Chapter 31 : Patron, Please Keep Me (11)

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“Mr Lu, why don’t you keep me?” Shi Sheng was still leaning onto Lu Qingyun as she spoke in an even tone. Xia Man who just so happened to be walking past her, overheard this, causing her to nearly trip over herself.

Xia Man looked strangely at the woman who seemed to be plastered to the man’s chest right now. ‘Why is this Jiang Wan such a weirdo?’

“Go and eat more papayas1 and maybe I’ll consider.”

‘Papayas?’ Shi Sheng looked at her chest before her expression turned sour. ‘This bitch just called my boobs small?! Imma kill him!!!’

Lu Qingyun pushed Shi Sheng aside as he smiled threateningly. “Stop following me or I’ll make sure you die a horrible death.”

“No way, Su Yixiu handed you over to me so I have to take care of you. If I promise something, I’ll carry it out and do it very well.” Shi Sheng caught him. If she let him run now, how was she going to find him again?

“Even if you do this he won’t like you. He likes men.”

‘Likes men? I hadn’t thought Su Yixiu was that kind of person!

…Wait, why would I want him to like me though?’

Shi Sheng was confused and by the time she reacted, Lu Qingyun had already escaped from her grasp and walked towards a crowded area. Shi Sheng’s face darkened as she chased after him.

“Lu Qingyun, at least consider it ah! Look I am very useful; I can manage stocks, I can open businesses, I can earn money, I can help you teach people lessons! If you keep me, you’ll be marrying over a winner in life! You wouldn’t be able to find such an awesome person like me even if you lit a lantern2! Once you pass this shop, there won’t be any more villages3!”

#When My Host Doesn’t Want Face, She’s Invincible#

Young Master Lu completely ignored Shi Sheng’s self-advertisement, though he didn’t chase her away at least. Those eyes however, were shining with a mischievous light, as if he was planning something.

Shi Sheng was still a bit guarded but for the sake of the ‘Toss A Thousand Gold’ mission, she had to harden her scalp. She felt like getting Lu Qingyun to spend money on her would be harder than earning her own money, giving it to him and having him spend it on her!

Lu Qingyun walked down the hotel corridor, followed closely by Shi Sheng. When he heard the voice from behind him, the laughter in his eyes thickened.

“Lu Qingyun, though my chest is a bit on the small side, but it can still grow. Even if it can’t, this is already not bad!”

“I’m poor, I can’t afford to keep you.” Lu Qingyun resisted the urge to laugh as he replied in a ‘serious’ voice.

Shi Sheng “…”

‘Like hell you’re poor!’

‘As the most OP villain, your background can’t get any more impressive okay?! How can you say you say you can’t do it4?! Ah no, say you’re poor!’

Just as Shi Sheng was stringing together a speech on how immoral it was for a tycoon to pretend to be poor, Lu Qingyun stopped suddenly as he pulled Shi Sheng into the emergency escape corridor.


“Say one more word and I won’t keep you even if you beat Su Yixiu to death.”

The Su Yixiu who had been inexplicably pulled into this, “…”

‘The hell did it have to with me?!’

Shi Sheng weighed her options for a bit before choosing to obediently shut her mouth and look outside through the window in the door.

There were currently two people standing on the other side of the door. It was Xi Mo and Xia Man. Xia Man seemed like she wanted to leave but Xi Mo was preventing her from doing so. Their voices weren’t that loud so naturally they couldn’t be heard through the door.

But Xia Man quickly managed to free herself from his grasp and ran off. Xi Mo punched the wall in frustration and rage before stalking off angrily.

‘Oh right, I forgot. There was going to be a good show tonight.’ Shi Sheng thought before poking Xi Mo and asked him a question she clearly knew the answer to, “You’re enemies with Xi Mo?”

Lu Qingyun opened the door to leave while smiling brightly, “Isn’t he your boss? Are you helping your boss gather intelligence?”

“I don’t dare to have this kind of boss.” Shi Sheng spoke with distaste as her eyes rolled. “Why don’t you come and steal me over to your company?”

“What would I do that for? You don’t even have any aesthetic value as a flower vase5.”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Why is this person’s mouth so offensive?’

“I don’t care. If you don’t bring me over, I’ll tell Su Yixiu you slept with me and didn’t give me money.”

Lu Qingyun’s smile froze for a moment.

Shi Sheng raised her chin triumphantly. ‘To deal with people who make cheap shots, you have to make even cheaper shots!’

“Fine, I’ll do it.” Even though Lu Qingyun was all smiles, Shi Sheng couldn’t help but have a feeling of foreboding.

Well the good part was she’d get to leave Dongfang Entertainment. Xi Mo that bastard would definitely get back at her but Lu Qingyun’s Youjian Entertainment would be able to protect her. She’d be able to take care of everything else one at a time.

By the time Shi Sheng woke from her thoughts, Lu Qingyun had completely disappeared. She searched everywhere but didn’t find a single trace of him.

‘Fuck your dog, Lu Qingyun! With that base personality of his, Lu Qingyun probably won’t even admit to agreeing!’


When Shi Sheng returned to the party, she found Xi Mo drinking in a corner on his own while Xia Man was standing not too far off and casting occasional glances at Xi Mo. Xia Xuan, meanwhile, was nowhere to be seen. Shi Sheng’s eyes moved in their sockets as she pondered a bit before heading towards Xia Man.

Xia Man blanked out a bit when she saw Shi Sheng walking over as she couldn’t help but think of the scene of her asking that man to keep her.

“Ms Xia.” Shi Sheng stood in front of Xia Man, her face brimming with smiles but her eyes were calm and without a single ripple. This combination caused one to have a feeling of discordance.

“Ms Jiang.” Xia Man snapped out of it and gave a slight, polite smile. “I haven’t had the opportunity to thank you for last time yet.”

Had Jiang Wan not pushed her back then, she would have probably been shot by that bullet. Whether she would have been able to stand here or not would be much harder to say.

“I didn’t plan on saving you. It was only because you were falling towards Lu Qingyun that I pushed you.” Shi Sheng gave an evil grin. “It’s just that your luck was good otherwise we don’t know what would’ve happened.”

Xia Man stiffened. ‘Why is this person… so weird? I’m thanking you here okay?!’

“How about we make a deal?” Shi Sheng ignored Xia Man’s stiffened expression as she turned so that she was facing the same direction as Xia Man where Xi Mo could be seen.

“What deal?” Xia Man woke from her daze. This was only the third time they had met, what kind of deal could they make?

“Do you think this is the place to be discussing this?” Shi Sheng blinked, looking very innocent. Xia Man stared at Shi Sheng in suspicion but she couldn’t resist her curiosity to know what Shi Sheng was up to. By the time the two of them returned to the party, they both had smiles with indecipherable intentions behind them.

Shi Sheng looked at where Xi Mo had been idling and found him missing. ‘Very good, got rid of an opportunity for the leads to meet and entered a partnership with the female lead. I(bbb) didn’t come in vain tonight.’

Xia Man was feeling a bit lonely though, so she excused herself and left.

Shi Sheng was escorted by Tang Yin back to her apartment, having long since thrown any thoughts about Lu Qingyun somewhere in the clouds. After she had a shower, she lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. After a long while, she got up and pulled the notebook beside her over.

She recalled the storyline for a bit before finding the contact number for a studio online. Only after she had layered a few more layers of protection on her laptop did she send the studio an SMS.

The one who received the SMS was Hu Shuo. He was the boss of the studio, though the only one working there was him. He was a paparazzi who specialised in digging up dirt on celebrities. Those he had locked onto usually suffered quite a bit.

Hu Shuo wasn’t lacking any money. The only reason why he did what he did was out of interest. He just didn’t like how two-faced those celebrities could be. Those who hadn’t done anything immoral naturally wouldn’t be afraid of him. But those who had, feared him like the plague.

“Xia Xuan…” In the darkened room, Hu Shuo smoked a cigarette as he stared thoughtfully at the information from an anonymous sender. After a long while, he extinguished the cigarette before picking up the camera on the desk and leaving the room.



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  1. Papayas allegedly help make your chest grow bigger. Not sure about the accuracy but… *goes off to eat papayas*
  2. I think this is an idiom. The meaning of it here is that he might not be able to find such an awesome person like her even if he searched the world or something.
  3. Another idiom. I think it means once you pass up this opportunity, you won’t get one like it ever again.
  4. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) She’s saying he can’t do ‘it’… you know… in bed…
  5. Refers to someone who’s useless and is just there for decoration.

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