Chapter 314 : A Rose Wedding (40)

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Shi Sheng managed to comfort Liang Ge in the end.

Only once they’d all sat down, did Liang Ge get a good look at Rui Yi’s face. She seemed to think of something, for her expression turned agitated. “You…”

“I already apologised! What else do you want?” Rui Yi was feeling rather impatient.

“Nothing…” Rui Yi’s tone caused Liang Ge to feel rather awkward, as she retreated closer to Shi Sheng, but her gaze continued sweeping over him from time to time.

“Lil princess, lemme tell you something…” When Rui Yi turned to face Shi Sheng, his eyes turned gentler as he started chattering away.

Shi Sheng quietly listened to him speak and asked the occasional question.

Ke Er hadn’t come today. From what Shi Sheng understood, he’d gone to the frontlines of the fighting.

“What did you say?!” Rui Yi suddenly shot up, anger on his face.

Liang Ge, who had been rather zoned out, was startled awake. She looked over cluelessly, but was met with a pair of enraged eyes.

“Turn her.”

“Lil princess, you’re making me a turn a human?!” Rui Yi’s voice rose in pitch. “And such a weak one at that?!”

Shi Sheng, “…”

Turning a human would require drinking their blood, which she couldn’t do. And she wasn’t willing to let Xi Yin touch other people, so that was also out of the question. But this girl had constantly pestered her about this, so she could only resort to asking Rui Yi.

“Then I’ll go look for Godfather instead. You can have another lil sis…”

“No!” ‘I don’t want another lil sis!’

Liang Ge remained confused. ‘Turn? Is Senior talking about me? With this guy?’

Although Rui Yi remained rather reluctant, he still agreed to Shi Sheng’s request. After all, who told her to be his most beloved little princess?

Liang Ge was completely befuddled the whole time. Only once she and Rui Yi were alone in a room together did she come to her senses.

‘Why isn’t Senior the one turning me?! I want Senior to be the one to turn me…’

“Er, we can just forget about it if you’re not willing to. I’ll go tell Senior.” Liang Ge said as she made to leave. She wasn’t willing either! ‘Cry… Senior, you’re bullying your junior ah!’

Rui Yi held the door shut. “It’s too late for regrets now.”

He pulled Liang Ge’s hand and pressed her against the wall. His handsome face swiftly approached her and she could feel a sudden pain from her neck, followed by the sounds of slurping.

Because she’d gone slack, Rui Yi could only support her by holding her waist so as to make sure she didn’t slide to the ground while he was trying to suck her blood.

She could see the guy’s profile. His skin was so perfectly smooth that she couldn’t even see any pores. It appeared more like fine jade than skin.

Liang Ge’s vision suddenly started blurring, as her tears fell uncontrollably.

She seemed to hear the guy say something in an unhappy tone, but she couldn’t make out his words before everything turned dark.

When she woke up, she was left in the room alone. She rubbed her neck. There wasn’t a wound; the skin there was very smooth, as if what happened had been just a dream.

But she knew it wasn’t a dream.

Shi Sheng was waiting outside the room for her.

“How is it? Do you feel any discomfort?”

Liang Ge dumbly shook her head.

“Am I a vampire now, too?” She looked at Shi Sheng, her pale lips moving as she spoke.

“Yup. Being turned by him isn’t any inferior to being turned by me. He’s a seventh-generation vampire.”

“That guy’s name is Rui Yi?” Liang Ge’s expression turned more distracted.

“What is it?” ‘This girl’s been acting strange since just now.’

Liang Ge looked at Shi Sheng and opened her mouth to speak, but changed her mind at the last moment and shook her head. She squeezed out a smile. “Thank you, Senior.”

Shi Sheng had never had a strong curiosity. If Liang Ge wouldn’t tell her, she wouldn’t ask. She took Xi Yin’s hand and headed downstairs. “Let’s go back.”


Having failed in their negotiations, the humans could only fight. But the vampires had already increased their numbers to a great extent. Although most of them were weak due to being of a low generation, they were still stronger than normal people several times over.

In the end, the vampires won the conflict. But Shi Sheng didn’t do anything to the humans. She didn’t even set any form of governing body to rule the humans. Both races continued with their own separate governments, ruled by their own kind.

She merely set several prohibitions for the vampires.

They were no longer allowed to kill humans indiscriminately.

They were also no longer allowed to turn humans indiscriminately.

Seeing the whole world filled with friends, family, and acquaintances who became long-lived vampires, remaining forever young while they slowly aged, the humans who once believed in retaining their humanity began to have their opinions swayed.

But the Vampire Queen had announced the order that vampires were no longer allowed to turn humans at will.

As a result, it became the norm for humans to wrack their brains for a way to turn into a vampire. But the Vampire Queen had already set up a special bureau just to deal with this. If they were discovered, they faced severe consequences.

The population of humans and vampires were roughly on the same level by now, but the vampires developed technology even faster than humans.

They used artificial blood to replace human blood as their sustenance. After a few adjustments, the taste of artificial blood became even more delicious than human blood, causing the latter to turn worthless.

Shi Sheng continued being a Vampire Queen that didn’t govern, but no one dared to try rebelling against her. The reason?

She didn’t care how fiercely the people beneath fought for power. As long as they didn’t try to steal her title, Shi Sheng was too lazy to give them an eyeroll.

But the moment someone tried to steal her throne, the only outcome awaiting them was death.

Hence, it seemed as if all the vampires had a tacit agreement to never get Shi Sheng embroiled, no matter how hard they fought each other for power.

“Why the long face?” When Xi Yin noticed Shi Sheng sitting on the bed with a dark expression, he walked over, placed his hands on the sides of her face and kissed her. “Didn’t you teach those people a lesson today?”

But who could’ve expected that Shi Sheng showed him her laptop and said, “This fucker gave me a negative score!!!”

Xi Yin looked at the screen. It displayed the reviews section for a book on a certain site for literary publications. The negative score glowed a bright red.

“Who told you to always leave them hanging?” Xi Yin shook his head as he took the laptop from her. “Where did you stop at?”

“Around the point the FL jumped off a cliff.”

Xi Yin’s lips twitched. ‘She seems to really like writing about her female leads jumping off cliffs…’

With practised movements, Xi Yin opened up the drafts folder and read through her previous chapters, before his fingers began flying across the keyboard.

“It’s great having a husband that can write!” ‘I never have to worry about dropping books ever again!’

Once the new chapter was updated, Xi Yin shut the laptop and turned to look at Shi Sheng, who was watching him with her hands propping up her chin. “Shall we do some exercise, hm?”

“You thug!” Though she said this, Shi Sheng was already leaning back. “Come on, lil devil! Let’s go a few rounds!”

Xi Yin laughed as he lunged at her. ‘Just why do I adore her this much?’

At this moment, a certain book’s comment section was bursting with discussion.

March weather: [Dada[1] finally updated! *scatters flowers*]

whatdayisittoday? : [Dada actually finished off a plotline? *shock* *horror*]

really want just 2: [am i the only one who’s noticed Dada’s writing style changing after she picks up something she dropped???]

1bigTHIEF: [you look new here. someone quickly come explain]

God of Explanations: [Look at me, look here! All you newly fallen angels come look at me! Our Dada is famous for writing cliffhangers, but she has a very good man! Every time Dada drops a book, he’ll always help her to finish it. Aaaah, I want this type of gentle and considerate man too!]

richgirl’s coat: [Dada always makes my face red whenever she shows off her man! Ah, he can write and he’s good-looking! I want a man like this+1]

Jade Lump: [I want a man like this+2]

ClearNight: [I want a man like this+3]

Duskyrain: [……]

[1] This is an endearment for an author. Literally translates to “big big”. Sounded awkward, so I decided to keep the pinyin.

Author’s note:

End of arc 10. Aaaah vote ah~ They’re being doubled! Doubled!

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