Chapter 291 : A Rose Wedding (17)

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Shi Sheng naturally hadn’t left the academy grounds.

Right now, she was busy watching the two leads. She hadn’t planned to! Honest! She’d just been chilling on the rooftop when they suddenly appeared.

As someone with grandmaster-level stealth skills, it was simply too easy for her to hide from Zuo Lie and Ai Wei.

It seemed Ai Wei was a bit unwilling, for her speed was very slow. Her legs were even trembling slightly.

Shi Sheng propped up her chin as she watched with a curious expression. ‘I say! FL, if you’re this scared, why don’t you just go home? Aren’t you just looking for abuse?’

“You’re…really that afraid of me?” Zuo Lie looked hurt.

Ai Wei bit her lip. “Hurry up and tell me what you wanted to say. Sikong will be worried if he can’t find me.”

Zuo Lie stepped towards her, whereupon Ai Wei immediately backed away, fear and rejection written in her eyes.

Zuo Lie froze to the spot, staring at Ai Wei in disbelief. ‘She was…this scared of me?’

Had events followed the plot where Mi Nai caused shenanigans with Sikong Sa, Ai Wei would interact more with Zuo Lie out of jealousy, resulting in her slowly falling for him.

But Shi Sheng hadn’t disrupted Ai Wei and Sikong Sa’s relationship at all, hence why Zuo Lie hadn’t made much progress with her.

On the other hand, Ai Wei felt rejection towards Zuo Lie because of the bloodsucking incidents in school.

Although he felt pained, Zuo Lie still told her what he wanted to, “Come with me. You’ll be hurt if you’re together with Sikong Sa.”

“Sikong and I are doing very well. Zuo Lie…let’s not meet any more.” Ai Wei spoke softly, “Hurry up and leave the academy. If they find out that you’re a…”

“Ai Wei, see? You’re still concerned for me! Come with me, I’ll protect you!” Zuo Lie seemed to have lost some of his reason as he grabbed Ai Wei’s arm.

“Zuo Lie, you’re hurting me.” Ai Wei started struggling. But Zuo Lie seemed like he hadn’t heard her as he held on tightly.

His expression was a bit twisted as he spoke, “Sikong Sa isn’t a good person! Trust me on this!”

“Zuo Lie.” Ai Wei couldn’t break free from his grip, so she could only bear with the pain, her expression taut. “Sikong is very good. He’s very good to me. Weren’t you the one who helped me court him? Why are you saying this now?”

Zuo Lie suddenly released Ai Wei and retreated a few steps, as if he’d just received a blow. ‘That’s right… I was the one who delivered her to Sikong Sa…’

Ai Wei clutched at her arm. She bit her lip as she backed away from him. “You…take care.”

But as she turned around, she was suddenly pulled back by Zuo Lie and pressed into his icy embrace, following which, her mouth was captured by his.

Ai Wei’s eyes widened. Her hand moved before she had time to think things through—a slap landed on Zuo Lie’s face. Whilst he was still in shock, she wrested herself free from his grasp.

“Zuo Lie, you’ve gone mad!” Ai Wei wiped at her lips furiously as tears spilled out of her eyes uncontrollably.

Zuo Lie didn’t speak as he just stared at her. There was disbelief, bitterness, and regret in his eyes…

Ai Wei panicked when faced with that gaze, turning around and fleeing down the stairs.

‘The person I like is Sikong Sa! Zuo Lie is a vampire!’

Ai Wei repeated told this to herself as she stumbled down the stairs. Because she rushed too much, she missed her footing on the last step and lost her balance.

Just as it seemed she was about to fall, however, a person dashed over and steadily caught her.

Ai Wei was badly shaken from the fright for a while, before finally turning to look at the person who caught her.

The fear and grievance from before all came pouring out as she sobbed quietly. “Sikong…”

“Silly girl, what is it? Did someone bully you?” Sikong Sa lifted Ai Wei’s face so her gaze met his.

“It’s nothing…” Ai Wei spoke haltingly. ‘If Sikong knows I went to see Zuo Lie, he’ll definitely get angry.’

“I was just thinking about what happened last night and got a bit scared.”

“I’m here. Never fear.” Sikong Sa gently helped her wipe away her tears. “You won’t look pretty if you cry, so don’t.”

Ai Wei murmured in assent.

Sikong Sa pressed Ai Wei into his embrace, his gaze—unintentionally or not—sweeping in the direction of the staircase.


Zuo Lie lowered his head and stood there, actually appearing rather pitiful.

Shi Sheng popped out from where she had hidden. “Since you want her so badly, why don’t you just kidnap her?”

Zuo Lie’s head snapped up, his brows furrowing fiercely. “How come you’re here?”

“I was here since the start.” Shi Sheng shrugged. “You just never noticed. You can consider my suggestion, y’know? I’ve got hopes for you, sonny.”

Actually, what Shi Sheng really wanted to tell him was to choose someone else. But upon further thought, she decided not to. After all, how was it any of her business who he picked?

She didn’t even know where her own partner was right now.

In the original plot, the FL wasn’t completely faithful—she’d always treated the ML as a spare tyre. She threw herself into his arms immediately after her relationship with Sikong Sa fell apart.

Zuo Lie lowered his gaze. It wasn’t that he’d never thought of taking her with him by force, but what use would it be? She didn’t like him!


Zuo Lie left the academy and returned to vampire territory. Having lost her source of entertainment, Shi Sheng could only continue looking for the little bitch who framed her.

One couldn’t call themselves petty unless they avenged every slight!

‘Dared to frame me(bbb)! Must be tired of living!’

That night, Shi Sheng watched as Du Jue’s group of idiots prepared a trap on the ground.

Even deep into the wee hours of the morning, nothing happened.

Shi Sheng leaned against the tree trunk, feeling a bit bored from waiting. Just as she was prepared to leave, however, a shadow suddenly fell down from above her.

Shi Sheng, “!!!”

Her sword suddenly appeared and sliced towards the shadow. It shrunk back into the canopy, causing the leaves of the tree to rustle before it vanished.

‘Scared me(bbb) to death!’

Shi Sheng had really gotten a fright. After all, she was human too. Her reaction was a normal one to something that suddenly appeared.

‘But what the hell was that? It could actually get close to me without me noticing…’

Shi Sheng felt goosebumps crop up all over her body. She looked up into the canopy. It was pitch black up there; she couldn’t see a thing. That shadow had either been here before she came, or its stealth skills were higher than hers.

While Shi Sheng was feeling doubtful, terrified shrieks suddenly rang out in the distance.

When Shi Sheng arrived at the source with her sword in tow, she caught sight of a shadow completely encircled by people. It was wearing all black—even its head was covered up. If the black was changed to white, it would make for a very convincing mummy.

The shadow had a girl in its grasp. The shrieks were coming from her.

“Mi Nai, there’s no escape for you today!” The people surrounding the shadow immediately started to shout.

“Help! Help—!” The girl in the shadow’s grasp begged for them to rescue her with a terrified expression.

The shadow suddenly leaned down and bit the girl’s neck amidst her shrieking—the sounds of swallowing and gulping were especially clear.

Shi Sheng felt her stomach roil with disgust as she couldn’t help but think of how Xi Yin forced her to drink that mouthful of blood.

She was fine with seeing or smelling blood, but the feeling of that sticky liquid sliding slowly down her throat…

Shi Sheng took a deep breath and suppressed her rampaging emotions. Once she’d lifted her face to look over, she found that the two sides had already started fighting.

The shadow was being attacked from all sides. In the thick of the melee, someone got closer to it and suddenly pulled off the bandages covering its head. Once they had come off, the features beneath came into full view.

Shi Sheng’s pupils shrunk.

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