Chapter 358 : Green Plum Meets Wine (9)

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Shi Sheng inhaled and exhaled roughly three times before she smiled, and spoke, “He bought it. Go look for him.”

‘Since when did this idiot buy stuff? How come I wasn’t aware? And he even dared to run off, leaving me to pay for him?! Simply…seeking death ah!’

The emcee seemed rather troubled. “But…Mr Yu said you would pay on his behalf.”

‘Pay on his behalf my arse! If I(lz) do that, am I(lz) even going to be able to get it back from him?! Pei! Why should I(lz) help him pay?!’

[Chain Quest 2: Help Yu Jiu pay.] System’s timing was very opportune.

‘System, I’m telling ya, I’mma slice you up if you gonna be like this!’

[……] ‘It’s not as if it’s the first time… I’m used to it…’

“How much is it?”

Emcee, “3 million.”

‘3…3 million?! Just what the hell did that idiot buy that cost 3 million?!’

She couldn’t come up with that amount even if she emptied out her savings.

“I don’t have money.” Shi Sheng’s face went taut as she pointed at herself. “Do I look rich to you?”

Emcee, “…” ‘Your temperament and attire is quite good, so… Yes, you do look like a rich person.’

“And I’m still a student. Do you think I’d be able to cough up 3 million? I got 300[1]; you want it?”

Emcee, “…” ‘Everyone who had the qualifications to receive the invitation has at least 100 million at their disposal. Even if you can’t bring out 3 million, your family should be able to ah!’

The emcee didn’t know what to do, so she went to call the manager.

“If you had no money, why’d you come here? Xiaojiayin, your friend wouldn’t be a scammer, would she?”

Xie Chen began courting death again.

Shi Sheng gave him a glance.

Shen Jiayin hurriedly spoke, “I think Sheng Xia’s family is in the real estate business, so that can’t be the case!”

Gu Yan was in the real estate business. But Sheng Xia’s parents had been in the financial sector, their business spanning a wide range.

“I think it was Longfeng Properties.” Shen Jiayin then muttered in a soft voice.

“Longfeng?” Xie Chen frowned. “My family’s been preparing to buy it over.”

“How unexpected that you know my family situation so well.” Shi Sheng smiled coldly.

“I only know some stuff.” Shen Jiayin smiled slightly as that contempt appeared in her eyes again.

“You must pay a lot of attention to me if you know this much. Shen Jiayin, do you like me or something?”

‘For fuck’s sake! Didn’t the FL say that she didn’t hate Sheng Xia? If so, then why does she pay so much attention to her?!

Fucking crazy!’

“I—” ‘Who the hell likes her ah?!’

Shi Sheng’s smile grew colder and she turned to talk to the emcee lady. “Go look for that idiot, he’s the one who bid for it. If you can’t find him, then Uncle Yu’s in the restaurant on the tenth floor. You can go look for him for the money.”

Shi Sheng headed to the great hall the moment she finished speaking. This time, there weren’t any restrictions like before.

[……] ‘Stop her? Haha, very funny. If I try to stop her now, she’s going to just draw her sword and start hacking…’

“Ms Sheng…” The emcee lady called her from behind.

Shi Sheng pretended like she hadn’t heard her and left the auction hall.

Since that idiot Yu Jiu’s whereabouts were unknown, Shi Sheng got the hotel staff to pass a message to Gu Yan before leaving.

It was raining outside.

Shi Sheng paused before heading out and vanishing into the rain.


Only the sounds of rain pattering on the surrounding buildings could be heard in an otherwise quiet alleyway.

Shen Jiayin kept feeling like someone was following her. But every time she turned to check, no one was there.

Most of the lamps along this alleyway had been broken—probably by someone’s mischievous kid—and had never been fixed. Only a few sparse lamps provided some measurement of dim lighting.

Shen Jiayin tightened her grip on the umbrella and sped up. But just as she was about to reach the exit, she suddenly halted.

Several dark figures had appeared there. People also rushed out from behind her, trapping Shen Jiayin between the two groups.

“Little lady, hand it over.”

“Hand what over?” Shen Jiayin pretended she didn’t know what they were referring to. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Little lady, don’t be forced to drink by refusing a toast[2].” In the darkness, Shen Jiayin could make out people approaching her, bringing with them the cloying scent of alcohol.

Her mind whirred as she tried to think of a way to escape…

Right as they were about to reach Shen Jiayin, she suddenly tossed her umbrella at them and ran in the direction she came from, which had less people.

But Shen Jiayin was just a young girl while her pursuers were all grown men, so they soon caught her.

Shi Sheng stood in the shadows, allowing the rain to fall on her. She watched as the men searched Shen Jiayin before beating her up and leaving.

Shen Jiayin was lucky they weren’t the lustful type, else she wouldn’t be able to keep her virginity.

Shi Sheng flipped her somewhat wet hair. She had lured Yin Mo away, and since Shen Jiayin was still shit at fighting, she decided to go over and rub salt on her wounds.

But right as Shi Sheng was going to go over, someone suddenly grabbed her wrist and pressed her against the wall behind.

Shi Sheng subconsciously reacted by lifting her leg to kick her assailant, but they grabbed it and used their own to hold her’s down.

“It’s me.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘This idiot.’

Yu Jiu placed a finger on her lips before pointing outside.

Shi Sheng frowned. She heard footsteps sound in the alleyway getting closer before pausing. It then continued again and got further away until it disappeared.

She leaned out to have a peek, but Shen Jiayin was no longer where she had been lying.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Oh for fuck’s sake…’

“Xiaoxia-meimei, I hadn’t expected you’d have such talent in being bad.” Yu Jiu didn’t dare to release Shi Sheng. He was quite clear how violent his little green plum could be right now.

“Yu Jiu-gege.” Shi Sheng squeezed these four words out through gritted teeth. “Trying to make me pay for you, and then following me? This score…”


Yu Jiu hurriedly dodged. The pain in his arm caused him to frown. Under the dim lighting, he could make out a cold gleam.

A sword had somehow appeared in her hand. It appeared like a normal sword, though a very sharp one.

Drip- Drop-

Fresh blood dripped to the ground, staining the rainwater red.


The coldly gleaming blade cut through the rain as it sliced towards him, bringing with it a fierce wind…

Yu Jiu ended up being beaten up to the extent he couldn’t get up.

“Yu Jiu-gege, hope you have fun here tonight.” Shi Sheng spoke as she looked down on him from above. ‘Fuck your mom, think I(lz) can’t deal with an idiot like you?!’

Shi Sheng comforted herself inwardly. ‘This isn’t Feng Ci; he wouldn’t be this obnoxious!’

That made her feel much better.

She stalked off with her sword. As Yu Jiu watched her sword drag across the ground and heard the sharp, screechy noises it made, his lips raised slightly.

‘Seems like my lil green plum is much more interesting than before. Hss… Damn, she hits hard! Hurts…’

Yu Jiu clutched his arm and got up. ‘If I hadn’t been quick in dodging, my face would be ruined.’

He rubbed his face. ‘Okay, I guess my face has been ruined…

How could she bear to do this? My face was so good-looking… I won’t be able to see people for a few days…’

Yu Jiu stared in the direction Shi Sheng had vanished and soundlessly laughed.

He left in the opposite direction from Shi Sheng. His back was obscured by the rain until it was no longer visible.

The heavy rain continued to pour and wash away the bloodstains on the ground, leaving behind the silent, dark alley.

Like nothing had ever happened.

[1] 1 million is written as a hundred myriads (10,000).

[2] An idiom that means, don’t make things difficult for yourself. If you don’t do as we say (drinking to a toast), then we’ll force you to do it anyway.

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