Chapter 312 : A Rose Wedding (38)

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“Oh wait. Perhaps…you’re afraid of death. Would you still want to resurrect her if you knew the price was your life?”

Shi Sheng’s words were like a thorn that accurately lodged into Sikong Sa’s heart. The hand supporting the glass sarcophagus lost its strength, causing it to fall to the ground once more. This time, the body fell out.

It received the full brunt of the heavy glass sarcophagus’ fall, causing it to split in half.

Sikong Sa dumbly stared at the skeleton that had been broken apart by the sarcophagus and suddenly lost all strength, sliding to half-kneel on the floor.

A fiery pain burned his lips, as if there was something eating away at his flesh and blood. Pain surged out from his heart and emanated to his limbs.


Shi Sheng was puzzled when she saw Sikong Sa suddenly fall to his knees. ‘The hell? We haven’t even fought yet, and you’re already kneeling?’

“Ah!” Sikong Sa suddenly raised his head and yelled. His body was dissolving at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The innocent Shi Sheng, “…” ‘I didn’t do anything, and he’s already going to die on his own…’

“It’s holy water—the most powerful weapon vampire hunters have against vampires.” Xi Yin had stood next to Shi Sheng at some point and explained to her in a low voice.

Shi Sheng recalled the scene where Ai Wei had kissed Sikong Sa. ‘So is this…karma? But how come Ai Wei was fine?’

“Is this the thing that was used on you before?” Shi Sheng calmly asked as she watched Sikong Sa’s body quickly dissolve.


She suddenly turned around, concern written all over her face. “It hurt a lot, didn’t it?”

“No.” Xi Yin shook his head. Back then, Sikong Sa had been afraid of splashing it on himself; he’d seemingly diluted it, hence lessening its potency.

Shi Sheng reached out to touch Xi Yin’s back. That night, she’d only just touched it, and yet her finger had gone numb for several days. ‘Just what kind of pain must he have been in…’

Sikong Sa’s anguished shrieks slowly died down, leaving behind a skeleton that turned to dust with a gust of wind and dissolved into a puddle of blood.

Shi Sheng walked over to the ice coffin and looked inside. Ai Wei was long dead. She’d died the same way as Sikong Sa.

Shi Sheng fell silent for a moment before heading out and descending the mountain, whilst holding Xi Yin’s hand.

After they left the cave, the entire mountain suddenly started collapsing, burying everything underneath in earth.

Amidst the whistling of the night breeze, one could hear the two speaking.

“Are you unhappy about losing the glass sarcophagus?”

“You’re still here.”


The internal conflicts that had just ended for the vampires sprung up once more. But just as they were in the heat of fighting, Shi Sheng broke the enchantment sealing the territories in, freeing those vampires that were unable to leave.

Why would they continue to fight now? The whole world awaited them!

Hence, a large number of vampires entered the human world.

The previous incident had caused a lot of vampire hunters to perish. So the humans were caught unprepared when faced with the large-scale invasion.

And some prick appeared to have given the vampires a lesson on political manoeuvring—they would turn humans after biting them.

The vampires spread like a disease. Even if the various nations organised people to wipe them out, they would be able to replenish their numbers in a very short period. The only way to truly wipe them out would be to exterminate the human race.

While the flames of war ravaged the outside world, there was only one safe haven. Rose Academy.

All the vampires subconsciously avoided this place.

Are you joking? Both their Queen and Lord Xi Yin were there; who would dare go there to seek their own deaths?

Their new policy of turning humans had been devised by their Queen. They had once felt that their Queen wasn’t very dutiful, but that wasn’t the case! She was just planning something big!

Why settle for merely ruling the territories, when they could rule over all of humankind?

At first, humanity was unable to accept the ridiculousness of storybook vampires appearing in the real world—and launching an invasion at that.

But in the end, they had no choice but to accept it. This was the real world, it wasn’t just a dream.


“Senior, what are you doing?” Liang Ge was curious as to why Shi Sheng was smiling this brightly while looking at her phone, so she moved closer to have a look.

The screen was displaying a streaming platform broadcasting a livestream of humans and vampires battling it out.

Liang Ge had already grown used to these incidents. After all, who told her to have a Vampire Queen Senior?

“Senior.” Liang Ge stared at Shi Sheng with sparkling eyes from the side. “Senior, when are you going to turn me? I wanna be a vampire too!”

Shi Sheng plopped the phone down, propped up her jaw and raised her brow slightly. “What’s so nice about being a vampire? I think being a human’s pretty good. You can get married and have kids. The life of a vampire is too long—it’s easy to get lonely.”

“But then I wouldn’t be able to be with Senior!” Liang Ge pouted. “Why would I be lonely when I’m with you?”

“I have a man, okay?” Shi Sheng covered her chest with her hands as she spoke ‘fearfully’. “Don’t go having any ideas!”

Liang Ge, “…” ‘Senior, what are you thinking? All I feel is pure admiration, okay?’

Shi Sheng managed to distract Liang Ge from the matter of turning her this time, but Liang Ge didn’t give up as she relentlessly harassed Shi Sheng.

Those attending Rose Academy were the children of the rich and influential. The high-ranking officials naturally didn’t dare to send their children here after learning the Vampire Queen was a student. No matter how dangerous the outside world was, it was at least safer than leaving their children in such proximity to the Vampire Queen.

But slowly, they found that this Vampire Queen didn’t hurt anyone at the academy. There was even a human girl who accompanied her, and their relationship appeared to be quite good.

As the situation outside grew more dangerous, some people tested the waters by sending some less favoured children into the academy but didn’t get any reaction. Once they were sure Shi Sheng wouldn’t hurt the students, they grew bolder and sent their other children into the academy.

Rose Academy was filled to its maximum capacity, causing the school board to have a headache. ‘Why is it that our Rose Academy appears to have become a refuge for human kids in this war???’

Of course, the school board members were clear that they hadn’t been affected because the Vampire Queen was here.

At first, they felt very afraid. But they knew the situation outside and didn’t want to leave.

As a result, most people avoided Shi Sheng on campus.

But after a long time, they discovered that this Vampire Queen had simply taken laziness to a whole new level—she’d have people helping her with everything. Sometimes it was that ridiculously handsome Xi Yin. At other times, it was the Vice President of the Student Council, Liang Ge.

Basically, they had gambled their lives and learned that the Vampire Queen wasn’t as bad as she’d been made out to be.

Hence, after the children reported back to their families, the national special ops team arrived to negotiate with Shi Sheng. Because vampires were classified as a special race, only people like the special ops team held some knowledge about them.

The venue for the negotiation was a meeting room at the academy.

Shi Sheng had arrived early, with both her feet propped up on the meeting-room table as she watched a livestream on the internet.

‘These reporters are really risking their lives by livestreaming this. Give them a like.’

When the special ops team arrived, they received a fright when they found her already present.

They had thought she’d make them wait, but she’d unexpectedly arrived even earlier than they had. And with such…disregard for her image.

Shi Sheng turned off her phone, took her feet off the meeting room table, straightened out her clothes and sat upright.

Special ops team, “…” ‘We already saw that…’

Author’s note:

Shi Sheng: You can pretend like you didn’t see it!

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Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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