Chapter 287 : A Rose Wedding (13)

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Du Jue looked at Xi Yin expectantly.

However, Xi Yin showed no reaction as if agreeing with her words.

Du Jue, “…” ‘What’s happening to this world?’

Suppressing his doubts, he got people to escort the students in the corner out before bringing another two of his men forward to inspect the corpse.

“Team Leader… The cause of death is excessive blood loss. There’s a bite mark on the neck.”

The speaker moved the collar aside, revealing a bite mark that was already beginning to turn dark. It was apparent that it had already been there for some time.

“How long since the bite?”

The man lowered his head to inspect it for a while, before giving a conservative estimate, “Around 18 hours.”

Du Jue didn’t seem surprised by this. He got someone to fetch him some tools and tinkered around with the body for a bit, before speaking, “It can only be suppressed temporarily. Send it back to HQ within four hours.”


Several people efficiently packed up the body and took it away.

Du Jue looked at Shi Sheng before saluting to Xi Yin and speaking, “Lord Xi Yin, this is already the third time this month. All the victims were first bitten before being fed blood. I wonder what opinions you might hold on this, sir?”

If vampires fed a human their blood, the only two outcomes were turning into a low-level vampire—or death.

“What’re you saying now?” Shi Sheng scoffed. “Are you suspecting me…or him?”

Du Jue glared at Shi Sheng. ‘We couldn’t catch her after losing so many of our men, and now she’s even found Xi Yin to be her backer!’

But in the end, he had no choice but to lower his head. “That was not my intent. I was just asking Lord Xi Yin if he had any clues.”

Shi Sheng wanted to continue taunting Du Jue but was stopped by Xi Yin, who pulled her into his arms and pressed her face against his chest.

“The northern outskirts.”

After replying thus, the two of them vanished on the spot. The people outside immediately flooded into the classroom. “Team Leader, who was he?”

They’d never seen their team leader be this humble to anyone before. Du Jue didn’t answer their question, instead warning them, “In the future, if you see him, don’t go and seek death, got it?”

“Then what about that Mi Nai?”

Du Jue fell silent for a moment before speaking in a low voice, “We give up and find another target.”

Someone was unwilling to give up just like that. “But she killed so many of ours.”

When Du Jue’s sharp gaze swept over, the speaker immediately lowered his head.

“That man isn’t someone we can afford to offend.” Darkness gathered in the depths of Du Jue’s eyes. “For now at least.”

‘One of these days, I’ll find a way to deal with him.’

The others looked at each other. They grew even more curious, but no one dared to voice their questions.

“Send someone to check out the northern outskirts.”



Xi Yin brought Shi Sheng away to a deserted spot in the academy.

She was still clinging tightly to him. ‘His body seems colder than mine.’

“Let go.” Xi Yin tugged at Shi Sheng’s hands. Of course she wasn’t willing to oblige, clinging to him even more tightly.

Xi Yin, “…”

He tried several more times to get her off him but failed, so he could only give up on the notion. However, his tone contained some hints of ridicule as he spoke, “Do you really like hugging men this much?”

‘Who knows how many men this woman has?’ Thinking thus, Xi Yin felt rather irked.

“I only like to hug you ah.”

Xi Yin’s expression turned more ridiculing. “How many people have you said these words to?”

“Eh?” Shi Sheng lifted her head. “Are you being jealous?”

Xi Yin, “…” ‘Jealous your head! I’m not jealous! Definitely not!’

Xi Yin suddenly roughly pulled Shi Sheng off him and marched off with a dark expression. She chuckled as she chased after him, all the while earnestly explaining, “I’ve only ever said that to you! Honest! I swear!”

Xi Yin picked up his speed.

“Don’t walk so fast!” Shi Sheng nearly had to jog just to keep up. “You have to believe my sincerity towards you! Not just anyone can enter my eyes, y’know?”

‘Sincerity… What sincerity? If I was ugly, would she still chase after me like this?’

Xi Yin’s attitude to Shi Sheng was just as cold as before, though that didn’t deter her from continuing to court him.

For a period of time, people from the BHA would appear in their vicinity every now and then. Their purpose was probably to keep tabs on Shi Sheng and Xi Yin.

As for the person who died, the BHA had used some unknown means to convince his family to not cause a scene.

The case with humans being bit still had no leads. The BHA were still in the midst of a tense investigation.

And it seemed like the leads were in the middle of a cold war. On the other hand, Sikong Sa and Ai Wei’s relationship was developing rather smoothly. Shi Sheng would catch sight of the two of them acting lovey-dovey every so often.

Of course, she’d also always catch sight of Zuo Lie standing in the distance, watching their public displays of affection with a foul expression.

Shi Sheng wasn’t in the same class as Ai Wei. As long as they didn’t deliberately look for each other, they wouldn’t cross paths all that often.

Recently, Shi Sheng had been busy dealing with Xi Yin. Hence, to avoid any unnecessary trouble that would waste her time, she’d avoid the FL when she could.


Xi Yin woke up in the middle of the night because of the sounds coming from outside his room. He furrowed his brows. ‘What’s that woman up to in the middle of the night?’

Tossing aside his blanket and getting off the bed, he walked over to the door where he suddenly stopped. ‘Her scent’s very strong.’

He opened the door and left the room. The entire corridor was filled with her scent. The door to her room was wide open.

Her scent was coming from downstairs. Xi Yin made his way down. None of the lights in the living room were on, but he could just vaguely make out the silhouette of a person curled up on the sofa.

His heart leapt in his chest. It had already been two months since she’d last fed.

“Xi Yin?”

“En.” Xi Yin lightly responded, walking around the sofa to draw closer to her.

“I’m really hungry.” Shi Sheng sat up on the sofa and tilted her head up to look at the person in front of her, her eyes glittering with a faint blue light.

She hadn’t felt hungry ever since drinking the substance Xi Yin gave her the other time. But today, the hunger returned stronger than ever.

Xi Yin silently rolled up his sleeve and placed his arm in front of Shi Sheng’s mouth. “Drink.”

Shi Sheng wanted to take a bite but couldn’t bring herself to do it. She shrunk backwards. “That thing from before…”

“It’s too late to buy it now.” Xi Yin interrupted her. He then fell silent before continuing, “And drinking too much of that isn’t good for you.”

He had only been probing her then…

He hadn’t expected her to really drink it.

Now that they had this relationship, he naturally couldn’t allow her to drink that substance again.

“I think I’ll just wait it out.” ‘Really can’t accept drinking blood.’

“You should head back.” Shi Sheng curled up in a corner of the sofa.

Xi Yin didn’t know why she holding back. If she dared to do that, he didn’t see why she was so hesitant about drinking some blood.

‘Forget it. It’s her problem if she doesn’t want to drink.’

He withdrew his hand and turned around to head back upstairs.

The living room soon turned silent once more.

Shi Sheng scratched at the sofa. ‘Just what’s with this damned setting… So hungry! So very hungry!’

Shi Sheng felt like her stomach was convulsing with hunger. The only thing left in her mind was blood. ‘What a tasty scent…’

It was coming from outside.

‘Wanna drink…’

Shi Sheng clambered up from the sofa and made to walk out the door. But just as she was about to open it, she was suddenly pulled by someone from behind and spun around so that she was pushed against the door.

“You’d rather torment yourself than drink my blood, hm?” A low, hoarse voice spoke beside her ear, bringing her back to her senses.

She shook her head, answering weakly, “I don’t like blood.”

‘Drinking that… I can’t accept it.’


‘How could there be such a thing as a vampire that doesn’t drink blood?’

“I’ll give you one more chance. Are you really not drinking?” Xi Yin placed his hand in front of Shi Sheng’s mouth.

She turned her head to look away. ‘Not drinking even if you beat me to death!’

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    “I only like to hug you ah.”

    Xi Yin’s expression turned more ridiculing. “How many people have you said these words to?”

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