Chapter 301 : A Rose Wedding (27)

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Just as fighting was about to break out, a loud sound came from the corner of the room. Everyone subconsciously looked over.

A glass had been smashed to the ground and its remnants scattered everywhere.

Once they saw the person standing there, everyone fell into a state of confusion. ‘Why are there two Mi Nais?!’

Shi Sheng avoided the shards of broken glass as she made her way to the centre, the red roses embroidered on her black dress swaying in rhythm with her movements.

She was holding a sword and emanating killing intent, so the people in front wisely made way for her.

When Ling Xiang saw Shi Sheng, her expression turned unsightly. ‘Why is she here?! Isn’t she supposed to be trapped by Master’s formation? How is it possible for her to be here?!’

“How lively. Planning to gang up on me, eh?” Shi Sheng didn’t even look at Ling Xiang. Instead, she looked at Du Jue, her lips upturned in a frosty smile. “Mr Du, you’ve grown bolder yet again, ah.”

Du Jue had already known there were two identical Mi Nais from his subordinates.

This was the reason why the elder had tried to stop him earlier.

Du Jue was almost certain the woman with the sword was the Mi Nai that was previously with Xi Yin. It was impossible to duplicate that arrogant gaze.

“Who are you?!” Fei Qi questioned fiercely.

“Are you blind? Is that why you can’t recognise me? Why don’t you go see an optometrist?” Shi Sheng’s gaze coolly swept over Fei Qi.

Fei Qi, “…” ‘This little brat’s pretty arrogant to dare to speak to me like this!’

“Ke Er!” It would be unbefitting to get into an argument with a junior, hence Fei Qi yelled at Ke Er instead. ‘She’s his goddaughter, so he should give me an explanation!’

“What you yelling at?” Shi Sheng suddenly swung her sword in his direction. The swing didn’t appear very powerful—as if she had just casually waved her sword. But a formless force swept over. Fei Qi’s reaction was fast as he nimbly dodged, but the furniture behind him wasn’t so lucky—they all disintegrated.

The people who had just barely managed to escape the same fate stared at Shi Sheng’s sword fearfully.

‘This looks like a normal iron sword, so why does it have so much power? This is simply too…frightening!’

“Was it fun to impersonate me?” Once she’d shut Fei Qi up, Shi Sheng turned to look at Ling Xiang. “Come on, let’s have a chat about life.”

Ling Xiang panicked and couldn’t help but retreat, her eyes searching frantically for a way out. ‘I must’ve already been discovered since the beginning. Else, why would this family have been so cold to me?’

“Dear sister, where do you think you’re going?” Ling Xiang felt a cool breeze behind her as Rui Yi brought two people to block off her path of retreat.

Rui Yi swiftly clamped his hand around her neck. “Who gave you the guts, huh? Even dared to impersonate my lil princess!”

“Wu wu…”

‘They did know! Yet they played me for a fool!’

“Ke Er, what’s going on?”

The confused crowd also wanted to know this.

‘Weren’t we just discussing whether or not Mi Nai had broken the agreement? How come a second Mi Nai suddenly appeared?’

Ke Er cleared his throat. “This woman impersonated Mi Nai, but I didn’t know what her motive was. Hence, I let her be…”

Ke Er’s was neither slow nor hurried in his speech and his explanation was easy to understand, so everyone soon knew the situation.

“So, just who’s the killer?” Regardless of who the real Mi Nai was, they were all vampires.

“I swear on my honour as a Prince that Mi Nai has nothing to do with this.” Ke Er spoke with a stern expression.

Because swearing using the honour of a Prince was akin to an oath where one would suffer a terrible fate if they broke it, most of the vampires believed his words.

But Fei Qi smiled coldly. “That’s just your one-sided proclamation. Who knows if it’s true? Who knows who the person that broke the agreement truly is?”

“Fei Qi, why are you opposing me so much?” A dangerous glint appeared in Ke Er’s eyes.

“Because he’s a traitor?” Shi Sheng interjected.

“What nonsense are you speaking, girl?!” Fei Qi immediately flew into a rage.

Shi Sheng acted as if she’d been scared as she stepped back. “Oh my, I was just saying. What’re you being so agitated for? Could it be that you really are a traitor?”

“Bullshit!” Fei Qi roared before calming down. “I am a vampire Prince. I have all the power and status I could ever want. Why would I be a traitor?”

“Who knows? Maybe you want to expand your authority?”

Despite how Shi Sheng seemed to be pulling things out of her arse here…Ke Er didn’t know why, but he suddenly believed her.

Fei Qi had always been fighting him for authority, and this time, he was actually helping the vampire hunters this much… But Ke Er didn’t dare to fling around accusations without proof.

“Stop changing the subject! Right now, we’re discussing you and this woman! Which one of you is the real Mi Nai, and which one is the culprit?!” Fei Qi hollered furiously.


“Who’re you calling an idiot?!”

“You, duh.”

Fei Qi’s blood pressure was skyrocketing from the anger. Had the several Princes beside him not been holding him back, he would’ve attacked by now.

“Ahem… Prince Ke Er, we don’t wish to know about your internal grudges.” The elder vampire hunter coughed to bring attention back to himself. “Now, what we want to know is: who is the real Mi Nai?”

“A group of idiots.” Shi Sheng started indiscriminately launching insults.

Ke Er, “…” ‘Did my daughter just insult me too?’

“Young lady, don’t be so unbridled!” The old man’s expression darkened.

Shi Sheng stabbed her sword into the ground, causing the tiles that had been made of an unknown material to crack, allowing the sword to remain upright stably. The people in her surroundings revealed startled expressions once again and hurriedly retreated.

“What’s it to you whether or not I’m unbridled? Are you able to kill me?” Shi Sheng unceremoniously attacked the old man verbally.

The elder, “…”

Du Jue had already experienced how infuriating Shi Sheng could be first-hand, so he hurriedly went forward to support the old man and used the opportunity to whisper into the latter’s ear.

Although he hadn’t seen Xi Yin, who knew if that person was here or not?

Once the elder heard his words, he calmed down. ‘If she really has that person as her backer, she has a basis to be unbridled. Even if she truly was the killer, as long as that one spoke, we can’t do anything to her.’

Shi Sheng released her grip on her sword and with a turn of her wrist, a ring appeared in her fair hand. She placed the ring on her forefinger. Upon seeing the ring, the vampires immediately lowered their heads. Shi Sheng raised her hand and walked one round around the place to make sure everyone got a good look at it.

Fei Qi’s expression was very unsightly as his Adam’s apple bobbed, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.

“Since Lady Mi Nai’s identity has already been verified, then this impostor—” One of the vampires stepped forward to fill the role of mediator.

“How come you guys are so sure she’s the real Mi Nai?!” There were some vampire hunters who remained unconvinced.

‘It’s just a ring! What if it was stolen?’

The mediator looked at the person who asked like he was looking at an idiot, but still explained, “Lady Mi Nai is a Pure Blood, so she possesses a ring that she inherited from her clan that only she can wear. If others attempt to do so, only death awaits them.”

The elder coughed, causing those who had still been planning on causing trouble to quieten down.

Shi Sheng put the ring away, pulled out her sword, and walked towards Ling Xiang, who was being held captive by Rui Yi.

“What do you want…” Ling Xiang’s face was pale. When contrasted with the bright lipstick she had applied, it appeared rather like she was making a ferocious expression.

“I’ll give you two options.” Shi Sheng’s eyes curved upwards.

Author’s note:

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