Chapter 32 : Patron, Please Keep Me (12)

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Ever since the cocktail party, there wasn’t any movement on Lu Qingyun’s side but Xi Mo had started causing difficulties. Tang Yin hadn’t been aware of what happened at the party so he was confused by the company’s sudden 180˚ change in attitude.

When he finally learned what happened from Shi Sheng, he felt like finding a bathroom stall to cry in. ‘Nasty rumours? No problem, we can get rid of them. But the hell is with you offending the boss? You don’t want to stay in this circle anymore?!’

Tang Yin looked at Shi Sheng who still had an indifferent expression on. His lips twitched a bit. ‘You’ve already been buried; how can you be so calm?!’

“What are you planning on doing now?” She still had two and a half more years on the contract with Dongfang Entertainment after all.

If Dongfang Entertainment didn’t give them any acting roles then even if they searched for it themselves, who would dare to offend Dongfang Entertainment by giving it to them?

“We wait.”

“Wait?” ‘For what?! You want to wait till you’re past your prime?!’

After all, celebrities’ livelihoods were based on their youths. If they really had been buried for a year or two, wanting to continue in this circle would be hard. Shi Sheng’s eyes curved into crescents as she smiled insincerely. “Yep, we wait.”

Tang Yin fought back the urge to roar. ‘Are you sure this person really wasn’t sent to torment me?!’

Shi Sheng said to wait but she disappeared for most days, leaving her agent, Tang Yin, to die of boredom.

One month later, Shi Sheng heard quite a few people discussing Tang Yin just as she stepped into the company premises. Along the way, she put together roughly what happened while she was gone.

‘*clicks tongue* Looks like while I was gone for so long, Tang Yin hasn’t done too well.’

“I hadn’t expected Tang Yin to actually be the illegitimate child of the Tang family. He doesn’t look anything like them…”

“Which Tang family?”

“What other Tang family could it be-”

“If you want to hear gossip you should go inside and listen. What’s the meaning of just hiding outside and eavesdropping?”

“Are you crazy? The Eldest Young Miss of the Tang family is still inside…” The person who replied turned her head doubtfully. When she saw who was standing behind her, she immediately straightened her body and pulled on the people beside her. Shi Sheng shot them a wicked smile before pushing the door open and entering.

“What’s with that attitude? She’s just an actress who’s been buried by the company. Now her agent is like this too. She probably won’t manage to make a comeback in this lifetime.”

“Let’s go, let’s go, if that person sees us we’re going to be in trouble.”

The moment Shi Sheng entered the office, her eardrums were shocked by a sharp, high-pitched female voice, “Tang Yin, don’t even think about returning to the Tang family! The Tang family will never acknowledge you so you can just give up!”

‘That voice was a bit familiar.’ Shi Sheng looked towards the origin of the voice.

Tang Yin was sitting behind the desk of his office. Facing him was an exquisitely dressed-up woman.

“Tang-ge1, are you having a meeting? Or a family reunion?”

When Tang Yin heard that accursed voice, he lifted his head as his temples throbbed. ‘Why is she here? Recently I couldn’t find her at all. It was like she just disappeared so why has she suddenly turned up here?’

“Jiang Wan don’t you have any manners? Don’t you know how to knock before entering?” The woman turned around and started to scold Shi Sheng too. This woman was the one Shi Sheng met when she had gone to the audition: Tang Yan.

“I’m entering my own agent’s office. Whether I knock or not, or know any manners at all, what’s it got to do with you?” Shi Sheng seemed like she was smiling as she looked at her. “Tang Yan, what are you yelling at my agent for?”

“He’s just a bastard. That I’m talking to him at all is the fortune he accumulated over eight lifetimes2.” Tang Yan gave a contemptuous cold harrumph.

Tang Yin’s fists were tightly clenched as light reflected coldly off his glasses. He hadn’t chosen his birth. Who would be a bastard if they had the choice?

“Jiang Wan, you’re already in deep trouble and you still want to stick your nose into other people’s business?” Tang Yan arrogantly smiled.

“Xiaowan…” Tang Yin spoke too. Her current situation already wasn’t looking too hot. If she offended Tang Yan because of him too…

Shi Sheng interrupted Tang Yin with curved eyes and a shallow smile, “Because I’m idling, why wouldn’t I3?”

Tang Yan looked at Shi Sheng with a gaze one would use to look at an idiot. ‘Is this woman crazy? I don’t believe she’s not aware of my background. She still dares to argue with me, isn’t she afraid she won’t be able to stay in this circle anymore?’

“Tang Yan, I’m not going to die just from your gaze alone. Most importantly, I feel like I’m going to develop a psychological shadow from being stared at by such an ugly person.”

‘The hell you looking at? I’m(bbb) very noble4 okay?!’

“You-” Tang Yan’s face was red from rage. She pointed at Shi Sheng but was unable to say anything. ‘Ugly? How am I ugly?’

Tang Yan had never met a person so good at pulling aggro. She felt like the moves she had learned from her 20 or so years in the Tang family were completely useless against this woman. ‘She’s not reacting like a normal person ah!!!’

The phone in Shi Sheng’s hand vibrated. Shi Sheng took a look before shooting Tang Yan a smile. That smile was like a March spring wind, warm and gentle, but those eyes were completely calm and without the slightest ripple.

“Ms Tang, Tang Yin and I have matters to attend to so we shan’t accompany you any longer.” After a slight pause, she continued, “I know a few skilled plastic surgeons. If Ms Tang wishes to, I could help you out, you know.”

‘You’re the ugly one! Your whole family is ugly!!! How am I ugly?! This bitch!’

Tang Yan’s face was twisted as she glared at Shi Sheng. The edges of her eyes were reddened and a vein had popped up on her temple. Her originally good-looking face now really was a bit ugly.

“Tang-ge, still not going? You want me to send you an invite?” Shi Sheng looked at Tang Yin.

Tang Yin didn’t want to remain here any longer so he immediately got up and followed Shi Sheng out. When they left the office, Shi Sheng brought him upstairs. Along the way, they met many people who pointed at him and spoke unpleasant words. Tang Yin’s back was tensed the entire time as he fought to control himself.

Shi Sheng looked at the changing numbers above the elevator doors. When it changed to ‘30’, she suddenly turned to face Tang Yin and spoke, “Tang Yin, don’t let inconsequential people affect you. All you need to do is continue moving forward and while they’re still struggling at the bottom, you’ll be at the top. At that point, you will be the one in charge.”

The numbers changed to ‘32’ and the elevator doors opened with a ding!

Tang Yin looked at the dainty figure in front of him and the gaze under those glasses changed quickly. He felt like he suddenly understood why he agreed to her back then. There was an undisguised confidence on her that no one could measure up to.

In the CEO’s office, Xia Man and a few men dressed in suits faced Xi Mo. Her expression was calm. She didn’t reveal any hints of retreat just because she was facing Xi Mo.

The door to the office was opened and a pretty woman walked inside. She was wearing simple workout clothes and a pair of normal shoes. Her expression was indifferent but she had an aura that was impossible to ignore.

It was clearly the most simple and normal of outfits yet she made the people looking feel like they were watching her stride down a red carpet.



Author’s note:


Shi Sheng grabbed onto Lu Qingyun excitedly. “I feel like I can open a training class for CEOs. Thinking about a bunch of CEOs all calling me teacher makes me very excited!”

Lu Qingyun coldly pushed Shi Sheng away. “Are you sure you aren’t going to end up with a group of CEOs with anti-society sentiments?”

Shi Sheng’s eyes darted guiltily. “…That’s not possible, I’m not that kind of person! Hahaha, I’m not that kind of person. That’s right, I’m not.”

Lu Qingyun laughed coldly. “What’s with that suspicious pause at the beginning?”

Shi Sheng still attempted to deny it, “Hahaha… You heard wrong.”

#Little Sunflower CEO Class Has Opened For Business#

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Translator’s Corner:

Kindergarten for your little CEO starts today!



  1. This refers to elder brother but I thought it sounds better like this. Like how I left Milan-jie as is.
  2. This is like saying “He’s lucky I’m even talking to him.” Only it’s exaggerated a bit.
  3. So I couldn’t find a word that would fit the literal meaning of ‘管闲事’, which means something like managing idle matters. She’s basically saying that since she’s idle, why wouldn’t she go and manage idle matter? But since it sounds off, I’ll just put it here.
  4. The word for noble can also mean expensive which is like how some people are really paranoid with their precious items and won’t allow you to look at them? I think it’s something like that.

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