Chapter 292 : A Rose Wedding (18)

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‘Who the fuck is she?’

Shi Sheng was currently sporting a befuddled expression. ‘How come there’s someone who looks exactly the same as Mi Nai? System, get out here! I think we need to have a lil chat! I bet this idiot system just added more stuff to the plot…’

[Host, I’ve already informed you that the difficulty would increase. It’s normal for the unexpected to occur.]

‘Normal your head! Does an increased difficulty allow you to add extra shit to the storyline?! And who is this lil bitch? Tell me!’

[…Host, I didn’t add anything extra to the plot.] ‘All these plots are set from the start. How can I just change it whenever I felt like it? Host thinks too highly of me…’

‘Then tell me who that lil bitch is! I clearly remember Mi Nai had no family! You know what no family means? It means no blood relatives at all! So did this lil bitch who looks like a twin pop out from a crack in the earth or something?!’

[……] ‘Host is very scary. I(bxt) think I’ll(bxt) just log off for now…’

Not having received any answer from System, Shi Sheng was feeling very irritated. She shook her sword and rushed out.

Having someone suddenly appear startled the people who were attacking the Mi Nai lookalike. Their suspicion only increased when they saw the newcomer attack their target.

And once they saw the face of the newcomer, they received a fright.

‘Wha…why are there two Mi Nais?! Team Leader, hurry back! There’s something fishy going on!’

The Mi Nai doppelganger had probably not expected Shi Sheng to suddenly charge over, and was caught off guard for a time, leading to her being unable to retaliate.

“Was it fun impersonating me?”

“Dared to use my(lz) face to do bad stuff! Fuck! I(lz) haven’t even had a chance to do that yet…”

“What’re you dodging for? Since you’re so bold as to impersonate me, don’t dodge!”

Shi Sheng’s temper had been rightly stoked this time—her attacks were more vicious than normal.

Knowing that she couldn’t win this, the Mi Nai doppelganger tried to run but hadn’t made it two steps before she was intercepted by Shi Sheng. “What’re you running for?!”

The Mi Nai doppelganger, “…” ‘Why would I just stand there and turn into mincemeat?’

She hadn’t anticipated Shi Sheng’s combat ability to be this powerful. And that sword…

‘I think the only reason I managed to scare her was luck…’

“Big Sis.” The Mi Nai doppelganger quickly calmed down and smiled at Shi Sheng. “Do you really want to discuss this in front of so many people?”

‘Big Sis, your head ah! How come I(bbb) didn’t know I had such an old little sister?’

“Why the hell not?” Shi Sheng replied gruffly, her expression fierce.

The Mi Nai doppelganger, “…” ‘Isn’t she curious at all as to why I called her Big Sis? Isn’t she curious about why I have the same face as her?’

She hadn’t expected this reaction!

Noticing that her attackers were closing in, anxiety showed in the Mi Nai doppelganger’s eyes. “Big Sis, they’re from the BHA. Let’s discuss this after we’ve left.”

Shi Sheng smiled coldly. “How do you have the nerve to call me Big Sis, when a group of idiots scares you this much, eh?”

The Mi Nai doppelganger’s lips twitched. ‘How come I never knew Mi Nai was this arrogant? She actually says the BHA are a bunch of idiots! If they really were idiots, would the vampires have signed on the alliance with them a century ago?’

The Mi Nai doppelganger’s expression turned cold and made to attack Shi Sheng. However, this was a feint. When Shi Sheng was taking the opportunity to counterattack, the woman suddenly leapt onto the roof of a nearby building.

Shi Sheng’s sword remained raised as she watched the woman’s figure vanish onto the rooftops. The only thing in her mind right now was… ‘Where’d this idiot come from?!’

Shi Sheng wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t feel like dealing with the suicidal people. Before they could even get into position to attack, she followed the woman’s example and jumped to the top of a building, vanishing into the night in the blink of an eye.

The BHA people who had been completely ignored, “…” ‘Think you’re so awesome because you’re good at jumping? Get down here and fight us if you have the skill!’


Shi Sheng chased the Mi Nai doppelganger but lost her scent when she reached a small building. Shi Sheng stood outside, rubbing her chin as she examined the building.

This building only had four floors and looked very old. It seemed to have existed for god knows how long. It made for quite a peculiar sight juxtaposed with the towering apartments around it.

Shi Sheng observed for a while before barging in with her sword in tow. The inside of the building hinted that it had been abandoned, but the faint smell of blood could be detected. The further she walked, the thicker the scent of blood got.

Shi Sheng tapped on the pieces of scrap metal found inside with her sword, causing a rattling noise that could be heard from miles away. She turned to examine her surroundings.

The building appeared to be a dilapidated laboratory.

She wandered around the place for a bit, stopping every so often to observe, before coming to a stop in front of a rusting iron door.

She used her sword to slice apart the chains holding the door shut and, with a creak, it opened.

A disgusting stench that contained the scent of blood greeted her.

The room beyond the door looked completely different from the other parts of the building.

All the equipment inside was brand new. The stench was coming from a corpse lying on the operating table.

Shi Sheng frowned as she went over to have a closer look.

It was the corpse of a vampire.

‘Someone’s doing private experiments on vampires? Ha…’

Shi Sheng didn’t find anyone in the abandoned building, but she did find several more clean laboratories that had clearly been in use recently.

‘What did that doppelganger lure me here for?’

Clunk— Clunk—

Clunking noises suddenly sounded around her. Shi Sheng didn’t react as she calmly stared outside.

A shadow appeared in her field of vision.

The woman who wore the same face as hers was smiling sweetly and waving at her. Her lips moved but Shi Sheng couldn’t hear her.

The woman appeared to have realised this too, for she disappeared in a flash. A moment later, she returned holding a piece of paper.

On the white paper, several words were written with a bright red liquid:

“Behave yourself in there”

Four words with a deeper meaning behind them.

Shi Sheng cracked her neck from side to side, a slight smile creeping onto her face. It appeared to be filled with mocking and disdain.

The Mi Nai doppelganger outside changed her expression and quickly vanished with the paper.

Shi Sheng walked over to the glass window that had been broken for who knew how long and tapped the air with her sword.

Zzz zzz—

She felt resistance there.

‘What are they planning?’ Shi Sheng had a pondering expression on, her sword still lifted.

Far away from the building, a human figure was standing below a tree, his features hidden by the shadows. From the figure however, one could tell it was a man.

He was holding a pair of binoculars that he was using to watch the building Shi Sheng was currently in.

“Master, she’s been trapped.” The Mi Nai doppelganger appeared from nowhere and stood behind him carefully and respectfully.


“Why don’t we just kill her?” The Mi Nai doppelganger asked in confusion. ‘Since she’s already trapped, it should be very easy for Master to kill her.’

“She still has a use.” The man’s voice was a bit hoarse. One couldn’t tell what he was feeling from his tone. “This isn’t something you should be asking.”

The doppelganger’s expression changed, lowering her head fearfully. “Ling Xiang overstepped. Please forgive me, Master.”

“Let’s go.” The man put away the binoculars and turned to leave.

Ling Xiang cast one final glance at the building, before turning around to follow the man as they vanished into the night.

Author’s note:

Shi Sheng: What happened to being a good mama author?! Why’d you let people lock me up?!

Little Fairy: Well I was just providing you with a way to show off, wasn’t I? How can you show off if I didn’t give you a basic set up?

Shi Sheng: …Although I feel like there’s something off with your reasoning, it does hold logic.

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    [[ The doppelganger’s expression changed, lowering her head fearfully. “Ling Xiang overstepped. Please forgive me, Master.”

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