Chapter 294 : A Rose Wedding (20)

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Mi Nai’s clan had been wiped out centuries ago during the grand battle between vampires and vampire hunters before the signing of the alliance, leaving only the underage Mi Nai behind.

She was later adopted by Ke Er. He and his family were very good to Mi Nai, so she was very grateful to them. But she’d always felt like she didn’t fit in, so she left to live alone in the human world.

Ke Er had probably been unaware that Mi Nai had been captured by the BHA. Otherwise, there was no way he would’ve allowed her to die like that.

Shi Sheng propped up her jaw as she thought back to the scenes of Mi Nai living together with Ke Er’s family.

But suddenly, the heavy door was flung open and a tall figure pounced towards her.

“Lil princess~ Come give big bro a hug!”

Shi Sheng immediately dodged to the side, causing Rui Yi to miss and land on the sofa.

He pulled his face out from the soft sofa, giving Shi Sheng an aggrieved look. “Lil princess, we haven’t seen each other in ages! Do you not miss me at all? I’m hurt. I-I can’t breathe! I need my lil princess’ kiss-kiss to make it better.”

Shi Sheng looked at Rui Yi act sad speechlessly.

‘This man should be Rui Yi.’

As Ke Er’s eldest child, it could be said that he’d watched Mi Nai grow up. Ever since he was young, he was very obsessed with dressing her up.

It was still tolerable before she was adopted—after all, she was in her own home, so Rui Yi would have to spend much effort to dress her up.

But ever since Ke Er took her in, Rui Yi treated Mi Nai like a barbie doll—to say that he made her change clothes more than ten times a day would be an understatement.

Shi Sheng strongly suspected that the biggest reason Mi Nai had left home was because of this dude. She hurriedly stood up, not wanting to experience the same torment as Mi Nai.

But it was clear Rui Yi wasn’t planning on letting her off. He clambered up from the sofa even without getting her “kiss-kiss”.

“Why are you dressed like this, lil princess? Luckily, I came prepared! Bring them in!”

The people waiting outside immediately brought some stuff in and blocked the door off with practised familiarity.

Shi Sheng, “…”

She was now one hundred percent sure that this fellow was the reason Mi Nai left in the first place.

Rui Yi had already picked out several overblown dresses to show Shi Sheng. “Which one do you like, lil princess? I think pink suits your skin, but it’s a bit plain. And blue’s a bit dark, too old-fashioned… How about a white one then? This one looks nice.”

Shi Sheng looked at the dress he was holding and felt her lips twitch.

‘Is he planning on making me cosplay as Snow White or a white lotus? Regardless of which, I(bbb) reject!’

Shi Sheng took a deep breath. “I want to see godfather first.”

“What’s there to see? Just an old goat!” Rui Yi was unwilling. “We should get you all dressed up nice and pretty. You’ll be the most brilliant princess at the Feast!”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘That old goat is your blood father…’

“Come on, lil princess. Come and put this on.” Rui Yi held the white gown and stalked closer to Shi Sheng, his expression uncannily similar to what a weird uncle looking at a little loli would make.

In the end, Shi Sheng couldn’t take it anymore and gave him a pummelling.

In the past, Mi Nai would always beat him up too when pushed too far, so Shi Sheng’s violent behaviour was completely in line with Mi Nai’s.

“Lil princess, why are you turning more and more violent?” Rui Yi lay splayed out on the carpet with no thought for his image. He made an anguished wail, “How are you supposed to get married off like this? Girls have to be more ladylike, ladylike… How many times have I told you this?”

Shi Sheng suppressed the urge to give him another beating, as she shoved the people blocking the door out of the way and left.

Rui Yi hurriedly stood up and straightened out his somewhat messy hair. By the time he left the room, he was the elegant and noble Lord Rui Yi once more.

The people following him all lowered their heads. ‘We’re already used to His Lordship developing a split personality every time he sees Lady Mi Nai. Really.’

“Lil princess, is the human world fun?” Rui Yi walked beside Shi Sheng.

“It’s not as if you can go there anyways.” Shi Sheng smiled somewhat gloatingly.

As the eldest son of a Prince, Rui Yi was not allowed to leave vampire territory for he was the heir to his father’s position.

“Lil princess…” Rui Yi’s expression was accusatory.

‘The human world has made lil princess bad!’

Shi Sheng was too lazy to deal with this lunatic, so she shook him off once she entered Prince Ke Er’s territory and made a beeline for the castle.

Mi Nai had lived with Ke Er for nearly a century, so almost everyone here recognised her.

“Lady Mi Nai… You’re back?” The maids were all astonished to see Shi Sheng.

“Lady Mi Nai.”

“Lady Mi Nai.”

Shi Sheng smiled and nodded at them. “Is godfather here?”

These maids had been rather good to Mi Nai.

…And they were very cute. So Shi Sheng was willing to treat them kindly.

“Ah? Yes, yes. But the Prince is currently seeing a guest. How about returning to rest in your room for a while, milady?” One of the maids piped up, “Your Ladyship’s room has already been cleaned…”

“Lord Rui Yi.”

This greeting was soon followed by many others.

Shi Sheng hurriedly ran upstairs, not forgetting to instruct the maids, “Hold him back for me!”

The maids broke out into laughter and went to carry out her orders, causing quite a ruckus. Now that their Lady Mi Nai had returned, the once dreary mansion seemed livelier.

Using Mi Nai’s memories as a guide, she found her way to her room. And there, as expected, was an exquisitely decorated and luxurious coffin.

Shi Sheng waited in the room for a while before someone knocked on the door, saying that Ke Er could see her now.

Shi Sheng deliberately asked the servant who was there to guide her whether or not Rui Yi was around because she was afraid of encountering him. The servant smiled and answered, “Don’t worry, milady. Lord Rui Yi is already on the way to the Feast—he won’t be back any time soon.”

Only then did Shi Sheng nod, reassured. She was really unable to take Rui Yi’s passionate “torment”.

On the way up the stairs, Shi Sheng saw a car leaving the yard. She raised a brow.

“Who’s in that car?” The person who was leaving now was most likely the guest that Ke Er had been seeing.

The servant looked over upon hearing her question. “Milady, I do not know.”

Shi Sheng didn’t continue asking as she followed the servant to Ke Er’s study.

The door to Ke Er’s study was open. The servant knocked before moving aside to allow Shi Sheng to enter. The soft lighting illuminated the tall figure standing in front of the window, gazing out.

“Godfather.” Shi Sheng called out in a docile manner. She directed her gaze to outside the window, and was able to catch sight of the car she had seen just now disappear around the corner.

Ke Er turned around to look at her. He was a very handsome man bearing some resemblance to Rui Yi. If no one told you they were father and son, your first impression would be that they were brothers.

His sharp gaze softened upon seeing Shi Sheng.

“At least you know how to return.” Ke Er’s tone was close and seemed to contain a hint of resignation. “Yet the one time you do return, you are refused entry! How am I supposed to show my face after this?”

Shi Sheng had a slight smile on her face, as if she had retracted from it every hint of sharpness. “I do suppose it’s my fault for not being well-known enough—pretty much no one here recognises me anymore.”

“Damn girl!” Ke Er laughingly scolded. “How’ve you been doing out there?”

“Pretty good.”

“Bollocks! You’re trying to pull one over me with such a poor complexion?!”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘What do you mean ‘with such a poor complexion’? You’re saying I(bbb) don’t look picture perfect?’

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