Chapter 354 : Green Plum Meets Wine (5)

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Yin Mo was well received amongst the students who had to face a bunch of old teachers day in day out.

Quite a few students from other classrooms expressed that their homeroom teachers should go on maternity break too, if it meant that they could have a similarly handsome substitute.

With such a handsome homeroom teacher, their mothers would no longer need to worry that they would dislike studying.

The first thing Yin Mo did upon arriving was to give a test, with the lovely excuse that he needed to understand where everyone was at.

When Shi Sheng received the test paper, she looked it over, and started writing.

When the results were announced, everyone was stunned. ‘Top Student, how come you went all the way to 45th place?!’

Shen Jiayin also gave Shi Sheng an odd look.

But the target of their attention was completely unconcerned, as she took out a book and started reading.

The ones seated nearby could see that the title was in English, which they couldn’t read…

‘Us mere mortals can’t understand the realm of top students…’

Yin Mo was clearly unconcerned about Shi Sheng—the only one he cared about was Shen Jiayin.

Shen Jiayin’s grades used to be just average, but she managed to get into the top 10 for this test.

Shen Jiayin knew this man was very capable, so her hands clutched at each other under the desk as she felt her heart in her throat.

Yin Mo gave her a meaningful look, before taking out a textbook and saying, “Class, please turn to page 136 of your textbooks.”


When she got time to rest between lessons, Shi Sheng wanted to go buy a drink from one of the stalls in school. For the sake of taking a shortcut, she went down a less crowded route.

On her way past the garden, she was ‘fortunate’ enough to come across the leads’ secret meeting.

And their positions…were rather ambiguous.

Yin Mo held Shen Jiayin’s wrist captive with one hand while the other was at her waist, as he trapped her in his embrace and stared down at her.

“Yin Mo, let go!” Shen Jiayin struggled. But because she didn’t have enough strength, her efforts were in vain. Instead, their positions became even more intimate.

Yin Mo blew some air into Shen Jiayin’s ear. “Miss Shen, we’ve already been more intimate than this; why are you being shy?”

Shen Jiayin’s face was red from anger. “Hooligan! I shouldn’t have been so kind as to rescue you that day!”

“Hahaha! There’s no such thing as medicine for regret!”

As Shi Sheng watched the leads cultivate their feelings, she pondered on what pose she should use while breaking their ship.

Show-off Sheng was determined to break ships.

Shen Jiayin death had been at someone else’s hands, so she was very wary… And Yin Mo wasn’t someone who’d easily trust others either.

Only after going through life and death with each other could two guarded people come together.

‘Then I’ll just make it so that they can’t share life and death together.’

Shi Sheng recalled the plot and plucked out several of the more important turning points before turning to leave.

Once she’d returned with her drink, she found that Shen Jiayin was already in the classroom with a slightly flushed face. Her eyes looked a bit glazed as she rubbed her wrist, her thoughts a mystery.

“Sheng Xia, Sheng Xia, the homeroom teacher’s looking for you.” Yao Qin immediately told her upon her return.

“Why does he want to see me?” ‘I(bbb) don’t think they discovered me(bbb) earlier? Regardless, nothing good will come from ML-sama looking for me. Not going.’

Shi Sheng had a bad feeling about this. To cut off any danger at its roots, she decided not to go.

“Dunno. But it probably has something to do with your…” Yao Qin’s gaze floated over to Shi Sheng’s test paper on her desk. Her meaning was obvious. Sheng Xia had been the top of the class, but now she had fallen to 45th place. It was quite normal for their homeroom teacher to summon her for a talk.

“Sheng Xia, have you been doing all right? How come your grades fell so much…” Yao Qin turned around to face Shi Sheng.

The latter merely pulled out her test paper for her to see. Yao Qin looked at her suspiciously, before hesitantly taking the paper.

It was very clean, because there were barely any words there. But the questions she had bothered to answer were all correct.

After adding up all the marks, her total score was: 38[1].

Yao Qin, “…” ‘Top Student, I feel like kneeling right now… Why do I feel like that number is mocking me? Is it just me?’

Shi Sheng didn’t go look for Yin Mo, and the latter didn’t summon her again.

It was as if Yin Mo had been merely completing a task in asking for her; whether she actually turned up was irrelevant to him.

Shi Sheng had arrived near the end of the school term, so the holidays started soon. Shen Jiayin and Yin Mo’s relationship was still at the stage when both were guarded and tried to feel each other out.

After the term-end exams, Shi Sheng practically bolted out of school. Returning home, she saw Gu Yan, who had been so busy that she hadn’t seen him recently.

“You’re back.” Gu Yan was wearing an apron, a spatula in his hands and a smile on his face. “Hurry up and wash your hands. The food will be ready soon.”

Shi Sheng looked at the table. All the dishes were Sheng Xia’s favourites.

“Uncle Gu, how come you’re back? Aren’t you busy with work?” Shi Sheng went to wash her hands in the kitchen.

Gu Yan was still boiling the soup. Upon hearing her question, he smiled and answered, “Yep. But your term-end exams are over, so I had to take out some time to celebrate with you.”

Even this amount of time had been painstakingly squeezed out of Gu Yan’s busy schedule. He had to leave after eating.

“Oh.” ‘Meal Ticket sure is busy.’

“How was your test?” Gu Yan carried out a bowl of soup. He didn’t wait for her answer before speaking confidently, “With your grades, there should be no problem in getting first place.”

Shi Sheng paused in wiping her hands. ‘Then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed…’

She had only filled in the questions which were easy to answer. As for those subjects involving a lot of writing like politics and history…she’d left them completely blank.

Gu Yan seemed to be very reassured about Sheng Xia’s grades, so he didn’t continue to question her any further.

After accompanying Shi Sheng for a meal, he left hurriedly.

But on the day the results were announced, Gu Yan received a call from the school. They wanted to know why such a good student’s grades had fallen so drastically in so short a period of time.

Gu Yan had to take out some time again to go home and look for Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng was sleeping when she heard someone knock on the door. She crawled out of bed and, after quite a while, finally went to open it.

Gu Yan’s expression was rather unsightly as he stood outside, a tense aura surrounding him.

Shi Sheng immediately sobered up. “Uncle Gu, has the school announced the results?”

Gu Yan, “…” ‘Is this girl a tapeworm residing in my stomach? How does she know the school announced the results before I told her?’

Shi Sheng scratched her head, her voice still a bit nasally from having just woken up. “I was too lazy to write long answers. There’s no problems with my grades, so don’t worry, Uncle Gu.”

Gu Yan, “…”

He examined Shi Sheng before sighing and giving her a heartfelt speech, “Uncle Gu doesn’t care too much about your grades because I can provide for you. But what happens when I grow old? You need some skills at least, so that you won’t be completely helpless against your husband’s family after you get married.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Dear uncle, you’re really thinking too far into the future…’

Gu Yan probably felt he had been too naggy as well, for he coughed and continued, “If you say your grades are okay, Uncle Gu will believe you.”

Though, thinking of that horrifying report card…Gu Yan didn’t believe her one bit.

Yet. he couldn’t be fierce to her. There was a saying that you can’t hit other people’s children.

This saying was quite true. Had she been his daughter, he would’ve started whacking her already.

Gu Yan told Shi Sheng to study hard before rushing back to the company, though he still remained concerned about this matter. Although he had too little time to keep an eye on her, he couldn’t just allow her to pick up bad habits.

[1] 38 is number slang for the 8th of March, or International Women’s Day. I didn’t know this till Action pointed it out before… It’s basically used to insult a woman as dumb. Don’t ask me the reason why.

Author’s note:

To all the little angels who donated, thanks for feeding me~

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Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Scoring the exact number of marks just to prove a point… Wow… I wish I could do that…

TLC: Us mere mortals don’t understand the realm of top students…


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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