Chapter 283 : A Rose Wedding (9)

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When Liang Ge came to, she was greeted by the sight of a corpse nearby. It was covered in blood; it’s wide open eyes seemed to still contain some hint of terror and unwillingness as it stared at her.

The thick stench of blood permeated the air.

She nearly screamed.

Perhaps it was from the excessive scare Liang Ge had received, for her voice seemed to cease functioning and she couldn’t make a sound.

Her limbs felt cold, as if all the blood in her body had frozen.

‘I remember overhearing some people mention Senior by chance… Then I heard them say they wanted to capture her… I remember calling Senior… But then I was caught by those people! And they knocked me out—probably because I was making too much noise… But what happened next? How did the people who kidnapped me die? And where’s Senior?!’

Liang Ge seemed to have thought of something that made tears stream uncontrollably down her face. Feeling utterly terrified, she tremblingly took out her phone. But just as she was about to make the call, a pair of dainty hands pressed on the phone.

Liang Ge quaked, her mind a blank. ‘There’s still someone here. Am I going to die…?’

She was brought into a mildly cold embrace.

“Just treat it as a nightmare and forget about it.” A familiar voice spoke beside her ear.


The feeling of weightlessness overtook her, and the sounds of air rushing past whistled by her ears.


Liang Ge trembled and slipped into unconsciousness once more.


The explosion that caused a massive crater in the mountain behind Rose Academy attracted the attention of the school’s management. They sent people to investigate but didn’t get any results.

For a time, this matter was a hot topic of discussion in the academy. Liang Ge only returned to school a week after the explosion occurred.

In truth, she was still feeling a bit scared. Although she passionately loved vampires, she was still temporarily unable to accept murder.

‘But…if Senior didn’t kill them, who knows what they would’ve done to her.’ Thinking thus, Liang Ge felt the unease in her heart lessen.

“Liang Ge.” Someone tapped her from behind.

“Ah!” Liang Ge was scared out of her wits. She only heaved a slight sigh of relief once she’d recognised the person who tapped her. “Ai Wei, were you planning on scaring me to death?”

Ai Wei scrutinised Liang Ge for a moment. “You didn’t come to class last week. Are you okay?”

Ai Wei was in the same class as Liang Ge. Their relationship used to be pretty good but because Mi Nai disliked Ai Wei, Liang Ge had distanced herself from the latter.

“Nothing, just a flu.” Liang Ge patted her chest to calm down her racing heart.

“It hasn’t been safe here recently, so do be careful.” Ai Wei didn’t continue questioning, merely reminding Liang Ge to be careful.

The latter’s heart thumped. She nodded at Ai Wei, her face a bit pale. “Thank you.”

And then she ran off into the distance.

After Liang Ge left, a tall man emerged from behind a pillar to the side. He was very handsome, yet his features leaned more on the feminine side, unlike Zuo Lie who was a cold and domineering beauty.

Seeing the boy, Ai Wei immediately smiled brilliantly. “Sikong[1].”

Sikong Sa slowly smiled back at her. “How was it?”

Ai Wei went forward to hug his arm. “She seems rather scared. I didn’t even get to ask her before she ran off. But how are you sure she knows what happened that day, Sikong?”

Sikong Sa tenderly pinched Ai Wei’s nose. “Mi Nai’s scent is thick on her. She must’ve been around Mi Nai these few days.”

“I really hadn’t expected Senior Mi Nai to be a vampire…” Ai Wei paled. “Sikong, are there really no good vampires?”

Sikong Sa ruffled Ai Wei’s head. “Fresh blood is what they desire—how could there be a good one?”

“Ai Wei, you’re different. Those vampires want to possess you, so you must never stray too far from my side. It’s not every time that I’ll coincidentally be around to save you like last time.”

Ai Wei nodded. The previous incident had really scared her. Had it not been for Sikong Sa, she wasn’t sure if she would even still be standing here.

Sikong Sa told her that vampires were all selfish and cunning—they would use any means necessary to reach their goal.

After that incident, the number of times when she contacted Zuo Lie reduced drastically. She spent most of her time with Sikong Sa.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” Sikong Sa embraced Ai Wei. Ai Wei felt more at ease in the arms of the person she liked.

‘I should see Zuo Lie less. He is a vampire after all.’


Ai Wei parted ways with Sikong Sa, and was just about to return to class for her lesson, when she was greeted by the sight of an overbearing Shi Sheng walking by.

A hint of puzzlement and alarm flashed in her eyes. ‘She still dares to come to the academy?!’

Shi Sheng had also caught sight of Ai Wei. Though there weren’t many people around them, the majority of the people present had their eyes on her.

Shi Sheng could only give up on drawing her sword as she made to walk over to Ai Wei.

However, Ai Wei paled and took off running.

‘The fuck.’ Shi Sheng could only watch as FL-sama vanished in the blink of an eye. ‘All FL-samas have a common skill they share. The max level of escaping…’

Shi Sheng wasn’t interested in playing vampire tag with Ai Wei, so she turned around and headed to her classroom. She hadn’t even stepped into class when she heard people discussing the explosion.

“Even after so many days, the school still hasn’t given a proper explanation as to how such a big hole appeared. Just how many explosives were needed to make a hole that big?! Are we even safe here?”

“It’s terrifying to think that someone could smuggle explosives into the school! Now I get my chauffeur to come fetch me every day.”

“How are the school authorities supposed to give a reasonable explanation when they don’t know what happened?”

When Shi Sheng walked past them, the corner of her lips quirked up slightly. Real experts had to lay low.

Though the truth of the matter was that she had just wanted to blow those bodies up…

“Enough of that for now. I just got some great news.”

The attention of the other girls were immediately drawn to the speaker. “What?”

“Just now, when I was helping my homeroom teacher deliver some files to the principal, I saw a really hot boy in his office. And from their conversation, it sounds like he’s going to study here!”

“How hot?” The other girls appeared very psyched once a hot boy was mentioned.

The girl who had started this conversation raised her phone triumphantly. “I secretly took a pic! This is the first photo! Girls, prepare to feast your eyes on this!”

“Hurry up and show me!”

“I wanna see too!”

The girl tapped on the screen several times until it finally stopped at a photo. Because it had been taken secretly, the quality was a bit blurry.

A young man wearing a white blouse sat on the sofa inside the principal’s office, his head lowered slightly. Though his face was partially covered by stray strands of hair, it couldn’t hide his handsomeness.

His lips were curved slightly, as if he were smiling.

“So hot…”

“Aaaah! He’s not any worse than Sikong Sa! Coming here to study was the smartest decision of my life!”

“Is he really going to study in the same academy as us?”

“Dunno.” The girl took her phone back, some traces of infatuation visible on her face. “If he’s studying here, I’m switching hubbies.”

“You switch your hubby every day, aren’t you ashamed?” A girl beside her giggled.

The first girl was unwilling to just accept this as she retorted, “And you have several hubbies at once! At least I’m devoted!”

“Oh shut up! Your devotion only lasts for a few days, you unfaithful girl!”

[1] By all rights this should be his surname so I’m not sure why she’s calling him by this but… Well I dunno. I’ll just roll with it I guess.

Author’s note:

Switching hubbies lalala hahaha~

Switch a hubby, give a vote~

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