Chapter 344 : It’s Not Easy Being the Head of Household (28)

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Shi Sheng systematically arranged everything in a calm and confident manner. Her commanding aura enraptured Ling Yue, who stared at her. ‘She’s someone born to lead.’

Since the Protector General’s army was outside the city, Shi Sheng kept some of her forces stationed at the city gates while the large part of her troops killed off Qin Hua’s men.

She had also stationed a portion of her forces to guard the imperial palace to ensure no one came in or out.

Because the two Yues had been preparing for the Prime Minister’s rebellion, they had arranged for a large number of troops to be stationed outside the city, which came in handy now that the Protector General had arrived.

What should have been a warm and harmonious wedding night had become a night filled with slaughter.

Shi Sheng drew her sword and looked at Ling Yue. “Wanna come with me to kill people?”

“Are we competing to see who can kill more?”

“I’ll kill while you watch.”

Ling Yue, “…” ‘Where’s the fun in that?’

Ling Yue still followed along after Shi Sheng in the end. The reason being that Shi Sheng wasn’t reassured with just leaving him alone.

‘It’s better to bring my waifu with me wherever I go.’

She even prepared a carriage for Ling Yue to sit in and got guards to protect it while she rode ahead.

Qin Hua had somehow smuggled his forces into the city, and there were quite a lot of them too. At first, they only killed those belonging to the Prime Minister’s faction. But as the fighting wore on, they progressed to killing anyone who wasn’t on their side.

Shi Sheng’s procession soon drew their attention.

Jiang Zhi and Qin Hua had been informed as well, so they swiftly made their way over.

The two sides met in a street that wasn’t all that wide.

Shi Sheng wore a dark-coloured silk robe and was confidently riding a large horse. Her hair was left untied and it fluttered in the wind. Her every move seemed to be filled with a dashing confidence.

“Jiang Zhi, you not dead yet?” ‘Just knew it’d be her!’

“Why would I die when you haven’t?” Jiang Zhi grit her teeth. “Jun Liyou, today is the day you die!”

“Oh? How so?” Shi Sheng raised a brow.

For the sake of not losing to Shi Sheng in terms of aura, Jiang Zhi straightened her back. “The city has already been besieged by the Protector General—there’s nowhere for you to run!”

“So it was you who informed her.”

‘No wonder the heavenly dao was helping that protector general.’

The Heavenly Dao was formless. It couldn’t directly help the female lead, but it could influence people’s hearts and minds.

“So what if it was?”

“Enough nonsense, let’s just start fighting already.” Shi Sheng flicked her sword and smacked her horse’s rump, causing it to charge forward.

Jiang Zhi’s expression changed.

Qin Hua brought her to him and retreated, while his people charged forward to meet Shi Sheng in battle.

Had it not been for the lack of spirit energy restricting her from using her truly powerful moves, she would’ve easily been able to massacre this lot in a matter of seconds.

This wasn’t the first time Jiang Zhi saw Shi Sheng’s fighting prowess. But no matter how many times she saw it, she was unable to completely dispel her shock.

‘Just what is that sword of hers?!’

“Protect her!” Qin Hua pushed Jiang Zhi into the arms of someone else behind them before making a dash for the carriage Ling Yue was in.

Shi Sheng saw Qin Hua’s movements but merely smiled coldly, making no move to stop him as she continued mowing down his men.

Fresh blood dyed the soil black and diffused in the air, its cloying scent thick enough to cause one to vomit.

Qin Hua was surprised at the ease with which he reached the carriage, but didn’t dare to hesitate as he lifted the curtains.

Ling Yue was seated inside, wearing simple attire. His clothes were spread out around him, as his apathetic gaze met Qin Hua’s.

Qin Hua thrust his dagger at Ling Yue, who remained unmoving.

Although the strange feeling in his heart was getting stronger, he couldn’t pull back now.

The dagger was halted a finger’s length from Ling Yue’s heart. Qin Hua felt a strong force preventing him from pressing the blade forward, no matter how much effort he exerted.

“Did you think I would bring him with me without any preparation?” ‘Do you take me(bbb) for an idiot?’

A woman’s chilly voice spoke from behind him. The next thing he knew, he had been flung away by a great force and landed in a pool of blood.

“Pff—” Qin Hua clutched at his chest, feeling his blood roiling, as all his hair stood on end to give him the ancient version of a mohawk.

Qin Hua looked at Shi Sheng, who had ridden her horse to the side of the carriage at some point. Her expression was mocking and contemptuous, like she was looking at a piece of trash.

“Don’t be so impulsive. Did you even know my strength? Are you clear on how much influence the Prime Minster’s residence holds? Even if you wish to show off to the lady, you need the strength to do so. Isn’t that right, Heir of Qin?”

Qin Hua’s pale face turned dark. ‘She even knows my identity?!’

Shi Sheng steered her horse closer to the carriage and reached out to help its occupant.

Ling Yue got up and placed his hand in Shi Sheng’s. With a tug, Shi Sheng brought Ling Yue to sit in front of her as she embraced him from behind.

Shi Sheng felt like she really had to thank the fact that women were taller than men in this world, on average. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to pull off this posture without looking awkward.


At Shi Sheng’s command, the guards that had been protecting Ling Yue immediately gave up that role and joined the fray. The sounds of fighting immediately ensued.

Meanwhile, Shi Sheng and Ling Yue moved about casually, as if they were merely out for a stroll in their own back garden. Their leisurely manner caused the enemy faction to grind their teeth, wishing they could just stab several holes in the pair.

But the consequence of attacking her was to share the same fate as Qin Hua.

Ling Yue toyed with the object in his hands. It was a ball that had been perforated with little holes all over like a honeycomb, seeming to be a very high-tech thing.

Whether it was the design or the craftsmanship, he’d never seen anything like it before. She had given it to him when they were leaving the residence, but he hadn’t expected it to hold such power.

Noticing that he seemed rather curious about the little ball, Shi Sheng explained, “The energy inside can only last two hours, so it’s only good for occasional protection. Apart from that, it doesn’t really have much use.”

These materials were only obtainable from an interstellar civilisation.

‘I’ll get him one that’ll last longer and can be used for both offense and defence when I get the chance.’

Ling Yue turned to look at her and asked suddenly, “Where are you from?”

Shi Sheng blanked out for a moment.

“You’re not the original Jun Liyou.” Ling Yue continued, “Where are you from?”

‘Jun Liyou wouldn’t have such odd things in her possession, nor would she be this wild and arrogant. No matter how you look at it, she’s not the real Jun Liyou. She doesn’t fit in with this world.’

“I’m from—” Shi Sheng suddenly stopped herself and hugged him tightly. “Will you be scared of me?”

She didn’t want to lie to him. If he asked, she would answer.

But right now, he was in the body of someone who grew up in a closed-off era, so his opinions would be restricted to what was appropriate for the world.

She was afraid if she told him, he’d be scared of her.

Ling Yue’s reply came in the form of his warm lips covering hers.

No matter who she was, he only knew that she was his.

Shi Sheng immediately took the reins and only released him once they were both panting. “I’m from…a distant world.”

It wasn’t just time and space between them, there was also…

“Are you going to leave?”

‘Yes. But only when you die.’

“As long as you’re here, I’ll be here.”

“You’re here, I’m here.” Ling Yue repeated, the last hints of insecurity in the depths of his heart fading away.

If he was here, she would stay.

Meanwhile, the onlookers who had been treated like background were speechless.

‘Your Excellency, this isn’t the time for you to be giving out dog food! It’s a battlefield, a battlefield, understand?! Can you please maintain the image of a Prime Minister while so many people are watching?!’

Author’s note:

#The Prime Minister is abusing single dogs by throwing out dog food everyday#

#I feel the ice-cold dog food slapping me…#

#Thanks to the little angels who donated!#

#Daily request for votes#

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