Chapter 355 : Green Plum Meets Wine (6)

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Three days later, Gu Yan suddenly called her out for a meal.

Shi Sheng didn’t really want to go. But since Gu Yan said this meal was very important, she could only get changed and leave the house.

The sky outside was completely overcast, looking like it was going to rain.

Shi Sheng hailed a taxi and told the driver to take her to the hotel.

Once she arrived, she found that it was actually hosting an antique auction.

Gu Yan was standing outside, waiting for her. Seeing Shi Sheng get off the taxi, he waved her over.

[Hidden Quest: The Boy Who Lost His Footing. Notice: This is a chain quest.]

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘This annoying mode again? I(lz) refuse! And what the fuck is with that title? What happened to all your lofty idiom-titles?

Hidden quest…’

Shi Sheng took a deep breath.

[Mission Target: Yu Jiu.]

‘Yu Jiu? Oh hey, that guy left a rather deep impression on Sheng Xia.’

Why? Because Sheng Xia was very scared of him.

Yu Jiu and Sheng Xia could count as childhood sweethearts. Their families had also been close.

But when Sheng Xia was 7, Yu Jiu left the country. Sheng Xia only later learned that it was because Yu Jiu’s mother had committed suicide.

Yu Jiu had always liked to bully Sheng Xia ever since they were young. And the latter had no way to tell the adults, so she became very afraid of him.

It had been eight years since Yu Jiu left the country…

Gu Yan brought Shi Sheng into the hotel. It was very crowded with people. They used the lift and got off at the tenth floor.

“Still remember your Uncle Yu?” Once they were out of the lift, Gu Yan asked Shi Sheng softly.

“En.” Shi Sheng’s gaze randomly roamed around.

“He and his son just returned from overseas not too long ago. They only just contacted me today, so he definitely knows…” Gu Yan was unable to continue, so he simply brought Shi Sheng into a private room that had been reserved.

It was a very large room. The first thing Shi Sheng saw upon entering was the boy seated on the sofa, his head lowered.

His posture was very casual. His fringe was rather long and covered his eyes.

“You’ve already grown so much Xiaoxia…” Shi Sheng didn’t have time to finish her examination, before the man who was seated at the table got up and enveloped her in a bear hug.

“*cough cough*…” Shi Sheng choked on her saliva.

‘Fuck! Gimme a chance to react, won’t ya?’

Yu Xingyun released Shi Sheng. “What is it? …Why did you start coughing?”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Choked on my own saliva…’

She waved her hands to express that she was fine while Gu Yan hurriedly handed her a cup of water, which she accepted and drank from.

She only discovered that something was off with the liquid once it had entered her mouth.

“Pfft—” ‘Wtf?! Which idiot poured white wine into a cup used for water?!’

The scent of alcohol immediately diffused into the air after Shi Sheng spat it out.

Gu Yan hurriedly grabbed a jug of water from the table and poured her some.

“Why is there wine in this cup?” Gu Yan frowned.

In hotels like this, they had rules for what type of drink to pour in which cup. And there was no way the waiter could’ve gotten it wrong.

Shi Sheng drank some water to rinse away to taste of alcohol from her mouth, her face red.

Yu Xingyun’s face though, was black.

“Yu Jiu!” He kicked the boy on the sofa.

The boy’s face had been hidden because his head was lowered. But the kick had caused him to lift it slightly, allowing Shi Sheng to realise he was actually asleep.

And if you asked Shi Sheng to describe the face with one word…it would be tender.

Not handsome, tender.

His face could be compared to those you’d see in TV adverts in the future that had been beautified countless times.

Yu Jiu was older than Sheng Xia by four years, so he should be 19 this year, but he appeared no older than 15 or 16.

He rubbed his head and asked in a slightly slurred tone, “Why’re you kicking me?”

“Did you pour the wine?!” Yu Xingyun was very angry. “You lil git! Bullying your little sister the moment you return! Get up already, you lazy scoundrel!”

Yu Jiu appeared to have been reminded of something, as he looked over in Shi Sheng’s direction. She was still trying to catch her breath, so she wasn’t looking at him.

All he saw were her exquisite, doll-like features from the side.

Boasting a beautiful neckline, the girl’s long eyelashes fluttered faintly while those pink lips moved slightly as she panted.

“Didn’t you hear me? Get up!” Yu Xingyun kicked him again. He hadn’t used much force before, but it was different this time.

Yu Jiu scowled from being kicked, but he still stood up.

“Apologise to Xiaoxia!” Yu Xingyun dragged Yu Jiu over to Shi Sheng. ‘This little rascal always liked to bully Xiaoxia when he was young, and he still hasn’t kicked the habit!

Just now, after I said she was coming over, he stood by the table for a long time. The waiters didn’t even come in, so it couldn’t have been them!’

“Sorry, Xiaoxia-meimei.” Yu Jiu obediently apologised.

Shi Sheng thought she was hearing things. ‘This villain is actually so obedient? There’s something fishy going on!’

She turned to look at him. The boy was currently smiling at her, two dimples on his cheeks, his eyes nearly a slit from how wide his smile was.

He merely appeared to be a soft, harmless young man, but his smile gave people a bad feeling.

Shi Sheng felt a shiver run up her spine.

‘This villain is no joke!

…I suddenly don’t feel like confirming if he’s Feng Ci.

…I wanna kill him.’

Her intuition had always been very accurate. There was definitely more to Yu Jiu than meets the eye.

“Xiaoxia, are you feeling better?” Yu Xingyun carefully looked at Shi Sheng. “Um, it was all Uncle Yu’s lack of oversight that made you suffer. Look, er, how ’bout when you’re out for a stroll and you see something you like, just tell me and I’ll buy it for you.”

Yu Xingyun figured that his decision was a wise one, since all little girls like buying stuff… right?

“Xiaoxia, are you okay?” Gu Yan eyed Shi Sheng nervously. That liquor had been white wine. Though she hadn’t swallowed it, just that mouthful would be enough to cause her discomfort.

“I’m okay.” Shi Sheng turned to look at the still-smiling Yu Jiu. ‘I am so pummelling this fellow once we get out of here. It’s decided! Besides, I dunno who he is right now, so no way am I holding back!!!’

Only once Shi Sheng said she was fine did the two adults let out a sigh of relief. Yu Xingyun introduced himself in a familiar manner before calling the waiter over to order their meal.

He had been planning to let Shi Sheng decide what to eat. But Yu Jiu, who was sitting across from her, snatched the menu away.

“I remember Xiaoxia-meimei’s favourites, so I’ll help her order.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Feel like killing him even more.’

After Yu Jiu ordered the food, Shi Sheng’s face was nearly green. ‘Sheng Xia’s favourites?! Bullshit! These dishes were the ones she hated most!’

Yu Jiu brought a bowl over to sit down beside Shi Sheng. “Xiaoxia-meimei, here, try this. I heard it’s their specialty, and that it’s very delicious.”

“Xiaoxia-meimei, this is tasty too…”

Shi Sheng’s grip tightened on her chopsticks. Had it not been for the fact she didn’t want to embarrass Gu Yan, she would’ve long smashed these dishes into Yu Jiu’s face.

The person who had been occupying the top her personal blacklist all this time, Lu Qingyun, could step down now.

Yu Xingyun and Gu Yan were busy catching up on everything that had happened during those years apart, and so absorbed were they in the heavy atmosphere that neither noticed what was going on between their wards.

Yu Jiu continuously piled food into Shi Sheng’s plate. “Xiaoxia-meimei, why aren’t you eating? Are you on a diet? You’re already too thin. Girls should eat more; you’d look better with more meat on you…”

“Yu Jiu-gege.” Shi Sheng squeezed out a faint smile and picked up two glasses from the table. “Since we haven’t see each other for so many years, lemme toast you.”

Yu Jiu stopped talking as he eyed the cup in Shi Sheng’s hands, feeling doubtful. ‘This girl doesn’t seem as afraid of me as she used to be?’

A few seconds later, her took the cup from Shi Sheng. “Since it’s Xiaoxia-meimei toasting me, of course I’ll drink.”

The knocking of the two glasses made a clink.

[1] Yu Jiu’s name is 郁酒 which sounds like 遇酒 where “遇”/‘yu’ means meet while “酒”/‘jiu’ means wine.

Author’s note:

Green plum meets wine. Get it? Meets wine? Yu Jiu[1]?

This hobby-horse is sick lolololol

Plus, you guys have been wanting to see Feng Ci chase Shi Sheng instead. Yep, I’m a pretty down-to-earth lil fairy.

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Do you guys still remember which arc Lu Qingyun was from?

Ans: [Arc 2]

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