires.

Shi Sheng sunk some of her meagre reserves of spirit energy into her sword and with a wave of her hand, ripples of the powerful force swept across the ground.

What caused the onlookers to feel truly shocked was that all the grass that had been there disappeared, leaving behind only bare earth.

“Ah!” Although he wasn’t obliterated into thin air like the grass, the first person to be hit by the shockwave had both his legs cut off.

‘This power… Since when did vampires have such monstrous strength?!’

Du Jue’s men retreated but the shockwave’s reach was very wide and fast. Many didn’t even have the chance to retreat before the wave reached them, causing countless anguished wails.

Yet the area around Liang Ge remained completely untouched.

Du Jue felt shock. He had miscalculated this vampire’s strength.

‘Is this the power of a Pure Blood? As expected, it’s powerful.’

Shi Sheng was completely unaware that Du Jue had attributed the sword’s might to her own, for she was currently busy hacking at the middle-aged man.

‘Since I said I’d offer him to my sword, I gotta keep my word!’

The middle-aged man’s crossbow had been sliced in half by Shi Sheng and flung away from him. When it was swept over by another shockwave, it disintegrated into dust.

“Mi Nai, stop!”

Du Jue shouted at her in the distance, “Your previous crimes weren’t too serious—but if you kill someone, only death awaits you!”

Shi Sheng’s sword didn’t stop because of Du Jue’s words as it stabbed into the middle-aged man’s chest.

“You—” His expression was one of disbelief. ‘She really dared to kill me.’

Shi Sheng smiled as she pulled her sword out. The middle-aged man’s body was wracked with spasms as he glared hatefully at Shi Sheng, like he wanted to bore a bloody hole through her with his gaze alone. In the end though, he went slack, dying with open eyes filled with grievance.

Shi Sheng flicked the blood off her sword. She lifted her head to look at Du Jue, her red lips lightly opening, “Then I’ll just murder my way out.”

She was clearly smiling, but they couldn’t feel the slightest warmth from it; her smile was too cold.

Du Jue once again regretted. They had made a severe error in judgement—this vampire wasn’t one they could deal with right now.

‘Just who was in charge of gathering info?!’

Shi Sheng’s figure flashed, her dark blue dress tracing a graceful arc in the air as she shot towards the dispersed crowd.

Du Jue made the split second decision to retreat with his most important subordinates.

Shi Sheng had originally planned on killing Du Jue, but the latter actually sacrificed some of his own men to give him time to escape.

The people who had been pushed by Du Jue probably didn’t even know what happened even till their deaths.

Once she’d killed them all, Shi Sheng felt a bit vexed. ‘What am I supposed to do with these bodies? Cleaning up bodies is the worst…’

[1] I think this is something that lists all your lucky and unlucky days based on when you were born or something. Hence it’s usually used in the context, “can’t blame me for your own bad luck.”

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