Chapter 325 : It’s Not Easy Being the Head of Household (9)

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“Your Excellency, this Sir…”

The diagnosing physician was sweating cold bullets. ‘The Prime Minister’s gaze is so cold, I feel like ice is going to form! So scary!’

“Just say it.” Dai Yue urged.

The physician wiped at the sweat on her brow. “It appears this Sir is suffering from the effects of a strong version of Thousand Pleasures. There’s no antidote…”


Shi Sheng swept the teacup on the table beside her to the ground. “How audacious!”

“Your Excellency…” Ying Yue called out to her.

Shi Sheng took a deep breath to calm herself down. “Is there really no antidote?”

The physician hardened her scalp and shook her head. “It seems this Sir didn’t directly intake Thousand Pleasures, but it seems like it was birthed from the conflict of a milder herb and the Calming Grass in his body…”

The physician paused, taking in Shi Sheng’s expression before cautiously replying, “From the looks of it, this is even more serious than directly taking Thousand Pleasures.”

“Can it be tolerated?”

“If I’m not mistaken, this Sir practises martial arts. If he tries to ride out its effects…then I’m afraid his martial ability will be crippled.”

“That serious?” Shi Sheng frowned.

The physician gave an honest nod. Normal people couldn’t even withstand the medicinal effects of a drug as potent as Thousand Pleasures after it had been diluted, let alone an undiluted version of the drug.

“Go and invite all the physicians in the city, and the imperial physicians too—” Shi Sheng suddenly halted, her brows scrunching together.

‘Since this physician says there’s no antidote, if I invite all these other people and still can’t find an antidote…

Rumours would start spreading very quickly.’

“Your Excellency?” ‘So do we invite them or not?’

In the end, Shi Sheng had them invite the physicians, but ordered all the physicians to be blindfolded.

Yet all these physicians came to the same conclusion as the first physician.

There was no antidote.

Shi Sheng was so angry that she nearly went out to hack at someone.

“All of you, get out.” Shi Sheng waved.

Ying Yue and Dai Yue looked at each other for a brief moment before leaving the room and shutting the door behind them.

Shi Sheng stared at Ling Yue, still unconscious of his actions, with quite the vexed expression.

‘How am I supposed to tell whether he’s Feng Ci without spirit energy?’

“Hot…” Ling Yue kicked the blankets covering him away. His face was red and the skin beneath his neck had started turning pink.

Perhaps having noticed the presence of another person on the bed, he actually struggled to make his way towards her.

Shi Sheng got off the bed to avoid him.

Ling Yue could only wriggle around on the bed in discomfort, his light moans echoing around the room.

After a long time, Shi Sheng rolled up her sleeves and got on the bed. Ling Yue lunged for her, but Shi Sheng nimbly wrapped him up in the blankets, limbs and all, leaving only his head exposed.

“Uh…” Ling Yue continued to thrash about.

Shi Sheng’s expression was dark as she reached into the blankets and fumbled to open his pants.

‘If this fellow isn’t Feng Ci, I’ll mince him!’

She swiftly pulled down his pants.


Shi Sheng felt like her hand was about to break from the effort—this was even more tiring than killing people.

Perhaps it was because she had wrapped him up in blankets, for his face was redder than before and his forehead was covered in sweat.

Shi Sheng didn’t dare to take the blankets off, so she could only leave him to suffer the heat.

After he’d released twice, Ling Yue’s situation finally improved somewhat. Emphasis on the somewhat.

His foggy consciousness finally cleared up a bit. He could vaguely tell there was someone beside him. His lower body was being held by a very warm hand, and he could feel the pleasure that it brought…

He suddenly trembled, his blurry awareness slowly clearing up fully.

“You…” His voice sounded too sultry, so Ling Yue didn’t dare continue speaking after the first syllable.

“Finally came to your senses?” Shi Sheng’s hand stopped moving. Her face moved in closer to have a better look at him, her expression still dark. “Good. Do it yourself.”

She jerked her hand away and got off the bed.

Ling Yue could vaguely see her palm.


He felt his brain explode as his cheeks burned.

Shi Sheng’s expression didn’t change as she washed her hands in the basin of water that had been prepared. But when she turned back around, she found him biting his lip and completely still.

She drew closer to the bed and slightly bent over to meet Ling Yue’s still somewhat befuddled gaze. “You wouldn’t want me to help you more, would you? Or were you planning on just bearing with it? You’d best be prepared to have all your martial cultivation wasted then.”

Ling Yue hadn’t expected it to be so serious. “I…”

Of course he didn’t doubt her words. After all, she hadn’t taken advantage of him despite having him at her mercy.

“You…turn around.”

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes and left the room altogether.

‘I(bbb) already helped you with that, what’re you so embarrassed for?’

Only when Ling Yue heard the sound of the door shutting did his tense body loosen up.


Shi Sheng stood outside and stared at the crescent moon in the sky. The hands at her sides were trembling slight as killing intent filled her eyes.

She stood like this till daybreak.

When Ying Yue and Dai Yue arrived, their expressions became cautious when they found Shi Sheng standing outside.

“Your Excellency…” ‘Why is Her Excellency standing outside so early? And her clothes are the same as yesterday’s.’

“En. Get some servants to tend to him… Male ones.”


Shi Sheng made her way to her study.

Dai Yue and Ying Yue exchanged glances before Ying Yue followed Shi Sheng and Dai Yue went to make arrangements in accordance with her orders.

Ling Yue sat in the tuzzled bed alone, not knowing what to do. But just then, two young men entered the room.


Ling Yue gave them an awkward look.

The two merely lowered their heads and spoke respectfully, “Do you wish to bathe and get changed, Sir?”

Last night he’d sweated a lot so now he was feeling uncomfortably sticky all over. Now that he was being asked whether or not he wanted a bath, he couldn’t help but nod.

The servants Dai Yue sent had undergone strict training, so they wouldn’t ask too much. They merely did their duty in cleaning up and replacing the bedsheet.

Ling Yue felt rather awkward.

“Where is your lady?”

“Her Excellency has left for the palace.” One of the men replied.

Ling Yue’s eyes narrowed, a cold glint swirling in their depths. He turned to examine the room. From the looks of it, this room ought to belong to the Mistress of the residence. Last night, he had actually…

“How many secondary husbands does your lady have?”

Ling Yue regretted it the moment the question escaped his lips. ‘Why did I ask this? But there’s no way to take it back now…’

“Her Excellency has no other men. Don’t worry, Sir. You are her first.”

“Miss Dai Yue.” The two young men greeted her in tandem.

“Has everything been cleaned up?”


“Then you may leave. Remember the rules: don’t say anything you’re not supposed to.”

“Understood.” The two young men left the room.

Only now did Dai Yue look at Ling Yue with a smile. “Do you wish to have breakfast, Sir?”

Had she not seen the items they brought out, she would’ve thought her lady hadn’t done anything at all last night.

‘But Sir Ling Yue’s status is a bit troublesome…’

Ling Yue’s mind was still on Dai Yue’s words.

‘She actually doesn’t have anyone? As the Prime Minister, even if she doesn’t have a first husband, she should have at least some secondary husbands.’


Ling Yue came to his senses, his expression inscrutable. “I wish to enter the palace. I will have to trouble you—”

“Her Excellency said you can be at ease and remain here, there’s no need to worry about anything else. She will deal with it.”

Ling Yue, “…”

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