Chapter 317 : It’s Not Easy Being the Head of Household (1)

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Shi Sheng lived for a long time in that world. Just as she felt like she could continue living, Xi Yin suddenly kicked the bucket. Because they had a blood contract, Shi Sheng naturally died too.

Having returned to the System Space, Shi Sheng drew her sword and charged over to the screen.

[Host… Host, calm down!!!] System’s cold robotic voice contained a hint of anxiety.

Shi Sheng hacked at the screen with her sword.


Cobweb-like cracks spread across the screen, though it stubbornly remained lit.

[Host, calm down!!!] ‘Master, please come! Host has gone crazy!’

‘Calm down my arse!’

“Speak! How’d Xi Yin die?!” ‘His body was perfectly fine until it suddenly wasn’t!’

System spoke weakly, [Host… it’s not good for you to stay in a world for too long.]

“Bollocks! Why didn’t you kill me off in the cultivation world then?!”

‘I knew it was this damned system’s doing!’


Shi Sheng once again hacked at the screen with her sword.

[Host, please do not damage public property.]

“So what if I do, huh? What can you do to me?” Shi Sheng chopped the screen in front of her to bits.

[……] ‘Nothing…but I can repair myself.’

The broken screen vanished before Shi Sheng’s eyes, as a perfectly new one appeared in its place.

Shi Sheng’s eyes narrowed and, after a slight pause, the anger on her face vanished.

[……] ‘There’s something off with Host’s expression!

Forget it, let’s quickly send her off. I(bxt) can’t handle such a scary Host.’

Shi Sheng’s stats flashed on the screen.

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -146,500

Life Points: 30

Contribution Points: 21,000

Mission Rank: B

Mission Points: 90

Hidden Quest: Completed

Hidden Quest Reward: 2,000 Contribution Points

Item List: “Queen’s Crown”, “Ghost King’s Heart”

‘My morality points are really going down the gutter…

Come on! I(bbb) did create a new era! Aren’t you supposed to reward me for this? Really now…

There’s a problem with your logic!’

[But you disrupted the world’s development.]

“I was just making them evolve faster!”

[……] ‘Forced logic!’

‘Host’s condition appears to have worsened…into something terminal.’

[Do you wish to enter the next mission?]

[Initialising transfer…]

“Fuck, wait a mo—” ‘—ment, I’m(lz) not done talking!’

But Shi Sheng didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence before darkness overtook her vision and she vanished from the System Space.


“Your Excellency, I fear it is not proper for Sir Duan to remain here. He is the Ning Princess’ secondary husband now!”

Shi Sheng opened her eyes to find a rather heroic-looking woman in front of her. She blinked. Then blinked again.

“Your Excellency? Are you feeling irritation in your eyes?” The woman appeared to immediately grow anxious. “Did something get into your eyes just now, when you were out in the rain? This one will summon a physician immediately!”

The woman left.

Shi Sheng was about to call out but, upon thinking that she could use this opportunity to go over the plot, she didn’t.

This was a…smutty novel set in a matriarchal society. The main character was Jiang Zhi. Before she transmigrated here, she was just a trivial, penny-pinching white-collar worker.

Then she transmigrated into the body of a loser Princess of a matriarchal society.

Jiang Zhi had to worry over her daily needs back in her modern world, but she no longer had to do so here. And as an added bonus, she was surrounded by hot guys.

Hence, Jiang Zhi wanted to be a layabout. Enjoying life and screwing hot guys became her life goal.

Yep, this was a novel where sex happened for the hell of it. The plot was just secondary.

Many men fell for Jiang Zhi, who felt like she loved all of them and didn’t know who to pick. But this was a matriarchal society, right?

So in the end, Jiang Zhi showed off how wide her heart was…by accepting them all and becoming a winner in life.

The original owner of this body was Jun Liyou, who was 23 years of age. She was a young Prime Minister with many accomplishments beneath her belt. Whether it was position, authority, or backing, she had it all.

There were countless people who wanted to climb into her bed, but Jun Liyou didn’t take a liking to anyone and didn’t wish to explain herself. Somehow, rumours that she had violent tendencies circulated, causing all the young noble lords to avoid her like the plague.

Jun Liyou had a fiancé called Duan Qingyun. They had been promised to each other in childhood and were slated to get married after Duan Qingyun came of age. However, Jun Liyou’s mother had died on the year Duan Qingyun was to have his coming-of-age ceremony.

While the mourning period for the death of a parent would normally be three months, Jun Liyou respected her mother greatly, and thus extended it to three years.

During these three years, she didn’t explain her actions to anyone else. She had merely promised the Duan Clan that she would definitely marry Duan Qingyun after the three years were up. However, the outsiders thought she didn’t want to marry him.

As a lordling who hadn’t been married by his lady wife even when he reached the ripe old age of eighteen, Duan Qingyun became a laughing stock.

Duan Qingyun didn’t know the promise Jun Liyou had made to the Duan Clan, so he harboured some resentment towards her.

Jun Liyou had been planning on marrying Duan Qingyun in a grand ceremony after the mourning period was over. She hadn’t been planning on having any secondary husbands either, so Duan Qingyun would have been the sole Master of the Jun Clan.

But a month before the mourning period was to end, Jun Liyou discovered that Duan Qingyun and Jiang Zhi were becoming rather close.

Jiang Zhi had even looked for her and told her to break her engagement with Duan Qingyun, even saying stuff like: “If you don’t want to marry him, don’t delay him.”

Of course, Jun Liyou hadn’t been willing to oblige. After all, when had she expressed her unwillingness to marry Duan Qingyun?

Even if she didn’t love Duan Qingyun, she still felt responsible for him, yet Jiang Zhi pestered her endlessly with talk of ‘freedom in love’.

Jun Liyou didn’t make a scene. After seeing off Jiang Zhi, she asked Duan Qingyun to meet up to ask for his opinion.

Jiang Zhi had somehow received word of this, and so she rushed to where they were meeting.

At the time, Duan Qingyun had accidentally spilled a cup full of boiling hot tea. Jun Liyou had gone forward to check on him out of her sense of responsibility. When Jiang Zhi arrived, she found Jun Liyou clutching at Duan Qingyun’s hand. She thought Jun Liyou was trying to make a move on him, leading her to confront Jun Liyou on the spot.

Because there were so many people around, Jun Liyou was unable to explain herself clearly. And she wasn’t the type that liked to explain themselves anyway. In the end, she huffily left with a flick of her sleeves.

Gradually, the rumours that Jun Liyou had violent tendencies turned into that of an irresponsible bully. Her reputation became a complete mess.

Jiang Zhi relied on her reputation as a good-for-nothing[1] to continuously raise all hell in an attempt to get Jun Liyou to dissolve the engagement with Duan Qingyun. In the end, it got so bad, the Empress had to step in.

The Empress had a healthy caution for the Jun Clan. Adding on to the fact that the Duan Clan held a lot of military authority, she was very willing to break these two families apart.

So she proclaimed a decree announcing the dissolution of their engagement.

Jun Liyou had once asked Duan Qingyun whether or not he was really willing to dissolve their engagement—if he wasn’t, she had ways to make the Empress rescind the imperial decree.

But Duan Qingyun told her he did want their engagement dissolved.

And so, Jun Liyou didn’t do anything to oppose the decree, as she complied in dissolving the engagement.

The result was that even more terrible rumours circulated around her.

Jiang Zhi married Duan Qingyun. At first, everything seemed fine and dandy as she doted on him a lot.

But as time wore on and more men appeared by her side—some of whom were much better looking than Duan Qingyun—he naturally lost her favour.

When Jun Liyou next met Duan Qingyun, he was horrendously thin and in a dazed state. Because they had been engaged once, Jun Liyou went up to ask him what happened.

It turned out that one of Jiang Zhi’s men had been poisoned, and Duan Qingyun had been accused of being the one behind it. And Jiang Zhi didn’t believe his protests of innocence.

Had he not met Jun Liyou, he would have committed suicide then.

[1] I think the connotation is that it would lower Jun Liyou’s standing if she tried dealing with Jiang Zhi…?

Author’s note:

It’s the matriarchy you’ve all been waiting for…though I dunno how it’ll turn out, since I’m the one writing it…

Translator’s Corner

I think I’ve forgotten to put this in when the arc first started being released so…

ML's Status

Present. And since it seems people aren’t clear: Ling Yue.

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