Chapter 313 : A Rose Wedding (39)

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“Ms Mi Nai…” The special ops team leader was an amicable old man, the type people couldn’t help but feel close to.

But he didn’t have the chance to continue before the girl in front of him waved. “It’s too exhausting to look up at you guys. Sit.”

The special ops team, “…” ‘This Vampire Queen is eccentric all right.’

Once everyone had sat down, the old man Zhao coughed and spoke once more. “Miss Mi Nai, this one’s name is Zhao Fei. I am the Chief[1] of the special ops team.”

Shi Sheng propped up her jaw and turned to look at him, causing some of her hair to fall on her face. “If you guys are the special ops team, how come the boss is called Chief?”

Zhao Fei, “!!!”

‘Well, wasn’t it because being called Team Leader wasn’t cool enough?’

But how was he supposed to explain? Was he supposed to tell her it was because this form of address sounded cooler? His old face couldn’t take the blow.

Zhao Fei laughed awkwardly. “Miss Mi Nai, what I’m called is not important. We wanted to talk to you about the future of our two races.”

“I think things are looking up.”

Zhao Fei, “…” ‘Well things have sure been looking up for the vampires… At this rate, all the humans are going to turn into vampires! *flips table* Who said this girl was easy to talk to?!’

Zhao Fei felt like all his negotiation tactics were completely useless—this girl didn’t play by the rules at all.

“You want to sue for peace?” Just as Zhao Fei struggled to raise this topic, the girl in front of him spoke. He hurriedly smiled and nodded. “If things continue developing in this direction, it will be detrimental to both races. I believe you understand the reasoning behind this, Miss Mi Nai.”

“But…” Shi Sheng spoke in a drawn-out fashion, causing the humans to hold their breath as they anticipated her following words.

“You humans have ruled the world for too long. It’s time to switch things up a bit.” Shi Sheng’s eyes curved upwards. “Have you guys watched Jurassic World?”

The special ops team, “???” ‘How did the topic change to Jurassic World?’

“Dinosaurs dominated the world for so long, but what happened?”

The special ops team, “…” ‘Don’t really get what this Vampire Queen is thinking…’

Shi Sheng looked at them like they were idiots. “They went extinct. They all died out, y’know? I reckon we should take turns in ruling the world so as to prevent humans from going extinct. Besides…vampires live a long time; what’s so bad about that?”

The lives of humans were too short. So many in history had dreamed of immortality—now that such a good opportunity lay before them, why refuse it?

‘Seems very convincing… Pei! We’re here to negotiate, not to get brainwashed!’

“Miss Mi Nai…”

“At your age, you probably don’t have much longer to live. But if you become a vampire, you’ll have a much longer lifespan which would allow you to contribute more to the world, no? Am I right, Chief Zhao?”

Zhao Fei froze, not knowing how to react.

The faces of the others were also twitching. ‘Are we here to negotiate or to get brainwashed?’

By the time the special ops team left the meeting room, they didn’t even know what they’d managed to negotiate with the Vampire Queen.

“Chief…” The special ops team, crestfallen, looked at Zhao Fei. How were they supposed to report back? The whole time, they were just being brainwashed by the Vampire Queen.

Zhao Fei sighed. “Let’s discuss this when we get back.”

After all, this was the territory of the Vampire Queen…

Several students laughed and chattered as they walked past. When they saw Shi Sheng emerge from the room, they respectfully bowed. “Lady Mi Nai.”

The special ops team, “…”

‘There must’ve been something wrong with the way we arrived or something…’

When they walked into the grounds and saw a group of youthful, vigorous students bustling around, they suddenly felt a hint of surrealism.

The world outside was in such chaos, but the people here…seemed no different from before. They dressed cleanly, and though they appeared somewhat worried, they still looked fairly at ease.

Because they were being protected.

And the one offering them protection was not their own country, but the Vampire Queen that had started the war.

Zhao Fei brought his men back and gave a brief report and analysis to the people in charge.

This Vampire Queen clearly didn’t want to negotiate with them. Yet they couldn’t find fault with her either, since her attitude was too good.

Zhao Fei brought people to try and negotiate with Shi Sheng several more times. Each time, Shi Sheng would always have a ‘the doors to vampirism are always open for you, you’re welcome to join’ attitude. The only thing she wouldn’t let up on was her stance towards peace.

“Senior, why are you deliberately making things difficult for them?” Liang Ge didn’t understand. ‘She clearly doesn’t want to bother with them, but recently she’s been making things hard on them.’

“Just toying with them.” Shi Sheng peered down at the cars that had just left. “They’ll be begging me when my army conquers the world.”

‘When the people around them are still alive and well while they’re on the verge of death, would they still be this persevering?’

“Eh?” ‘What’s Senior talking about?’

Shi Sheng turned around, a slight smile playing at her lips. “Nothing. Pack your things. I’m taking you to see someone.”

“Who?” Liang Ge quickly packed up.

“You’ll know when we get there.”

Shi Sheng and Liang Ge descended the stairs, where Xi Yin was waiting for them in the car. Liang Ge wisely sat at the back. “Senior Xi Yin.”

“En.” Xi Yin made a brief sound of acknowledgement before looking at Shi Sheng. “Haven’t played enough yet?”

“Nope. It’s pretty fun to see their confused expressions.” ‘Gotta find something to alleviate the boredom.’

Xi Yin shook his head helplessly, as he started up the car and drove out of the academy.

Perhaps it was because Shi Sheng was here—plus there were many children of rich and influential families attending the academy—for the surroundings were safe to the point that several shops had opened up.

Xi Yin parked the car outside a coffee shop.

Now, Liang Ge only dared to leave academy grounds with Shi Sheng. Seeing that they’d arrived a coffee shop, she eagerly followed Shi Sheng and Xi Yin in.

The coffeeshop had a second floor. Shi Sheng went upstairs.

“Lil princess—”

Liang Ge saw a flashy-looking guy that was all dressed up pounce over.

Shi Sheng and Xi Yin both dodged to the side at the same time. Unable to stop his own momentum, the guy knocked into Liang Ge. As she’d been standing right in front of the stairs, the impact caused her to stumble back, lose her footing, and begin to fall backwards.

“Senior!” ‘Help!’

Liang Ge felt someone catch her and the ceiling seemed to spin. The next thing she knew, she was standing in front of Shi Sheng, safe and sound.

Her heart raced as her mind buzzed. Three seconds later, she suddenly wailed and burst out crying,

“Senior…” ‘That scared the shit out of me!’

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘In this situation, isn’t her focus supposed to be on Rui Yi who’s still holding her? What happened to love at first sight when a guy dashingly saves a girl from falling?!’

Liang Ge would very much like to say that she’d been dizzy when she fell, so how was she supposed to have seen the person who rescued her clearly?!

It wasn’t as if they were shooting a movie where everything could go in slow-motion!

Liang Ge cried so badly she started hiccupping.

Meanwhile, the main culprit had a confused face on. ‘Didn’t I catch her? Why’s she crying?! Humans sure are fragile if this was enough to scare her…’

[1] In case this wasn’t made clear, the whole title of address is Bureau Chief.

Author’s note:

Rui Yi: Humans are so troublesome!

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