Chapter 316 : Rui Yi’s Story (End)

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“Have a safe trip, Lord Rui Yi.” The maid escorted Rui Yi out of the study.

The first thing he saw upon emerging was the girl standing in the distance. She was wearing a white blouse and denim skirt, her hair carelessly parted to either side. Sunlight streamed in from the outside and shone on her.

It appeared to cause her some discomfort, for she was doing her best to shrink back into the shadows.

Upon lifting her head, her gaze just so happened to meet his.

“Lord Rui Yi.” His gaze caused her to be startled, and she lowered her head to greet him.

Rui Yi frowned and didn’t say anything as he strode off.

Rui Yi could be a shameless bugger in front of Shi Sheng, but in front of everyone else, he always upheld the image of a nobleman.

Once Rui Yi had left, Liang Ge let out a slight sigh of relief.

‘He really resembles Rui Xue too much.’

But her sigh hadn’t fully escaped her lips, before she heard a faint voice speak from behind her. “You’re very afraid of me?”

Liang Ge was startled into jerking backwards, causing her to land in the middle of sunlight.

She lowered her head. “Lord Rui Yi…”

She wasn’t afraid of him, she was just…unable to believe the boy who resembled him so had died just like that.

“Follow me.”

“Ah?” Liang Ge lifted her head and looked at the room Rui Yi had just emerged from. ‘Why do I have to follow him?’

“Lil princess handed you to me. From now on, you’re following me.” Rui Yi was clearly rather impatient. “Keep up.”

Liang Ge’s face fell. ‘Senior is chasing me away?’

“Hurry up!” Rui Yi had already reached the spiral staircase, one of his hands resting on the balustrade as he looked at her expressionlessly.

Liang Ge shifted her gaze and reluctantly followed him.

Rui Yi’s place wasn’t too far from Shi Sheng’s. There was no one else there, so it seemed a bit desolate.

Rui Yi casually took off his jacket and tossed it on the sofa. He turned around to find Liang Ge still standing at the door, causing him to frown and go upstairs without saying anything.

He came back downstairs carrying several articles of clothing.

“From now on, you wear what I tell you to. Got it?”

Liang Ge, “…” ‘Isn’t it my freedom to choose what I wear?’

But upon noticing Rui Yi’s rather unsightly expression, she silently swallowed those words back.

That night, Rui Yi found that Liang Ge had run off.

He didn’t really mind it, seeing as how he’d only been fulfilling his little princess’ request. It couldn’t very well be his fault if the girl ran off, could it?

Liang Ge ran back to Shi Sheng as she complained with a crestfallen expression, “Senior, why’d you make me follow Lord Rui Yi?”

“…You were turned by him. It’s normal for you to follow him ah.” Shi Sheng spoke innocently.

“But…” Liang Ge appeared a bit conflicted.

Seeing that Xi Yin, who was standing in the distance, was looking none too happy, Shi Sheng got up and patted Liang Ge’s shoulder. “Girl, you’re cutting into our alone time by being here.”

Liang Ge immediately looked in Xi Yin’s direction. Upon noticing his unsightly expression, she trembled.

“You can’t very well follow me for the rest of your life. You’re just learning from Rui Yi, I didn’t ask you to do anything with him.”

“But Lord Rui Yi seems very frightening…”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Just what did that clown do to scare this girl so much?’

“More so than Xi Yin?”

Liang Ge’s expression changed. She hurriedly bowed and retreated. “Goodnight, Senior!”

It was clear Xi Yin was scarier to her than Rui Yi.

She dawdled her way back to Rui Yi’s place. The front door was locked.

She took a deep breath, and knocked.

But no one opened the door.

‘Is he not in?’

She knocked again, but still no one answered.

After knocking the door for five minutes straight, Liang Ge gave up. ‘Either he’s not in, or he’s deliberately not opening the door for me.’


The next day, when Rui Yi opened the door, a strange object fell in, causing him to be startled and leap back.

Once he saw what the ‘object’ was, his expression darkened. Striding over, he yelled at the person who was still bleary from having just woken up, “What’re you doing sleeping at the front door?! Did I mistreat you or something?!”

Liang Ge was woken up from the shout and her gaze met Rui Yi’s enraged eyes.

Liang Ge hurriedly got to her feet and straightened out her clothing before speaking, head still lowered, “I knocked… You didn’t open the door.”

Rui Yi blanked out for moment, his expression changing very quickly. In the end, he grabbed a key ring from the side and shoved it into Liang Ge’s hand.

And this was how Liang Ge ended up staying with Rui Yi. When he was in a good mood, he’d teach Liang Ge some basic stuff about vampires. When he wasn’t in a good mood, there’d be times Liang Ge wouldn’t see him for the whole day.

But Rui Yi’s obsession for making her change clothes never died down.

As she looked at the wardrobe that was getting filled with more clothes, she worried about what she was going to do. ‘Why is Lord Rui Yi’s taste so weird? All these clothes are so…pink. And lacey. And really Mary Sue. And if I don’t wear them, he gets really angry as if I let him down or something!’

Liang Ge really wanted to finish her studies and leave! She didn’t want to be with him at all!

She didn’t like Rui Xue, it was just that he was the first vampire she met, so he’d left a lasting impression on her. It was hard not to think about him.


Rui Yi wasn’t particularly bothered by the presence of one more person in his house. It was more like having a new pet.

But today, he found the house to be exceptionally quiet when he returned. His brow furrowed. ‘Ran off again? Hmph! Not as if I’ll eat her! Why’d she run?’

Rui Yi climbed the stairs. When he was walking past Liang Ge’s room, he could make out clothes scattered on the ground through the crack of the slightly opened door. His steps paused. He pushed the door fully open and entered.

‘She actually dared to toss her clothes on the floor like that! She must be tired of liv—’

His hand that had been picking up the clothes paused, before turning over and opening up. Dark red bloodstains covered his palm.


When Liang Ge came to, she found herself in someone’s arms as wind whistled past her ears.

“Lord Rui Yi…” Liang Ge lifted her head slightly to get a good look at the person holding her.

Rui Yi didn’t speak as he carried her into the room and started stripping her.

“Lord Rui Yi!” Liang Ge clutched onto her tattered apparel as she retreated in panic. But the movement caused her wounds to act up, making her gasp sharply in pain.

Rui Yi’s brow furrowed harder. Ignoring Liang Ge’s protests, he stripped her bare, revealing the multiple wounds on her body. His expression could no longer be described as merely ‘dark’.

‘They dared to touch one of mine?!’

Even if she was more like a pet he was raising, that didn’t mean others could treat her this way!

His face was dark as he applied medicine to Liang Ge’s wounds. The whole time, Liang Ge wished she could find a hole in the ground to hide in. But the difference in strength was too great—she wasn’t even able to hide under the blankets.

Only once Rui Yi had dressed her up in a very pink frock did Liang Ge feel less embarrassed.

“There won’t be a repeat of today.” Rui Yi left after saying this. ‘Taking advantage of when I’m out to kidnap one of mine? Think I’m dead?!’

Liang Ge heard that the clan that kidnapped her was exterminated. The culprit wasn’t Rui Yi, but Shi Sheng.

Liang Ge felt warm inside. ‘Senior is the best to me!’

During her period of recuperation, Rui Yi used all sorts of methods to make her wear various princess gowns. His gaze when he looked at her got stranger and stranger. Like he was looking at a toy that was very fun to play with.

Liang Ge felt like if she didn’t run now, she’d probably have a pervert admirer. Hence, the moment her wounds were healed, she ran.

Rui Yi, who had just discovered he rather liked making Liang Ge wear all sorts of pretty clothing, was so angered his face turned black. ‘Dared to run once, now you’re running again?!’

Author’s note:

This side story ends here. You guys can fill in the gaps for yourselves hahaha!

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