Chapter 30 : Patron, Please Keep Me (10)

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“Xia Man, you still dare to come back? Just how are you so shameless? If I were you, I’d spend the rest of my life overseas and never come back, especially not to humiliate myself and the Xia family.”

Just as Shi Sheng was about to continue walking, she heard Xia Man’s name being spoken, causing her to pause and turn back.

A beautifully dressed woman was blocking Xia Man from entering just a few steps from Shi Sheng. Xia Man’s gaze hardened slightly as she spoke in a cold voice, “I have no relation to the Xia family.”

Ridicule suffused Xia Xuan’s face as she spoke, “Well aren’t you hard as nails? What, did you manage to find a backer? Oh that’s right, the only thing you can depend on now is that body of yours…”


Xia Xuan fell and just so happened to slam into Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng stumbled and hit the flower pot beside her. That flower pot was square-shaped so there were corners on it which caused her waist to ache.

‘I was just watching a show, how come I managed to get implicated too! And as for you Lu Qingyun… would it kill you to have caught me?!’

Lu Qingyun had been standing beside her. He clearly could’ve helped her steady herself without much effort but this fellow simply folded his arms and smiled as he watched her bump into the flower pot.

“Are you alright?” A pair of hands helped her up. Shi Sheng furrowed her brow and looked up at their owner: Xi Mo.

“Ah Mo, you got people to hit me? What did I do?” Xia Xuan held onto her face as she looked at Xi Mo with a wronged expression. The one who had hit Xia Xuan just now was Xi Mo’s assistant.

Xi Mo helped Shi Sheng up before placing an arm around her waist, his voice aloof and distant, “You were blocking my girlfriend.”

Shi Sheng “…”

‘This reason’s rather haphazard!’

‘Your grandpa. Xi Mo you were clearly helping Xia Man settle her grudges yet you just had to pull the aggro to me! You want to protect the white moonlight/vermillion spot in your heart1? No problem! But you pulled the aggro to me, you inhumane bastard!’

Xia Xuan’s pupils dilated as her expression was filled with disbelief. She shot a knife-like gaze at Shi Sheng before questioning Xi Mo while pointing at her, “She- Who is she?”

‘Girlfriend? When did Xi Mo get a girlfriend? It must’ve been this woman who seduced Ah Mo!’

Shi Sheng felt revolt at Xi Mo’s touch so she grabbed onto Lu Qingyun and used the leverage to pull herself out of Xi Mo’s arms. Leaning against Lu Qingyun’s arm, she spoke, “President Xi, you can eat anything you want but can’t just speak anything you want. There’s clearly nothing between us. It’s not good of you to ruin my reputation like this.”

‘It seems like I am going to have to completely oppose Xi Mo today. Forget it, continuing to stay at Dongfang Entertainment is tiring as is. I mean, wouldn’t anyone who had a boss who’d pull you out as a shield at any time agree?’

Lu Qingyun looked at the woman leaning on him and a trace of slyness flashed in his eyes. He retreated a step, planning on letting Shi Sheng fall. However, she had already expected him to do this. Though she looked like she had been leaning heavily on him, she hadn’t actually put that much weight against him. When he moved, Shi Sheng moved with him.

Their movements weren’t too big. In the eyes of others, Lu Qingyun had simply switched his posture to better support Shi Sheng. In truth, the two were having a secret battle. In the end, Lu Qingyun smiled and gave up on pushing Shi Sheng away. Instead, he hugged Shi Sheng’s waist and pinched it.

‘Lu Qingyun, you bitch!’ Shi Sheng was grinding her teeth inwardly. ‘Chu Tang, you can get off the top of my blacklist now!’

All this had only happened in a few seconds so Xi Mo hadn’t had much time to process Shi Sheng’s words. When he finally noticed Lu Qingyun, he scowled as he swept a dark gaze over Shi Sheng, “Wan’er, don’t make a fuss. Come over.”

“What does President Xi mean? I might be your company’s artist but I don’t recall having sold my body to the company.” Shi Sheng coldly gazed at Xi Mo. ‘The hell. Standing behind you is the main female villain, I’d only go over if I went crazy.’

Xi Mo lowered his voice, “Jiang Wan, have you forgotten what you promised me?”

Shi Sheng feigned ignorance, “What did I promise President Xi?”

The one who made the promise was Jiang Wan. Besides, Xi Mo had half-coerced her into it with threats. Shi Sheng didn’t believe that Xi Mo dared to say it out in front of such an audience.

“Wan’er, I was late because I had some matters to take care of at the company. Don’t be upset.” Xi Mo suddenly softened his tone. “Come over here first. Don’t forsake your future for the sake of a moment’s anger.”

‘Holy fuck, you actually dared to threaten me!’

Xi Mo was the cold-blooded type. Aside from Xia Man, he could use anyone.

No, he even used Xia Man, although the extent was very little.

Taking a deep breath, Shi Sheng spoke with a smile on her face, “President Xi and I are merely an employer and employee. Instead of explaining the reason for being late to me, you should be explaining to your fiancée.”

Xi Mo’s fiancée was the woman who had been slapped just now, Xia Xuan. She was the daughter of Xia Man’s father and his previous wife. She was also the target of Jiang Wan’s vengeance.

With the Xia family as her backing, Xia Xuan had made quite a name for herself in the circle; She was currently a first ranked celebrity.

Hearing Shi Sheng mention Xia Xuan, Xi Mo laughed coldly inwardly. He just treated it as Shi Sheng throwing a tantrum because she knew about his fiancée.

Thinking thus, Xi Mo’s face softened a bit more. “Our engagement was simply decided on by our elders but my heart only has you. Wan’er, come over here first.”

“President Xi, I believe I’ve made myself very clear already. You’re a CEO, you don’t have to make things tough on your employee, right?”

Xi Mo nearly broke his own teeth with how hard he was clenching them. ‘Humph, you still know I’m the CEO? Then you still dare to defy me? I had thought this woman was one of the ones who knew their own limit but now I see that she’s just as greedy as the rest of them.’

“Jiang Wan, very good.” Xi Mo’s face darkened as he stopped pretending. He had already given her enough face just now but she hadn’t known when to stop.

“Thanks for President Xi’s praise.”

Xi Mo clenched his fists, his gaze dark. ‘Jiang Wan, if I can make you then I can break you. I want to see how you’ll beg me then.’

As they were already starting to attract attention from the surrounding onlookers just by standing there, Xi Mo coldly humphed before heading for the party, just leaving Xia Man there. He knew this wasn’t a good place to talk.

“Ah Mo, wait for me.” Xia Xuan raised her skirt as she chased after him, not forgetting to shoot a glare at Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘That fellow already hit you and you still chased after him? Are you a fucking masochist?!’

Xia Man remained standing there the entire time. From the bitterness of seeing Xi Mo with another woman, to confusion before straight out being stunned stupid. ‘What’s going on? Xi Mo was spurned?’

However, upon seeing Lu Qingyun’s face, Xia Man suddenly felt like it wasn’t so strange.

Shi Sheng raised her brow as she looked at Xia Man. ‘The female lead this time is rather normal.’



Author’s note:

Su Yixiu: You’re the gay one, your whole family are gays! Lu Qingyun, ever since we were young what else could you do besides frame me?

Lu Qingyun: You?

Su Yixiu: Shi Sheng, hurry up, drag this scumbag out and beat him to death.

Shi Sheng: I’m still waiting for him to keep me, I can’t hit him!

Su Yixiu: I choose to be KIA



Translator’s Corner:

I think this author’s note was meant to be put in the next chapter. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  1. As you might have guess, it means something like one true love. Though most of the time it’s not reciprocated or there’s no one there to reciprocate it anymore.

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