Chapter 343 : It’s Not Easy Being the Head of Household (27)

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Shi Sheng still chose a wedding date despite all the opposition, shooting down every complaint. Because she had especially requested it, the wedding preparations took but a few months. During this time, there was no news of Jiang Zhi.

Though the various ministers looked down on Ling Yue secretly, they didn’t dare to skip out on the wedding.

Right now, the Prime Minister pretty much called all the shots. Even the Empress was under her control.

The wedding was very grand. Calling it red silk for ten li[1] was an understatement. One could see just how much the Prime Minister favoured this Master Ling Yue from the scale of the ceremony.

Only the officials belonging to the Prime Minister’s faction were allowed to witness the actual ceremony. The rest of the court officials were seated at the banquet tables.

Even so, there were many witnesses.

Ling Yue’s wedding garb was rather complicated, while Shi Sheng’s was relatively simple. As the two stood in the ceremonial hall, they appeared to glow with an eye-catching radiance.

“Bow to Heaven and Earth…”

Ling Yue bowed along with Shi Sheng…but as he did so, images suddenly flashed through his mind. They were both foreign, yet also familiar.

He clutched tightly to the red silk in his hand.

“Bow to the ancestors…”

The images of these people were gone in a flash, and there was almost no time for him to distinguish who they were. But the sense of familiarity the images gave caused his heart to warm, almost to the point where he felt it would catch fire.

“Newlyweds bow to each other…”

Shi Sheng and Ling Yue bowed to each other.

“The ceremony is complete…” After the officiator’s last shout, the surrounding onlookers burst into applause as their blessings flowed unceasingly.

Shi Sheng held Ling Yue’s hand. “I hope I can grow old with your hand in mine.”

Ling Yue lifted his head to look at her. His gaze was a bit complicated but after a few seconds, the clouds dispersed and he slowly smiled.

After the necessary procedures were over, Shi Sheng didn’t show up in front of the guests, leaving them to the two Yues to handle.

The nuptial chamber was Shi Sheng’s original room, now completely red after being decorated for the occasion.

Ling Yue sat on the bed, looking at Shi Sheng doubtfully. “You’re not going out?”

‘Isn’t she supposed to drink toasts after the ceremony?’

“And hang out with those retards?” Shi Sheng raised a brow. “I would prefer to spend my time with you instead.”

Ling Yue, “…” ‘Although I don’t know what retard means, it sounds like she’s insulting them.’

“Lil priest, every moment of the wedding night is worth a thousand gold, you know? We have to treasure this time.” Shi Sheng suggestively lifted Ling Yue’s chin.

For the sake of adhering to the ceremony etiquette, they had slept in different rooms these past few days.

“It’s still daytime.” Ling Yue frowned slightly.

Shi Sheng swiftly took out all the decorations in his hair. “Won’t it be night after a nap?”

Ling Yue, “…” ‘Can’t refute that…’

Shi Sheng was standing, so Ling Yue needed to tilt his head slightly to look at her.

Her lips curled upwards slightly, her smile having reached her eyes. They contained a gentleness that was quite unlike her.

And this gentleness…belonged only to him.

Ling Yue held Shi Sheng’s hand that was sliding down his neck. “Does reincarnation truly exist?”

‘What were those images that flashed in my mind when we were conducting the ceremony? It was still the both of us, but the place was different and…we were wearing a style of clothing I’d never seen before.’

Shi Sheng lowered her head to look at him, a hint of pondering flashing in her eyes. After a moment, she answered seriously, “Yes.”

‘Really? Then were we together in our last lives as well? Is that why I have this feeling of familiarity with her?’

Ling Yue released his grip slightly and Shi Sheng immediately undid his outer garments, pushing him onto the bed and leaning in for a kiss.

Ling Yue swapped their positions so that he was pressing down on Shi Sheng, his voice a bit hoarse. “You told me I could be on top.”

Shi Sheng released him and lay down beneath him. “At your service.”

Ling Yue flushed slightly. ‘This shameless woman…’


As night fell and the last batch of guests from the busy day were sent off, the entire Prime Minister’s residence finally seemed to quieten down.

A lone figure stood in a dark alleyway facing the residence, glaring hatefully at the red lanterns that dangled from its eaves.

The word ‘囍’[2] that was pasted on every single lantern seemed piercing to the eyes.

Jiang Zhi’s fingernails dug into her palms.

Footsteps sounded behind her and Jiang Zhi released her clenched fists, moving to turn around.

Within the alleyway, people gathered with Jiang Zhi and a man at their centre.

“Zhi’er, I will help you take revenge.” The man brought Jiang Zhi into his arms. “Everything she owes you, I’ll help you take back.”

“Thank you.”

“There’s no need for thanks between us.” Qin Hua lowered his voice.

Qin Hua waved at the people behind him. They immediately dispersed and vanished into the darkness.

Shi Sheng had been helping Ling Yue wash up when sounds of fighting could be heard.

“Don’t worry.” Shi Sheng soothed in a low tone as she unhurriedly helped him put on his clothes, not a hint of nervousness or panic on her face.

Ling Yue co-operated with her movements, though his expression was a bit helpless. ‘Do I look that scared? Isn’t she treating me like I’m too fragile?’

Knock knock.

“Your Excellency…”

By the time the knocking came, Shi Sheng had already helped Ling Yue put on his outer garments.


Dai Yue entered with her head lowered. “Our residence was not the only place attacked. Pretty much all the people on our side have been attacked. The capital is in a state of chaos.”

“Who’s the capable fellow behind this?” Shi Sheng took Ling Yue’s sword out and suddenly switched to talking to Ling Yue. “Take this to protect yourself. Don’t use it unless you have to. Don’t get your hands dirty.”


Dai Yue, “…” ‘Your Excellency, now is not the time to be tossing out dog food!’

“It’s the State of Qin.”

Shi Sheng paused slightly to think. She seemed to recall from the plot that though this world was mainly dominated by a matriarchal empire, there were also several vassal states, one of which was the State of Qin.

And the State of Qin was a patriarchal state.

“Qin Hua?”

Dai Yue was surprised. “Your Excellency, how did you know?”

Shi Sheng’s lips curled into a mocking smile. ‘How would I not know one of the FL’s most favoured men?’

This man had a rather lofty identity. He was the heir to the State of Qin and had once been sent to the Crown Princess as a gift.

Though naturally, as one of the FL’s men, he wouldn’t obediently get married to the Crown Princess. During his escape, Qin Hua became injured and was afterwards saved by Jiang Zhi. Since then, he’d been hiding in her residence.

“What do they want? To rebel?” Shi Sheng changed the topic.

“…They’re killing our people.” ‘Aren’t you the one rebelling? So…they’re saving the country…?’

“Your Excellency, this isn’t good!” Ying Yue rushed in from the outside. “The Empress somehow managed to contact the Protector General and her troops currently have the capital surrounded!”

The Protector General was the person with the most military authority other than the Prime Minister right now. Before, the Empress had tried to contact her, but her messages had been intercepted by Shi Sheng’s people.

Yet somehow, word still managed to get to the Protector General.

Because the Protector General had been stationed at the border for years, their lady hadn’t yet been able to take back military command from her. But who knew…

Shi Sheng’s eyes narrowed.

“You’re telling me you didn’t even notice a giant army gathering outside the capital?”

Cold sweat appeared on Ying Yue’s brow, not daring to deny her responsibility. “Your Excellency…it was my mistake.”

‘We didn’t even discover the Protector General was moving towards the capital. Could it be that there are traitors?’

Ying Yue and Dai Yue were usually very meticulous, so this type of mistake shouldn’t have occurred.

There had to be at least ten thousand people in the Protector General’s army. Even if there were traitors on Shi Sheng’s side, it should’ve been impossible to hide that many troops.

Shi Sheng thought of Duan Qingyun’s disappeance and Jiang Zhi’s inexplicable escape, and then her expression turned unsightly. ‘Don’t tell me this world’s heavenly dao is helping her out?’

[1] Usually, during weddings, people would decorate the area surrounding their house with red silk, banners, the works. A truly grand wedding has them splurging on these decorations by placing them for miles. Ten li is equivalent to 5km (dunno about the miles) so there’s a pretty exorbitant price tag.

[2] This is actually two of the characters ‘喜’/ ‘xi’ placed together. Alone, it means joy/like/happy so two is twice the happiness right? As you might have guessed, they’re usually put up during weddings and I think maybe New Years too?

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