Chapter 353 : Green Plum Meets Wine (4)

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“Is this authentic?”

“Of course, old sir! Don’t worry. Every item in our shop has a certificate of verification, so they’re definitely authentic.”

Shi Sheng turned to look. The boss of this store was talking to an elderly man.

The boss was holding a decorative piece. Shi Sheng stared for a long time, but couldn’t for the life of her figure out what the hell it was.

She lowered her head to scan the gorgeous and extraordinary items for that object and found it.

30-year-old bronzeware. Value: RMB1,000. Distance: 10 metres.

‘Only 30 years? Doesn’t that mean it’s fake?’

“It has more than 300 years of history! Old master…” The boss was still trying to sell the item to the old man.

Shi Sheng simply watched as the old man went to pay with his card, not uttering a single word.

Perhaps it was because Shi Sheng’s stare had been too intense, the boss looked over and saw the strange object in her hand, making him curious.

After getting someone else to take care of the old man, he strode over to Shi Sheng.

The boss was a very astute-looking middle-aged man. Since he was in the business of selling antiques, his clothing was closer to the Republic of China’s style.

“Little miss, are you interested in antiques?” Although he was talking to Shi Sheng, his gaze floated over towards the phone in her hand.

Shi Sheng had already turned it off when she saw him walking over, so all he saw was a dark screen.

“Not really.” Shi Sheng shook her head.

The boss smiled. “It’s getting late. You should be getting home, girl.”

Shi Sheng looked at him and gave him a queer smile. “How much did you sell it for? Did it feel great to make a killing?”

The boss’ expression changed slightly, but he soon composed himself. “Little lady, what are you saying?”

“Eh, just forget it if you don’t get what I’m saying.” Shi Sheng put her phone back in her pocket. “Don’t worry, I won’t be nosy. If he can’t tell the difference between a fake good and the real thing, that’s his problem. Serves him right for overspending. It’s not easy to make money; I understand.”

The boss let out a sigh of relief. He hadn’t expected this girl to be this astute. But the sigh hadn’t fully escaped his lips before he heard her speak again, “Still, best not to commit too many of these deeds; it’s not good to do, after all. You be careful.”

Shi Sheng waved at the boss before turning to leave.

The boss stared at her departing figure for a few seconds, finding it weird how a girl who looked under twenty could speak like a weathered old man. ‘Crazy!’

Only after leaving the antique shop did Shi Sheng remember that she had been tailing the FL. She stared blankly at the surrounding crowd, the FL nowhere in sight.

Shi Sheng scratched her head. ‘Forget it. Go home and sleep.’

In the following period, Shi Sheng had a regular daily routine of going to school, ending school, and then going home. Even if she felt like going out, there weren’t many places to have fun in this era ah!

The FL kept a rather low profile as well. She was aware of her current situation—she couldn’t afford to be too flagrant. But from how her clothes appeared to be increasing in quality, Shi Sheng could tell the FL had secretly made quite a bit.

Meanwhile, Shi Sheng sat in her seat playing games on her new phone.


Her Taobao phone came with a game installed…Matching Pairs.

“Shen Jiayin recently looks like she’s turned into a whole new person. She’s gotten much prettier too…”

“Her clothes have changed as well.”

“Could it be her family won the lottery?”

Yao Qin and gang gossiped away.

Their minds weren’t as dirty as they would be after getting older, where the first conclusion they’d jump to seeing someone dress better was that they’d been kept.

Shi Sheng’s lips curved into a smile as she lowered her head to continue playing Matching Pairs.

“Sheng Xia, where’d you buy this game console? The graphics are so good!”

Yao Qin had turned around at some point and caught sight of Shi Sheng’s screen.

“And you can…play by touching the screen?! So high-tech!”

Yao Qin’s voice immediately attracted the attention of quite a few people. By the time Shen Jiayin looked over, she could only see the seat crowded by students but couldn’t tell what was going on.

She lowered her eyes, concealing the disdain in her eyes.

Noticing more and more people crowding around her, Shi Sheng irritably put her phone away and lay down on the desk to sleep.

“Sheng Xia, come on! Please lend me your game console for a bit!”

“Sheng Xia, I’m begging you! Lemme have a go at it!”

No one had ever seen a game console you could use by directly tapping the screen, so they were very curious.

Shi Sheng blocked her ears. After eliciting no reaction from her after some time, the crowd could only disperse.

Though some people muttered that she was being stingy under their breaths, they understood why she wouldn’t lend it to them. After all, electronics back then weren’t as common as they are today—even owning a handheld game was already a matter to brag about.

They had just been curious of the excellent graphics, and the game that could be played by tapping the screen. After all, they’d never seen it before.

This interlude soon faded. Students weren’t known for their long attention spans.

“I heard our new homeroom teacher is coming today. I wonder if they’re male or female.”

“Regardless, I don’t feel like attending class.”

“If the homeroom teacher next door had to continue teaching us, I think I’d puke. Luckily it ends today…”

Ah right, since their homeroom teacher had taken maternity leave, the one next door had been serving as a substitute.

The previous day, the substitute teacher told them that their new homeroom teacher would be arriving tomorrow.

Though, whether or not their homeroom teacher had changed didn’t matter to Shi Sheng—she’d already set her mind on being a rubbish student.

Show-off Sheng expressed that she was really too lazy to do junior-high level stuff.

When the bell signalling the start of class rang, the classroom immediately quietened down. Everyone looked at the door.

In the silent corridor, the sound of footsteps stood out. Soon, a man wearing a white shirt and dress pants appeared.

His appearance caused low gasps to ring out in the classroom.

“So handsome…”

Regardless of what time period it was, good looks remained an indispensable tool for posers.

Shi Sheng lifted her head to look towards the door. She frowned and turned to look at Shen Jiayin.

Shen Jiayin appeared to have been surprised to see him too, for her brows were tightly locked together and her body was tense. You could see just how wary she was at this moment.

One of the man’s hands was in his pocket, as he walked up to the podium and used the chalk to beautifully write his name on the blackboard. He turned around, a wicked smile on his handsome face. “Hello everyone. My name is Yin Mo. Starting from today, I’ll be your homeroom teacher. Do you guys welcome me?”

“Yes!” A fierce round of applause sounded in the classroom.

“Our homeroom teacher is so handsome! I’m definitely paying more attention in class!”

“It’s a shame for him to become a teacher; he should go be a celebrity!”

As Shi Sheng watched Yin Mo and Shen Jiayin’s exchange of glances, she weakly facepalmed.

‘ML-sama’s chased his wife all the way to school… Great, just like an overbearing CEO ML.’

Yin Mo had a rather strong background. At first, he merely thought Shen Jiayin’s talent would be useful. Though he constantly flirted with her verbally, he didn’t hold much feelings for her.

Only after experiencing many things together did he discover that he’d already fallen for her. The two got together after he confessed.

But at this point in time…

The ML was most likely still at the stage where he favoured the FL for her ability. After all, she was still young.

Shi Sheng rubbed her chin as though she was examining goods and stared at the ML in deep thought. ‘As a highly qualified graduate from a famous school overseas, calling it a waste of talent for him to come here and teach a bunch of brats would be an understatement.’

Author’s note:

I guess you can treat this period as around 2001 to 2004. But please remember that facts aren’t going to be accurate, so please don’t get mad when they aren’t…

And as for antiques… I’m just writing out of my arse here, no need to criticise my lack of knowledge. I also have no idea whether or not the Taobao plot device has been used before. ←_←

If there is, don’t hit me! I really don’t know!


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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