Chapter 4 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (4)

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Xu Chengyue was familiar with the layout of the Nangong family’s mansion so Shi Sheng was able to lead Chu Tang to Nangong Jing’s room, which was located on the 3rd floor, fairly easily.

“Chengyue- Um… Who…” Lan Xue who just so happened to descend from the third floor was surprised at Chu Tang’s presence.

‘This guy… is hot. Like hotter than Nangong Jing hot. Why didn’t I see a guy this hot at the party just now?’

Seeing Lan Xue entranced by his ‘hotness’, Chu Tang gave a wicked smile. A smile that could seduce one to fall further into damnation.

Since Shi Sheng was standing in front of Chu Tang and facing away from him, she naturally didn’t notice his smile. If she did, she’d started yelling “Pervert!”

“I can’t find Nangong Jing so I’m planning to go look for him, you in?” ‘The more people go the more witnesses there’ll be!’

With such a handsome man like Chu Tang here, Lan Xue naturally agreed without hesitation.

“Um, hi… I- I’m called Lan Xue.”

If Shi Sheng still didn’t notice Lan Xue’s intentions by now, she’d be a blubbering idiot. Her back stiffened. ‘That person behind me is a big pervert, Lan Xue, you are one brave girl.’

If Chu Tang knew what Shi Sheng had labelled him as in her mind, he’d definitely cry out in injustice, “I didn’t do anything, why am I a big pervert now?”

Ignoring the people behind her, Shi Sheng hurriedly closed in on Nangong Jing’s room.

Standing at the doorway for a moment, she didn’t knock, instead simply pushing the door open. Fortunately – for her purpose at least – Nangong Jing forgot to lock it.

“Ah Jing, I- ” Shi Sheng’s voice halted abruptly. Strange moaning noises poured out through the open doorway though they stopped quickly once Shi Sheng’s presence had been noticed and the room fell dead silent. Lan Xue had been planning to continue hitting on Chu Tang though upon hearing the noises she stopped and looked through the doorway and saw the scene inside clearly.

Nangong Jing was frozen on top of Su Yiyi; It was quite clear he hadn’t expected anyone to barge in just as he was doing the deed. A few seconds later, Su Yiyi finally reacted as she shrieked while pushing Nangong Jing off her.

“Who allowed you to come in? Did no one teach you to knock the door first?” Nangong Jing covered Su Yiyi in a blanket before glaring at Shi Sheng in anger.

Shi Sheng’s hand slowly released the doorknob as she released all those feelings she had been brewing. Others could only see a girl who had caught her fiancé cheating on her, utterly heartbroken and depressed.

“I’ll be waiting outside.” Shi Sheng shut the door. “Lan Xue can you help me get my dad as well as Auntie and Uncle?”

Lan Xue woodenly nodded before jogging downstairs.

Chu Tang leaned against the wall with a teasing smile on his lips, clearly here just to watch the ensuing drama.

“In a moment I’ll be troubling you to act as a witness for me.” Shi Sheng looked at Chu Tang. Chu Tang raised his chin, indicating he had agreed.

By the time Lan Xue had brought everyone, 5 to 6 minutes had already passed. The first thing that they saw was the man leaning against the wall as well as the girl radiating a depressed aura at the doorway.

“Daddy.” Seeing her father, Shi Sheng immediately started utilizing her acting skills, pouncing into his arms.

“President Chu… what are you {used respectful version here} doing here?” Nangong Zheng’s heart skipped a beat upon seeing Chu Tang. From how Nangong Zheng respectfully addressed someone from his son’s generation, it could be seen how much of a threatening figure Chu Tang was.

Though Lan Xue hadn’t explicitly told them the reason for calling them all here, everyone here was experienced in these matters and immediately guessed it from her words and tone. Seeing Shi Sheng like this only served to confirm their guesses. The main question in Nangong Zheng’s mind though was, ‘What is Chu Tang doing here?!’

Chu Tang didn’t answer, instead, he looked at Shi Sheng. Nangong Zheng could only nervously shift his gaze to Shi Sheng, who was currently sobbing her eyes out.

“Chengyue… what happened?” Although Mrs Nangong had already guessed what had roughly happened, she was still hopeful that she was wrong.

“Baby girl don’t cry. Tell daddy what’s wrong, okay?” Her father comforted Shi Sheng, his expression full of heartache.

Shi Sheng lifted a trembling finger to point at the tightly closed door as she choked, “Ah Jing… Ah Jing he… he has someone else. Th- They…”

As if she couldn’t continue any longer, she didn’t finish her words and all that was left were suppressed sobs. At this moment, the tightly closed door swung open. Upon seeing her son and an unfamiliar girl, Mrs Nangong’s last bit of hope extinguished. Seeing that there were so many people outside, Su Yiyi hid behind Nangong Jing fearfully, her face red enough to drip blood. Her father’s face got even darker, like clouds before the storm. “I expect an explanation for this.”

After all, if the male side already started cheating while they were engaged, how much worse would it be once they were actually married?

Xu Chengyue’s father loved her mother very much. In his whole life, he had never once cheated on her. Even when he was forced to interact with other women due to his work, he did his best to keep things professional and would never allow anyone the chance to make him cheat on his wife. As a result, he, very naturally, wished for his daughter to marry a man like him.

“Nangong Jing, who is she?!” As he was unclear about Chu Tang and Shi Sheng’s exact relationship, Nangong Zheng decided to play it safe and yell at his son.

Nangong Jing drew Su Yiyi into his arms tightly and spoke solemnly, as if he were making a vow, “The one I like is Yiyi. I won’t marry any other woman besides Yiyi!”

“You stinking brat, have you drunk yourself stupid?!” Mrs Nangong stepped up this time.

Nangong Jing interrupted Mrs Nangong, “Mom, if I can’t even choose the person who I want to be with for the rest of my life then what’s the point in living?”

“Jing…” Su Yiyi tugged on Nangong Jing’s hand while shaking her head frantically. She practically had ‘PITY ME!’ written on her face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely take responsibility for you.” Nangong Jing hugged Su Yiyi even tighter.

Her father remained silent with a stoic face. In this matter he would listen to his daughter’s opinion but he had already pulled Nangong Jing into his blacklist. Shi Sheng lifted her head and took in everything. She spoke with difficulty, “Dad, Uncle, Auntie, since Ah Jing already has someone he likes then let’s just break off the engagement. It’s… It’s better for everyone.”

Apart from Chu Tang who was playing the role of a good audience, everyone else was stunned by this turn of events. The Xu Chengyue they knew was head over heels for Nangong Jing, so how was she saying this so decisively?

Nangong Jing on the other hand, was surprised because Xu Chengyue had mentioned breaking off the engagement before he got around to it. Mrs Nangong finally reacted as she immediately consoled Shi Sheng, “Chengyue, don’t talk nonsense. Auntie will make sure this little brat won’t let you down.”

“Auntie… a forcefully plucked melon is not sweet 1. Since I’m not the one Ah Jing likes, the one who’ll suffer in the end is me. All these years I thought I could move him with my sincerity but the truth proved me wrong. No matter how hard a person’s heart is, if a few years isn’t enough to move it then it can only mean he will never like me.”

Xu Chengyue had liked Nangong Jing even since before they got engaged. However, Nangong Jing had never been nice to her. The way he treated her was like how one would treat a pet they could order to come and go as they liked. ‘Most of her youth was wasted on this asshole of a fiancé, such a pity.’

“Girlie, you…” Her father was also caught by surprise. ‘Is she being serious or is it just because she’s angry? If she’s being serious I’d cheer! After all, my daughter is both beautiful and has qualifications, what kind of man wouldn’t want her?’

“Dad, I’ve thought it through.” Shi Sheng paused, revealing exhaustion on her face. “I’ve been thinking it through ever since I first saw them together and… I’m tired.”

“Chengyue, this brat just had a moment of folly, don’t say these things until you’ve calmed down.” Mrs Nangong really liked this future daughter-in-law of hers. Though her family background wasn’t as good as theirs, she excelled in all other areas.

Of course, the most important point being that since her family background was slightly inferior, she would be easier to control.



Translator’s Corner:

Wow… apparently you should knock before barging in on your fiancé banging another girl…



  1. An idiom to describe how a relationship that is forced on an unwilling party will only end in unhappiness for both parties.

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