Chapter 3 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (3)

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Shi Sheng and Mrs Nangong only came back downstairs together when the party was about to officially begin. Nangong Jing had long left, he was probably more concerned about his Su Yiyi.

Shi Sheng wasn’t a big fan of dealing with social niceties but in this circle, this was quite unfortunately, a necessity.

“Miss Xu is getting prettier every time I see her. Young Master Jing is truly fortunate, unlike those little rascals of ours who haven’t even shown any signs of wanting to settle down.” A dignified looking lady said, her face full of envy as she looked at Mrs Nangong. Her words were immediately joined in by the sounds of agreement from the other ladies.

“From this we can learn that getting them engaged to a good daughter-in-law early on is a must.”

“*sigh* That also depends on the person. Look at that one from the Lin family, weren’t they also engaged since they were young? And the result? They’re arguing every day and disrupting the peace in their own household. Ey, I’m not talking about Miss Xu. Miss Xu don’t think too much of my words.”

‘Bitch you tried to be snarky. You think just because you said it subtly no one could hear it?’

Shi Sheng gave a perfunctory smile though her eyes were filled with impatience. Had she not already been in the car outside she wouldn’t have bothered coming in.

‘Three women are already so bothersome, someone get me out of here before more join in.’

“Auntie, my dad has arrived so I’ll just head over to fetch him.” Seeing Xu Chengyue’s – now her – father, she immediately took this convenient excuse to escape.

These people had everything, money and power. Their only remaining past time was comparing how well they did with their peers. They would compare their fathers, their husbands, their children, it was as if being slightly superior made them more respectable.

“Daddy.” Shi Sheng walked over to her father and spoke in a warm voice.

“You came here so early but why don’t I see you with Ah Jing?” Her father scanned her surroundings and upon noticing the distinct lack of Nangong Jing’s presence, couldn’t help but grow doubts.

“En, he’s busy.” Shi Sheng’s smile turned more honest. “Why didn’t mommy come?”

“There was a last-minute emergency at the company so she went there to resolve it. When did you learn to be so concerned about us? I was beginning to think the only one you cared about was your little fiancé!” He joked with a jovial face. It could be seen how much Xu Chengyue had been doted on by her father.

“People grow up.” Shi Sheng blinked.


“Okay, okay, our little girl has finally grown up.”

‘The soul has already been switched out, of course there’s a difference!’

One of Xu Chengyue’s wishes was to be filial to her parents so that was what Shi Sheng would do.

Her father took her to propose a toast to the star of today’s party {Reminder: Mrs Nangong} before bringing her around to introduce her to people. Xu Chengyue’s father found his daughter to be exceptionally obedient today, causing him to feel pleased and think inwardly, ‘She really has grown up.’

Shi Sheng was filling a bit light-headed from the wine she drank so she excused herself and went to the garden to clear her head.

The Nangong family’s garden was very big. Shi Sheng found a spot to sit down. Feeling the cooling night wind, her mind cleared quite a bit.

“What were you doing with him just now?” A voice containting a hint of rage startled Shi Sheng from her drowsiness.

Rubbing her face, Shi Sheng turned around and leaned on the back of the bench to see what was going on. There were a few trees there, under which two silhouettes could vaguely be seen.

‘Wasn’t that voice Nangong Jing’s?’

“I… I didn’t…”

‘I’d recognise that voice anywhere, it’s Su Yiyi! What are these two up to?’

“I saw it myself!” Nangong Jing was clearly on the edge of bursting, “Su Yiyi, I’m working hard for our future but what do you do? You go and seduce other men?”

“Jing… How could you say such things about me?”

“What, was I wrong? If I didn’t show up, were you two planning on continuing?!”

Shi Sheng’s eyes sparkled with light. ‘What did Nangong Jing catch Su Yiyi and Ling Hao doing? Were they hugging or kissing? If he’s this upset, I’d wager they were kissing.’

In the original plot, Xu Chengyue constantly bothered Nangong Jing, making him have no time to look for Su Yiyi.

And at this point in time, Xu Chengyue had already revealed Su Yiyi to Mrs Nangong. At the same time, Su Yiyi and Ling Hao had appeared together, leaving plenty of time for them to have done something.

Just as Shi Sheng was recalling the plotline, those two actually started kissing. ‘What the hell happened? What did they say just now? I(bbb) didn’t hear properly, can I request a replay?’

The sounds of frantic kissing could be heard in the quiet garden. Shi Sheng rubbed her chin. ‘These two aren’t planning to just start fucking here, are they?’

Fortunately, Nangong Jing still had some semblance of reason left; He took Su Yiyi to a room first…

If she went to catch them in bed together, she’d definitely manage to dissolve the engagement. ‘Heaven is helping me!’

Shi Sheng immediately jumped up from the bench.

“Ah!” She cried out as she fell back in her seat. Seeing the person in front of her clearly, she patted her chest, “The hell is wrong with you just appearing without warning? Were you planning on scaring me to death?”

That person gave a light laugh and spoke in a clear and enthralling voice, “You’re not upset? Isn’t he your fiancé?”

This person was wearing a white blouse and black trousers. One of his hands was in his pants pocket and his posture was very languid. What little light there was faintly outlined his handsome features, making him seem almost otherworldly. Those eyes gazed fixedly at her, as if their owner had discovered some precious treasure. His lips curved up in a slight smile.

Shi Sheng’s first impression wasn’t his good looks. No, it was the wicked aura radiating off of him. He had very enchanting features yet emanating from his person was a darkness that threatened to seduce one into an inescapable abyss.

‘This man is very dangerous.’ Was Shi Sheng’s first thought. She discreetly took back her pointed examination. “And you are?”

‘I don’t remember this person showing up in the original story…’

[Conditions for hidden quest have been achieved. Quest has been accepted due to silence on Host’s part.]

‘The hell? What the fuck is a hidden quest? And the fuck do you mean by accepted due to silence?! System are you really going to force this on me? It’s illegal you know?’

[Hidden Quest: Become Chu Tang’s true love.]
‘Chu Tang? This guy is Chu Tang? Are you fucking kidding me?!

In the original storyline, Chu Tang never showed up in person but his name was mentioned. He was a legend in the business world.

And one the companies under this Chu Tang suppressed Nangong Jing for a period of time, though it wasn’t for very long. That suppression caused the Nangong family some damages. Even till the end, Nangong Jing never found out who was behind it. She only knew it was this guy because she read the complete story.

‘The hell does becoming his true love mean? What I have to make this business genius LOVE me?! Stop joking!’

[Affirmative. If the hidden quest is failed, the Host shall be terminated.]

‘Your grandpa! You never said I’d have to deal with romance!’

System played dead. It had pretty much told her everything it needed to anyways.

Meanwhile, Chu Tang was watching with interest as the girl who was sitting on the bench changed expressions from shock to anger to depression. ‘I haven’t even replied, why is her expression changing so much?’

“I’m going to catch them in bed together, you coming?”

Shi Sheng stood up from the bench and invited Chu Tang to… catch adultery.

Chu Tang raised an eyebrow. “Do you know who I am?”

The bodyguards hidden in the darkness were so shocked their jaws almost dropped. ‘There’s actually someone who dares to invite the Young Master to go and catch adultery?! RESPECT!!!’

Shi Sheng was dazed for a bit. ‘Oh yeah, he hasn’t introduced himself yet. I’m not supposed to know who he is.’

Hence she shook her head very seriously before speaking in a very sincere tone, “I need someone else to be a witness.”


The bodyguards were once again stunned. ‘The Young Master actually agreed! He agreed! AGREED! It’s so important it has to be said THREE times!!!’



Translator’s Corner:

Nothing like catching your soon to be ex-fiancé in bed with another woman together to say ‘I’m single’ right?



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