Chapter 293 : A Rose Wedding (19)

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‘Five-Elements Formation…’

Shi Sheng hadn’t expected to be able to see this type of thing in this world. ‘And the strength appears to be pretty good, though I suppose that’s normal. Since there’s spirit energy in this world, it means there is a group of special people who need it.’

One needed the spirit energy of heaven and earth to activate Five-Elements Formations.

‘But why did they just trap instead of kill me? What? Did they think I(bbb) was too beautiful and couldn’t bring themselves to kill me? Psh…’

Shi Sheng leaned against a broken-down piece of apparatus with her sword as her voice faintly echoed out in the darkness, “I suppose you guys picked the right choice—you can live a few more days at least.”

“Go break the formation.” Shi Sheng released the sword.

Bzzt zzz— Iron Sword seemed a bit unwilling.

“What? You want me to go?” Shi Sheng raised her brow and questioned back.


“Eh, up to you. I guess we’ll just be stuck here forever if you won’t do it.” Shi Sheng simply sat down on a table at the side.

Iron Sword, “…”

‘Master, is it really okay for you to be this wilful? There are people plotting against you outside! Aren’t you going to hack them up? How can you allow those group of bitches to be this arrogant?’

#What’s with my Master’s sudden good temperament? Don’t understand. Waiting online for an answer. Desperate#

In the end, the unwilling Iron Sword still reluctantly went to break the formation. ‘Master clearly just needed to lift an arm to do this, why does she want me to go?’

It was feeling very aggrieved, so it couldn’t help but be a bit rougher when breaking the formation.

After it was done, the entire building had pretty much collapsed, causing Shi Sheng to receive a face full of dust.

Iron Sword calmly floated in front of her. ‘This rundown place was just unable to hold up; not my fault.’

Shi Sheng wiped her face clean, dusted off her dress, and left expressionlessly, the sword in tow.

Shi Sheng acted like nothing had happened as she returned to her mansion, took a shower, and changed her clothes. She even went off to leisurely take a look at Liang Ge’s situation.

Both System and her sword were dumbfounded.

‘How come Host is so calm this time? This doesn’t make any sense! Right now, she should be blowing her top and clamouring to destroy the world. Did I not start up right today? That has to be the case.

Shutting down… Restarting…

Host is actually leisurely watching a movie… Host, please, I’m(bxt) very scared right now. Master, please come! Host’s brain has been damaged!’


After three days of Shi Sheng’s strange calmness, she finally made her way to vampire territory.

There was an enchantment separating the vampire territory from the rest of the world. Since the Vampiric Feast had begun, there would be vampires receiving guests and acting as guides at the fortress on the boundary of the enchantment.

Humans usually arrived in groups, while vampires arrived alone more often than not.

Shi Sheng handed her invitation over to the vampire tasked with receiving guests.

He placed the invitation onto a scanner and a red-bordered window popped up on his computer screen. He raised his head and glanced doubtfully at Shi Sheng.

They were only able to see the grade of the invitation but not who the holder was. This invitation was Grade S, a high-level invitation. The only ones who could possess such an invitation were Pure Bloods or the bigshots of the great clans.

So the receptionist prudently tried scanning the invitation again, but got the same result. He returned the invitation card to Shi Sheng, inwardly raising his vigilance. “My apologies, milady. Your invitation cannot be used.”

“Why?” Shi Sheng asked calmly.

“According to the records, it seems your invitation has already been used once.” The receptionist spoke tactfully. He didn’t outright claim she was holding a fake invitation card.

‘Already been used once…’

Shi Sheng smiled in ridicule. ‘First they lock me up and now they want to attend the Vampiric Feast using my identity. Really makes one curious about their motive…’

Just as he thought the woman was about to make a scene, she simply took her invitation card back and spoke smilingly, “Can you help me contact Ke Er?”

The receptionist was startled. ‘This lady is acquainted with Prince Ke Er?’

“Of course. Please wait a moment, milady.”

There were some people with high positions that not all vampires could recognise. So in these types of situations, the receptionists had to carefully verify their identity. He turned around to dial Ke Er’s line.

“Greetings, may I ask if Prince Ke Er is there? It’s like this: a problem occurred with a lady’s invitation and it seems she is acquainted with Prince Ke Er, so we wish to verify with His Lordship…”

The receptionist turned back to look at Shi Sheng. “May I have your name, milady?”

“Mi Nai.”

The receptionist nearly dropped the phone.

‘Mi Nai… The goddaughter of Prince Ke Er?! Then what’s there to prove?!’

It was well known that Prince Ke Er doted a lot on this goddaughter of his, but few had ever laid eyes on her.

The receptionist quaked as he hung up from the call. If his attitude before was neither servile nor overbearing, then now it was fully respectful and deferent. “His Lordship will dispatch people to fetch you. Please wait a bit over here.”

Shi Sheng was led to a separate lounge.

The receptionist was still a bit spooked, even after emerging from the lounge, as he patted his chest to calm himself down.

‘Fortunately, it appears she appears to be good tempered. Had it been someone else, they probably would’ve made a scene by now.’

He raised his head and saw that more guests had arrived, so he put away his emotions and greeted the newcomers with a slight smile.

Half an hour later, a man and a girl entered.

The man appeared to be getting along in years, but the girl was very young—she was even wearing a student uniform. The girl was currently examining her surroundings with slight apprehension.

“Please present your invitations.”

The man handed his invitation over and the receptionist verified it with the machine. ‘It’s actually a Grade A!’

In the case of humans, only the vampire hunters with strength and reputation would have received a Grade A invitation card.

The receptionist remained expressionless as he handed the card back. “May the two of you come right this way. There’ll be someone who will escort you to the Feast’s venue. Please keep your invitation card with you at all times, and do not lose it.”

“Second Uncle…” The girl called the man timidly.

“Just follow me.” The man schooled his features into a stern expression. “Don’t be afraid.”

The girl nodded and followed the man. But they hadn’t managed to walk two steps before halting once more.

A group of people had suddenly appeared from the interior of the fortress. Their leader was a young and handsome man with a head of sleek, silver hair. He wore a tuxedo and his every move seemed filled with elegant nobility.

The man pulled the girl into retreating several paces. The silver haired man merely swept an emotionless gaze over them, as if he didn’t think much of them. He had the oppressive aura of someone superior that made it hard to look directly at him.

“Lord Rui Yi.” The receptionist had stood beside them at some point, his hand placed over his chest as he bowed in greeting.

Rui Yi raised his brow slightly and spoke, his voice containing some hints of endearment, “Where’s the little princess?”

“In the lounge. This way, milord.” The receptionist led Rui Yi to one of the rooms off to the side and soon, their figures left the great hall.

Only after Rui Yi had left did the girl heave a sigh of relief. “Second Uncle, who was that person?”

“Prince Ke Er’s eldest son.” The man replied in a low voice.

“Is he a big deal?” The girl frowned and cast a look over there. ‘Prince Ke Er… Princes should be a big deal, right?’

The man held her head down and instructed her in a low voice, “When we go in, don’t ask any questions, and don’t look around. Most importantly, don’t run off on your own! Do you understand?”

The girl nodded, though she didn’t really understand the reason behind his commands. “Yes, Second Uncle.”

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