Chapter 286 : A Rose Wedding (12)

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Xi Yin ended up staying in Shi Sheng’s mansion.

However, he would never go to the academy together with her. Even if Shi Sheng shamelessly insisted on following him without caring for her dignity, he would disappear to shake her off.

Later on, Shi Sheng started openly courting him. Flowers, confessions—all the moves that could be played were used.

By now, everyone in the academy knew that their cold goddess was fervently courting Xi Yin, causing a lot of males to grow dissatisfied with him.

Several boys had cornered Xi Yin in the classroom when Shi Sheng wasn’t by his side. The leader was a boy who claimed to be Mi Nai’s biggest admirer.

He shoved the desk in front of Xi Yin aside, causing the books on top of it to fall off and scatter across the ground.

“Our goddess is already courting you, yet you dare to act all lofty! Aren’t you just great?!”

Xi Yin was unmoved as he stared at the boy. “Move it.”

“Move it?” The boy laughed coldly. “If you don’t explain things today, don’t even think about leaving!”

Xi Yin’s eyes narrowed, a hint of gold flashing in their depths. His hand that was dangling by his side slowly clenched into a fist.

Yet the boy appeared ignorant of the danger he was in. “Do you think our goddess isn’t good enough for you or something?! You actually dare to disrespect her—”

“That’s her matter.” Xi Yin spoke coldly.

“Fuck!” The boy was infuriated at Xi Yin’s cool attitude. He waved his hand to signal the people behind him to attack. “Teach him a lesson!”


When Shi Sheng rushed over to the classroom, she was greeted by the sight of that boy splayed out on the ground, seemingly dead. His little minions were cowering in the corner.

Xi Yin looked at her with an unreadable gaze.

Shi Sheng walked over to him and anxiously pulled his hands while scrutinising him from head to toe. “Are you okay?”

Xi Yin pursed his lips and nodded his head.

“He’s dead.”

Shi Sheng looked at the corpse on the ground. He lay there. Face pale, eyes bloodshot.

She remembered this person. He touted himself as her biggest admirer and often brought his little bros to bully the other boys who liked her.

He’d even caused a death before—but because his family was rich and influential, the school couldn’t do anything. Hence, he was rather feared throughout the academy.

“As long as you’re okay.” Shi Sheng shifted her gaze back and helped him smooth out the wrinkles in his clothing.

Xi Yin lowered his eyes to look at her.

It seemed like she didn’t care about anything…except for him.

The sounds of police sirens could suddenly be heard from outside the building. Shi Sheng’s gaze turned to focus on the people cowering in the corner.

When her gaze landed on them, they were like startled ostriches that immediately gave her trembling explanations. “I didn’t call the police.”

“It wasn’t me! I didn’t do it!”

“It wasn’t me…”

These people all said they hadn’t called the police—yet the police had already arrived.

Shi Sheng gazed out the window. ‘Great, they’ve got this block surrounded. Did the person who called the police say someone was planning to blow this place up?’

The police siren continued to wail, causing the remaining students in the block to hurriedly run outside.

“Attention, people inside! We have you surrounded!”

“Do not harm the hostages! You can tell us your demands.”

“We can help you. You mustn’t hurt the hostages!”

Other similar announcements sounded throughout the building.

Shi Sheng’s expression didn’t show any change as she unhurriedly helped Xi Yin straighten out his clothing. He grabbed her hand. “This matter has nothing to do with you. You should go.”

‘Since it’s the police that came, this is going to be a bit troublesome.’

Shi Sheng raised her head to look at him. Her gaze was calm but a smile had spread on her face. “You’re concerned about me?”

Xi Yin let go of her. “I was just stating the facts.”

‘There’s no way I’m concerned about her. This matter just doesn’t have anything to do with her in the first place, so there’s no need to implicate her.’

“Since you aren’t concerned about me, whether I leave or not makes no difference to you.” Shi Sheng spoke with a solemn expression.

“Mi Nai.” Xi Yin’s tone turned heavy.

The atmosphere between them suddenly turned delicate.

The noise coming from outside had also quieted down for some reason. It was as if the whole world had turned silent.


Du Jue hurried over with his entourage. They first negotiated with the police about entering first. Although the police found it odd, since they had received orders from their superiors, they still allowed Du Jue and co in.

Du Jue rushed into the classroom Shi Sheng and Xi Yin were in. The moment he saw them, his pupils shrunk.

“Xi Yin…” ‘Why is he here?! Wasn’t he supposed to be in hibernation at this time?’

He’d never met Xi Yin, but the Du Clan held records that contained photographs of him. According to those records though, Xi Yin shouldn’t have woken up for another century at least.

‘Why is he here now?’

Xi Yin shifted his gaze away from Shi Sheng to land on the man in the doorway, gold shimmering in his eyes.

“From the Du Clan?”

“Yes.” Du Jue bit the bullet and answered.

He then caught sight of Shi Sheng, who was standing beside Xi Yin. His heart leapt. ‘Is she acquainted with Xi Yin? One Pure Blood is already hard to deal with, but now Xi Yin’s added to the mix…’

In his ancestors’ memoirs, they stated that Xi Yin was a very strange vampire. He wasn’t a Pure Blood, yet he possessed power greater than any Pure Blood. And he seemed to have lived a very long time.

The records traced back to a thousand years ago.

“Ha…” Xi Yin scoffed inscrutably.

If it were regular humans he had to deal with, it might have been a bit troublesome. But since these people were from the BHA, it was much easier to resolve.

Du Jue grit his teeth and told himself he couldn’t afford to offend Xi Yin. His tone couldn’t help but weaken. “Lord Xi Yin, may I know why you are here?”

“Studying.” It seemed Xi Yin was giving face to someone, for he actually answered the question.

Du Jue, “…” ‘You’ve already lived for so long, why would you want to study? Okay, he’s a bigshot. I can’t offend him…’

“I had received news that there were vampire attacks on humans…” Du Jue did his best to make himself sound humbler. His eyes fell to the corpse on the floor. “Lord Xi Yin, can you please explain?”

Xi Yin’s eyes narrowed and he spoke in a ridiculing voice, “Did the Du Clan die out, causing you to be unaware of the rules?”

Only now did Du Jue realise what he had just said. Cold sweat drenched his back. Even if his grandfather were here, he probably wouldn’t have dared to make Xi Yin explain anything.

“Du Jue spoke improperly.” Though he felt anger inwardly, Du Jue could only suppress it. He definitely couldn’t afford to offend this man.

Du Jue’s humble attitude baffled the people who had followed him in. ‘Who’s that man?’

Du Jue took a deep breath. “Then may we have a look at the body?”

Du Jue’s gaze drifted over to Shi Sheng, as if wanting to confirm whether or not she had anything to do with Xi Yin.

‘If she doesn’t…perhaps I can make use of Xi Yin to capture her. She killed so many of my men the last time. This grudge has already been planted!’

But Du Jue was destined to be disappointed. He watched as Shi Sheng retreated a step and naturally interlocked her arm with Xi Yin’s. The latter merely frowned slightly but didn’t fling her aside.

Du Jue, “!!?”

‘Since when did these two get together?! This doesn’t make any sense!’

Her arm linked with Xi Yin’s, Shi Sheng’s fingers wound around his. She lifted her head slightly. “I didn’t expect your thigh to be so thick! Lemme hug it!”

‘Even Du Jue, this lunatic, is so scared of him. He hasn’t let down his status as a villain!’

Xi Yin pinched her misbehaving hand and pursed his lips, giving Shi Sheng a haughty expression.

“Lord Xi Yin…” Du Jue appeared even more careful.

‘Mi Nai is actually this intimate with Xi Yin! It appears that the matter from last time can’t be pursued any more…’

“Just a corpse, go look if you want. If it’s not enough, I can make several more for you. Fresh ones too.” Shi Sheng butted in before Xi Yin could speak.

Du Jue’s eyes flashed. He remembered from the records his ancestors left behind that Xi Yin despised other people voicing opinions on his behalf. ‘Mi Nai’s brash conduct might cause Xi Yin to despise her.’

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