Chapter 302 : A Rose Wedding (28)

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But just as Ling Xiang thought Shi Sheng was about to ask who her Master was…

“Do you want to die lying down—or standing up?”

Ling Xiang, “!!!”

‘Aren’t you going to ask me who my Master is?!’

The others in the surroundings had strange expressions on too. ‘Isn’t she supposed to ask why she was impersonated?!’

“I’ll give you three seconds to consider.”

Ling Xiang was trembling by now. ‘Can I choose…to not die? Master, there’s a monster here! Come save me!’


Shi Sheng smiled and raised her hand, her coldly gleaming blade swiftly plunging into Ling Xiang’s heart.

Ling Xiang’s eyes widened. ‘Didn’t you say three seconds?! Did you eat the numbers one and two?! Why is it so painful…’

Vampires were immortal—normal items were unable to kill them. But why did she feel she was only a step away from death?

‘So cold…’

Du Jue only reacted once Ling Xiang had turned to ash. No one had expected Shi Sheng to make her move so suddenly.

“Mi Nai, why did you kill her?! She impersonated you, but you didn’t even find out why? Do you have a guilty conscience? Is that why you’re in such a rush to kill her?”

Shi Sheng unhurriedly wiped off the bloodstains on her sword. “Guilty? Of what?”

Du Jue, “…” ‘Who’d know what you’re guilty of?’

“Besides, I’ve already guessed her motive; why can’t I kill her?” Shi Sheng turned to look at Du Jue. “Mr Du, do you want to die too? I don’t mind sending you off.”

Du Jue, “…”

“What was her motive?” Fei Qi’s frosty gaze landed on Shi Sheng. ‘This little girl… She used to be so tiny, who could have thought she’d grow up into this kind of person after so many years?’

“Why should I tell you, traitor?”

“Mi Nai! Watch your tongue! What evidence do you have to keep calling me a traitor?!” Fei Qi’s eyes nearly spat fire.

“It’s my right to freedom of speech, so I’ll say whatever I want. Don’t like it? Too bad!”

Ke Er, “…” ‘My daughter appears to be just a tad too arrogant.’

Rui Yi, “…” ‘Lil princess’ aggro-pulling skills are at grandmaster level…’

Fei Qi felt like his lungs were going to burst from anger. “Ke Er! Look at the daughter you brought up! As expected of someone without their parents to take them in hand…”

“Fei Qi!” Ke Er’s expression was dark. “Don’t forget the reason why you were able to survive back then!”

Fei Qi suddenly ran out of words.

“Alright now, this matter ends here.” Ke Er swept his gaze around threateningly.

Du Jue and the elder vampire hunter exchanged glances. They didn’t insist on pursuing this matter.

Ke Er arranged for people to get everything back in order while the crowd dispersed. Shi Sheng stood with Ke Er. Every once in a while, a gaze would sweep over her.

“Lil princess, why’d you call that old codger Fei Qi a traitor?” Rui Yi asked Shi Sheng curiously.

“Because he looks like one.” Shi Sheng maintained a straight face.

Rui Yi, “…” ‘This joke isn’t funny at all!’

“Damn girl, stop tricking your brother. Do you know something?”

Shi Sheng looked over in Fei Qi’s direction. He just so happened to be looking at her too. She gave him a provocative look, causing him to twist his head away in anger.

Only now did Shi Sheng turn back to look at the two of them, as she spoke unhurriedly, “I overheard him talking to a vampire hunter. Their conversation was a bit strange.”

Shi Sheng pointed at a man not too far off. “It was him.”

“From the Ai Clan?” Ke Er frowned.

“The Ai Clan?” ‘Ai Wei’s clan? But the plot never said Ai Wei’s family was a clan of vampire hunters…

Okay, this Vampiric Feast didn’t even exist in the plot. Ai Wei would never have come here originally; hence, her family background was never mentioned.

Since her blood is so special though, she mustn’t have come from a normal background.’

“What did they talk about?” Ke Er shifted his gaze back, his expression turning serious.

“A bunch of nonsense.”

Ke Er’s lips twitched. “If it was just a bunch of nonsense, how do you know he’s a traitor?”

“Godfather—” ‘—forget it. He’s my godfather; let’s not insult him—’ “—since when has Fei Qi ever deigned to waste words with humans?”

Fei Qi placed heavy emphasis on his status. Even when he was speaking to the other Princes, he’d act like he was superior to them—how could he deign to lower his status to speak to a vampire hunter?

Especially when that vampire hunter wasn’t even a core member of the BHA.

“Then weren’t you putting them on guard with your conduct?” Rui Yi was surprised.

“En. So?” Shi Sheng blinked innocently. ‘I’m(bbb) not in charge of stopping him from rebelling.’

Ke Er, “…” ‘What’s with this sudden feeling of abandonment?’

Rui Yi, “…” ‘It’s not just you! It’s the truth! How did lil princess’ personality turn out like this? It must’ve been that Xi Yin’s influence!’

“Godfather, don’t worry. If Fei Qi dares to touch you guys, I’ll send him down to hell to find mahjong buddies.”

Although she didn’t give two shits what Fei Qi wanted to do, she had decided to protect Ke Er and Rui Yi.

Ke Er was exasperated. ‘Since when did my daughter become this boastful? Not even I would dare to say I’d send Fei Qi to hell to look for mahjong buddies, yet she spoke it as lightly as recounting what she ate today…’

“Then do you know who got that woman to impersonate you?”

“Nope.” ‘I’m(bbb) not God, how would I(bbb) know?’

“Then why did you kill her?!” Rui Yi’s expression changed. He hadn’t stopped her because he thought she knew who the mastermind was.

Shi Sheng gave them a profound look. “Godfather, strength determines everything.”

‘Want to plot against me? Hmph! Think I’m as easy to plot against as those idiots on the streets?’

Right now, the only thought in Ke Er and Rui Yi’s heads was… ‘Really want to smack her!’

But one of them couldn’t bear to, while the other didn’t dare to.


The banquet progressed smoothly after that little hiccup. Since the selection was to be held on the following day, the banquet ended at 3am.

Shi Sheng and Xi Yin left through one of the lesser used side doors.

The stars were shining brilliantly tonight, their light causing the ground to appear covered by a layer of silver frost.

“Are you hungry?” Xi Yin held her hand and asked in a low voice.

Shi Sheng rubbed her belly. Ever since drinking Xi Yin’s blood, she hadn’t felt hunger again for a long time.

But Xi Yin’s question suddenly made her feel a bit hungry. “A bit.”

“Then once we’ve—”

“Mi Nai,” someone called out to her from behind, interrupting Xi Yin.

Zuo Lie jogged over. He had seen Xi Yin in school before, but his impression had only stopped at ‘too good-looking’.

He hadn’t been aware that Xi Yin was a vampire too, so his gaze couldn’t help but contain a heavier hint of probing.

“Yes?” ‘Why is the ML-sama talking to me instead of looking for FL-sama?’

Zuo Lie shifted his gaze from Xi Yin, his expression turning serious. “You offended Fei Qi today. Be careful.”

Perhaps afraid that Shi Sheng would misunderstand, Zuo Lie hurriedly explained, “Fei Qi holds grudges, and you have an important vote in your hands, so you have to be careful.”

Shi Sheng was utterly confused. ‘I(bbb) don’t get this ML at all. What’s with the sudden show of goodwill? I can understand if it was before, when he wanted my support—but now? I already said I wasn’t going to support him, so why is ML-sama still hanging around me???’

“She’ll be fine with me around.” A hint of a smile appeared on Xi Yin’s face, but it was exceptionally cold.

Zuo Lie’s expression froze for a moment. ‘This man’s hostility is rather strong…’

Author’s note:

Xi Yin: Want to snatch my wifey from me? In your dreams!


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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