Chapter 284 : A Rose Wedding (10)

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Shi Sheng just so happened to be standing nearby so, as the girl put her phone away, she caught sight of that familiar figure when her gaze swept over.

Who else besides Xi Yin—‘That bastard!’—could be so obnoxious?

Shi Sheng’s fingertips twitched as a strange smile surfaced on her face. ‘Well, you’ve come at a good time.’

Shi Sheng left through the back door and found her way to the principal’s office. As expected, after waiting at the foot of the stairs for a while, she saw a figure slowly descending.

When he passed by the flower bush, Shi Sheng grabbed him, dragged him inside with her, and pressed him against the wall nearby. Her hand deftly caught Xi Yin’s wrist.

But she didn’t have time to pour her spirit energy into his body, before Xi Yin twisted his hand to grab her wrist instead and pulled her by the waist with his other hand. With a twist of his feet, the two swapped positions.

“You’re so anxious to throw yourself into my arms after only a few days without seeing me, mhm?” Xi Yin closed in on her, a smile on his face.

Shi Sheng hadn’t expected this fellow to have such good fighting skill.

‘Well I suppose it’s not that Xi Yin’s a particularly strong fighter—it’s that all the other villains I met so far had a bunch of problems. Xi Yin’s what a proper villain should be.’

Shi Sheng didn’t struggle. She used the one hand that could still move freely to grab Xi Yin’s upper arm.

Strands of spirit energy poured into Xi Yin’s body. His brows furrowed slightly. He didn’t know what spirit energy was— even if he wanted to resist the intrusion, he didn’t know how. Hence, he could only allow the spirit energy to continue pouring into his body. But just as he was prepared to let go of Shi Sheng, he suddenly had a very strange feeling.

That was a resonance that came from the deepest recesses of his heart. A resonance with this woman.

Shi Sheng’s lips slowly rose.

‘I knew it.’

Xi Yin watched as her expression turned gentler and ripples appeared in her once placid eyes.

Shi Sheng released Xi Yin, her eyes curving upwards as she spoke, “You’re so handsome, why wouldn’t I throw myself into your arms? Everyone loves beauty! So…we hooking up, handsome?”

Even after she had released him, that strange feeling didn’t disappear. Instead…it only got more pronounced.

Shi Sheng’s change of attitude was too sudden, throwing Xi Yin off guard. He released her and stared at his wrist for a while. He was very certain she hadn’t done anything to him but…what was up with that strange feeling?

Xi Yin frowned as he looked at her.

“I took a liking to you. For real this time.” Shi Sheng spoke ‘sincerely’.

Xi Yin, “…” ‘So you were just joking the last time? Ha!’

He turned around and walked away.

“Why are you leaving? Come on, I did see your body! Aren’t you supposed to make me take responsibility? I will! Promise!” Shi Sheng chased after him.

Xi Yin picked up his speed. ‘She still dares to mention this! Isn’t she ashamed at all?’

He felt irritated to the point he wanted to just throttle her and be done with it. Yet he actually couldn’t bring himself to do so.

That feeling of familiarity prevented him from doing anything to harm her. He didn’t like that feeling. One who was in power mustn’t have any weaknesses.

With a couple of flashes of his body, his figure vanished from her view, leaving behind a rather infuriated Shi Sheng.

Ah, how long and arduous the road to courting her husband was.

‘Looks like it’ll be quicker to just kidnap and screw him.’

She analysed what she currently knew to deduce Feng Ci’s true personality.

‘A tsun… Easily shy… As for the rest, probably just the influence of whatever body he’s using. But even though he’s got the memories and personality of his current body, he’ll subconsciously reveal his true personality sometimes.’


She didn’t see Xi Yin for the rest of the afternoon, but Shi Sheng wasn’t anxious. What was hers would be hers eventually. If it didn’t belong to her…it would after she’d snatched it back.

After classes ended, Shi Sheng saw Ai Wei and a tall, handsome man walking by with their arms hooked together. Shi Sheng raised a brow.

‘Isn’t this the Sikong Sa that Mi Nai had a crush on? He does look pretty good. Though not as good as my Feng Ci, of course. He’s the best no matter how he looks.’

The two chatted merrily, making for a rather harmonious scene. But after Ai Wei caught sight of Shi Sheng, her smile seemed to freeze in place.

“What is it?” Sikong Sa asked out of concern when she suddenly stopped talking. His gaze followed Ai Wei’s and saw the girl wearing a black dress standing in front of the flowerbed, looking at them with a smile on her face.

‘Mi Nai.’

Sikong Sa pulled Ai Wei into his arms. “It’s okay. She won’t dare to make a move.”

‘We’re in the academy; she wouldn’t be that bold.’

Time seem to have stilled as the three fell into a stalemate. It only broke when Shi Sheng made a slicing gesture across her neck towards Ai Wei, who was terrified into trembling and leaning further into Sikong Sa’s arms.

Shi Sheng looked behind them and saw Zuo Lie standing not too far off watching them.

And since she just so happened to be hidden behind a bulletin board where Zuo Lie couldn’t see her, he could only see Ai Wei and Sikong Sa embracing each other.

‘Waiting for the fight between the ML and supporting ML to start…’


Shi Sheng saw Xi Yin the next morning.

He was sitting in the corner, right next to the window at the back of the classroom. He supported his head with one hand, as he watched the swaying leaves outside.

The girls, who had arrived early, were currently huddled together and talking about him in low whispers. Some of the bolder ones even walked up to him and tried to start a conversation, but he acted like he couldn’t hear them; he didn’t even shift his posture.

“Uh, hi! What’s your name?”

Xi Yin ignored the girl. However, she didn’t give up. “We’ll be classmates from now on. My name is Zhao Ya, I’m the class monitor. If there’s anything, you can come look for me.”

Xi Yin continued ignoring her.

The girl bit her lip, a bit unwilling to accept this as she returned to her friends.

“So? How’d it go?”

Zhao Ya shook her head, leading to the other girls’ expressions turning crestfallen.

“Hey, hey, go check it out! Mi Nai just went over!”

“Heavens! Even Mi Nai’s succumbed to his charms! Aaaah! The new hubby is so handsome!”

“Mi Nai always act so lofty, yet the other boys chase after her so much. This time, she’s totally gonna get face-slapped!”

The other girls were rather envious and jealous. They’d heard that Mi Nai’s background was very good.

People who were both pretty and came from good families—even if their characters were a bit aloof—would always have suitors.

Shi Sheng pulled out the chair in front of Xi Yin and sat down. “What a coincidence, handsome. We’re in the same class.”

Xi Yin turned his head to cast a sideway glance at her. ‘It’s not a coincidence; I picked this class.’

He really wanted to speak his thoughts aloud. But if he did so, she would probably get bolder.

And so, Xi Yin remained silent, shifting his gaze to continue looking outside.

“What’s so nice about the outside? Is it better looking than I am?” Shi Sheng framed her face with her hands. “Look at me! I promise you’ll never get enough!”

Xi Yin, “…” ‘Wanna throttle her…’

Shi Sheng coaxed him for a long time but didn’t get so much as a peep from Xi Yin, causing her to lose her temper.

‘The moment I(lz) act gentle, this fellow decides to go overboard! A rebellion ah! Just you wait! I’ll(lz) capture you back tonight!’

Shi Sheng shot to her feet, scaring the onlookers who were just looking forward to a show into widening their eyes and holding their breaths.

‘Aloof goddess is going to act up.’

But she didn’t. They watched as their aloof goddess got up and left the classroom in a huff.

‘That’s it? Though, if even the aloof goddess was defeated by our new god, our failed attempts at trying to chat him up don’t seem so bad…’

As expected, once they had this comparison, they felt much better.

Author’s note:

Come on, let’s show our team spirit!

Snatch him back to keep!


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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