Chapter 324 : It’s Not Easy Being the Head of Household (8)

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Someone with a fast reaction handed Shi Sheng a pot of wine.

She pinched the woman’s chin and forced her mouth open, pouring the wine inside.

Slish slosh— Gurgle— Gulp—

The sounds of wine being poured and gulping were exceptionally jarring. The surrounding people didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly.

Even the Crown Princess and Jiang Zhi were shocked by Shi Sheng’s overbearing actions.

‘The Prime Minister…’

Ling Yue could make out Shi Sheng’s profile from where he was seated.

Her complexion was fairer than a regular person, and there currently seemed to be a sheen of light dusting it. Though one couldn’t tell from her expression, he could feel she was very angry right now.

Shi Sheng forced the woman to drink several pots of wine before releasing her and patting her face. “Still want to drink?”

“*burp*…” The woman let out a burp and shook her head in terror.

Crash! Sloosh—

Shi Sheng flung the wine pot she had been holding to the ground, causing it to shatter and spilling what little remained of its contents.

She stood amidst the broken shards, her calm gaze sweeping over the surrounding women who seemed too terrified to say a word. “Those who spoke crassly: are you going to drink yourselves, or do you need this prime minister to help you?”

Silence. It was as if someone had hit the pause button.

After a moment, someone finally fearfully answered her, “We’ll drink ourselves. Ourselves. Go fetch the wine! Quickly!”

“Please don’t be angry, Prime Minister!”

Soon, the servants had wine delivered and the women fought to quickly drink all the wine.

How could they afford to offend the Prime Minister who even the Empress didn’t dare to offend?

“Don’t forget your statuses, nor his status.” After Shi Sheng spat this out, she left the great hall.

Her words caused them to feel even more terrified.

They had in fact had a little too much to drink. Having been entranced by his looks, they forgot he was the priest from Mt. Wanyuan, and not just any man.

They apologised to Ling Yue with respect and some trepidation. Because they were drunk, they dared to speak to him so crassly and also did not think very highly of him. After all, he appeared very young.

“Priest Ling Yue, let me escort you back.” The Crown Princess came to and hurriedly spoke. “I will definitely get my Imperial Mother to give you an explanation for today’s matter. Don’t worry.”

‘These fools! They actually dared to tease the person I took a liking to!’

“Priest Ling Yue, I believe I should escort you instead.” Jiang Zhi wasn’t reassured leaving him alone with the Crown Princess. Who knew what she’d do to him?

“Ning Princess, your little beauties are awaiting your return at your residence, so just let me escort Priest Ling Yue.”

Jiang Zhi’s expression remained unchanged. “How about we escort him together?”

Ling Yue shifted his gaze from the entrance to the great hall as he got to his feet.

The surrounding onlookers immediately made way for him.

The Crown Princess and Jiang Zhi flanked Ling Yue as they walked out of the great hall.

On the way, the Crown Princess was summoned away in a hurry by someone the Empress had sent. So in the end, only Jiang Zhi escorted Ling Yue back.

“Master, I feel very apologetic for the matter from last time. I didn’t know…” Jiang Zhi apologised to Ling Yue with an earnest expression.

However, the latter appeared to be in a daze. He could feel something burning him from the inside.

He tried to use inner energy to suppress the heat but achieved no results.

“Master, are you okay?” While Jiang Zhi spoke, she found that the man walking in front had started walking unsteadily, as if he could fall down at any moment. She subconsciously went to support him but let out a startled cry, “Why are you burning up?”

Ling Yue reached out to tug at his clothing. ‘So hot…’

Even through the cloth, Ling Yue could feel something icy cool near him. The comfort it brought him prompted him to let out a strange moan.

Jiang Zhi appeared to have thought of something for her expression changed. ‘Those people were actually this bold!’

“Master, just bear with it.” Jiang Zhi scanned the surroundings before taking him to a fake mountain in the distance.

Right now, the only thing Ling Yue could feel was heat, so he subconsciously wanted to get closer to the coolness beside him.


Shi Sheng was currently laying atop a boulder. She had drunk too much just now, so she’d been feeling rather uncomfortable. The night breeze seemed to ease it a lot though.

Faint sounds could be heard from somewhere. Shi Sheng furrowed her brow. ‘Why can’t I get any peace and quiet?’

She got up to leave, but when her gaze floated downwards, she halted. As she was standing atop a fake mountain, she could see everything that occurred below clearly.

Jiang Zhi had Ling Yue against the fake mountain and was currently stripping him.

‘Ling Yue’s involved with the FL?! Fuck! He definitely isn’t my Feng Ci!’

Shi Sheng turned to leave.


A rather nasally moan that was broken up by the wind caused Shi Sheng to stop in her tracks, her expression changing.

After looking at them more closely for a moment, she found that Ling Yue appeared to be unconscious of his actions.

Just as Jiang Zhi was about to take off Ling Yue’s outer robe, the sound of something rushing at her from behind could be heard.

The sense of danger prompted Jiang Zhi to swiftly pull Ling Yue with her as she dodged to the side, but she was too late.

As a sharp pain emanated from her shoulder, the person in her arms was pulled away by a force.

Jiang Zhi fell to the ground rather inelegantly. Under the faint lighting of the moonlight, she made out the person standing before her.

“Jun Liyou!”

Shi Sheng pried off the hand that was grasping onto her and half-carried, half-supported Ling Yue to rest against the fake mountain.


“Jun Liyou, what are you doing?!” Seeing the person walking toward her, Jiang Zhi shouted with forced calmness, “Jun Liyou, you want to commit treason?!”

Shi Sheng looked down on Jiang Zhi, her lips tugging into a smile. “And who would know I killed you?”

A hint of panic flashed in Jiang Zhi’s eyes. She had deliberately chosen this deserted place for the sake of not running into prying eyes.

But who knew she would run into Jun Liyou here?

“Jun Liyou…”

Shi Sheng raised her sword and sliced it down onto Jiang Zhi.

Shi Sheng could feel a very strong opposing force, as if her sword was being held in place by some unknown energy. She had to use almost all the strength in her body to force it down.


Shi Sheng’s trajectory was changed by the incoming projectile, causing the sword to brush past Jiang Zhi’s shoulder and sink into the ground.

Whoosh— Whoosh—

Several hidden weapons came flying from in front of her, forcing Shi Sheng and Jiang Zhi apart.

A dark shadow swept over, picked up Jiang Zhi, and disappeared into the night with a few leaps.

“Fuck!” Shi Sheng slammed her sword into the fake mountain, causing it to crumble to bits.

‘Wow, FL! No matter when, you’ll always have someone coming to your rescue!’


Shi Sheng put her sword away and returned to Ling Yue’s side. His clothing had already been tugged open by Jiang Zhi, so his restless movements had caused his exquisite, sexy collarbone to be exposed.

Shi Sheng helped him cover up with a dark face before picking him up and leaving the palace.

Once she returned to the Prime Minister’s residence, Dai Yue and Ying Yue had shocked expressions upon seeing Shi Sheng carry a man in.

‘Where did Her Excellency get this man from?’

“Go call for a physician.”

Dai Yue went to call a physician, while Ying Yue followed Shi Sheng into the room. Once Shi Sheng had placed the person in her arms onto the bed, Ying Yue finally got a good look at him.

“Your Excellency…” Ying Yue’s words didn’t even flow smoothly anymore. “How come you brought Priest Ling Yue back?!”

‘Wasn’t Her Excellency going to Priest Ling Yue’s welcoming banquet? How did she end up abducting him? And he seems to be rather…off.’

“Go fetch some water.” Shi Sheng glared at Ying Yue.

The latter shut her mouth and went to go fetch water.

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