Chapter 356 : Green Plum Meets Wine (7)

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Gu Yan looked in their direction. The young man and young lady held their drinks close together as they smiled.

But he felt like there was something off with their smiles. It was as if they were competing to see who could smile the brightest.

Yu Xingyun on the other hand, wasn’t quite as perceptive. “These two are still so close, eh?”

Gu Yan, “…” ‘The only thing I see is that weird atmosphere… How are they close?’

“Back then, had it not been for…then perhaps Xiaoxia would’ve been this little rascal’s fiancée by now. Sigh… I won’t be leaving the country anymore. I’ll stay here and help you take care of Xiaoxia. It’s been hard on you these past few years.” Yu Xingyun patted Gu Yan’s shoulder.

Gu Yan looked away from Shi Sheng and Yu Jiu. “I received much kindness from Sheng-dage back then, so I have to at least help him take care of his daughter.”

“You don’t forget your debts! You’re a true man! Oh right, I heard there’s been some problems with your company lately. If there’s anything I can help with, just say it.”

“The most critical junction has already passed…”

The two had been reminiscing about old times, and then they’d gone on to chat about what they were doing now, before finally talking about company matters.

“Dad, Uncle Gu, I’ll bring Xiaoxia out for a walk.” Yu Jiu suddenly stood up.

“Have you guys eaten your fill?” Gu Yan looked at Shi Sheng.

“Yes.” Shi Sheng nodded.

“Run along then, you two.” Gu Yan nodded back.

“Xiaoxia, there’s an auction going on downstairs. How about you guys go take a look around, and see if there’s anything you like?” Yu Xingyun handed Shi Sheng an invitation card. “If you do, just get the little rascal to buy it for you.”

“Thank you, Uncle Yu.” Shi Sheng received the invitation from him.

Yu Xingyun’s expression turned stern once he faced Yu Jiu. “Little rascal, you’d best take good care of your Xiaoxia-meimei. Just see how I’ll deal with you if she’s missing even a single strand of hair!”

Yu Jiu’s expression was odd, as if he was trying to hold something in.

“Got it.” Yu Jiu nodded before dragging Shi Sheng outside.

Once they were out of the room, Shi Sheng flung his hand off.

“Sheng Xia, your temper sure has grown in the eight years we haven’t seen each other!” Yu Jiu nearly squeezed out this sentence through gritted teeth.

Shi Sheng crossed her arms. “Yu Jiu-gege, are you sure you don’t need to go use the gents?”

Having been thus reminded by Shi Sheng, Yu Jiu felt his anus clench, so he dragged Shi Sheng in the direction of the washrooms.

Once they were outside the gents, Yu Jiu released Shi Sheng and didn’t forget to warn her, “Wait here for me. If you dare to leave… Hmph! See how I’ll deal with you!”

Shi Sheng gave him a bright smile. ‘Of course I can’t leave. I still want to pummel you.’

Yu Jiu entered the gents and Shi Sheng leaned against the wall, her fingers drawing circles in the air. ‘There is spirit energy in this world, but with this body’s physique, it won’t be possible to tell if Yu Jiu is Feng Ci for quite a while.’

Yu Jiu remained in the toilet for a long while before emerging. Seeing Shi Sheng still there, his expression relaxed. ‘At least she’s obedient.’

But the next second, the pain that reappeared in his stomach forced him back into the washroom.

Seeing Yu Jiu repeat this over and over, Shi Sheng wished to express that she was very happy with the result. ‘Who told you to troll me(lz)?’

Only after getting the hotel staff to buy him some medicine could he end his ‘loving’ relationship with the toilet.

“Yu Jiu-gege, how does it feel?” Shi Sheng somehow managed to imbue a lot of meaning into that ‘Yu Jiu-gege’ of hers.

Yu Jiu weakly leaned against the wall and smiled at her. “Xiaoxia-meimei, you’ve won.”

He admitted defeat this time.

The girl who only knew how to cry back then had actually learned to fight back.

Shi Sheng mirrored his smile, her voice faint. “If it happens again, I’ll let you experience real euphoria.”

Yu Jiu didn’t speak, merely staring at her.

The girl that used to cry when he so much as glared at her had already grown so much.

His brow lifted slightly as a dimple appeared, his gaze sweeping across Shi Sheng’s chest meaningfully. “And how would you do that? Hm?”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Fuck! This idiot!’

Shi Sheng scanned their surroundings and, upon ensuring there was no one else here, shoved him into the open, empty room to the side.

“Xiaoxia-meimei?” Yu Jiu revealed a surprised expression. “So it turns out you’ve had a crush on me for so long…”

Shi Sheng shut the door and flexed her fingers before giving him a dark smile. “Yep, I’ve(lz) had a ‘crush’ on you for ages.”


Yu Jiu had never expected his little green plum to be so violent. Fortunately, she hadn’t aimed for his face.

After being beaten, it was clear Yu Jiu was much more well-behaved—he no longer smiled craftily at Shi Sheng. Instead, he merely pursed his lips, the corner of his mouth upturned slightly so that he gave others the impression he was smiling.

Shi Sheng had been planning on leaving after heading downstairs.

But Yu Jiu stopped her at the lobby, pointing towards another direction. “Xiaoxia-meimei, how about we go take a look?”

“What? You want to buy me somethin’?”

Yu Jiu revealed that obnoxious smile again. “If you want something, I’ll bankrupt myself to buy it.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘My hands are itching to give him another beating…’

[Chain Quest 1: Go to the auction with Yu Jiu.] System’s voice suddenly rang out.

‘Who the fuck wants to go to an auction with this idiot? They can go if they damn well want to, but don’t drag me(lz) into this!’

Shi Sheng made to leave.

But right as she was about to leave the revolving door, it was like a layer of invisible glass blocked her way. She followed the swivelling door and managed to exit very easily—back where she’d started.

‘What in the fucking hell?!’

Shi Sheng refused to give up and tried again, but with the same result as before—she was unable to leave this place.

“Xiaoxia-meimei, you’re so old, yet you still play this game.” Yu Jiu was standing not too far from her.

‘Play your grandpa’s game ah! That idiot system actually dared to use underhanded tricks!’

[……] ‘Don’t talk to Host. Don’t try reasoning with her.’

Shi Sheng checked on the situation in the lobby. Not only were there a lot of people, there were also police officers holding guns…who were currently beginning to pay attention to her.

Shi Sheng gave up the impulse to draw her sword and hack her way out. She returned to Yu Jiu’s side and spat, “Come on.”

“Xiaoxia-meimei, you’re not as cute as you used to be.”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘If you’re so cute, you should ascend the heavens already! I should’ve pummelled him till he couldn’t get up…’

Noticing her gaze turning fiercer, Yu Jiu immediately shut up and led her to the auction’s reception room.

The person checking the invitations examined it several times before cautiously asking her. “Little girl, what is your relation to Mr Yu?”

The auction today was very important, so they had to confirm everyone’s identity. Plus, Shi Sheng and Yu Jiu appeared much too young, and the owner of the invitation was one of the important invitees he had been notified to look out for.

“He’s my dad.” Yu Jiu replied in Shi Sheng’s stead.

“Please wait a moment.” He left with the invitation and returned five minutes later, handing it back to Shi Sheng. “Please, come in.”

The reception hall had a very classic, antique feel to it. There were glass cases everywhere with all sorts of exhibits in them.

There were some people surrounding and discussing these exhibits in low voices. Past that was a door leading to the auction hall proper.

There were already some people seated in the hall. Some were alone, while others sat together in little groups as they conversed in low voices.

“Xiaoxia-meimei.” Yu Jiu pointed at a couple of seats that were closer to the front. “Our seats are over there.”

Shi Sheng glared at him. ‘Do I(lz) look like I don’t know that? Who wants you to remind me, eh? Idiot!’

Author’s note:

Shi Sheng: Come on, vote! People who vote can get a Yu Jiu (I’ll give you this one).

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