Chapter 359 : Green Plum Meets Wine (10)

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After hearing that Yu Jiu had been beaten up by Yu Xingyun, Shi Sheng was very happy. ‘Who told you to plot against me(lz)?’


‘Why is this idiot standing outside my door with his luggage?’

“Xiaoxia-meimei, have you been thinking of me?”

Shi Sheng expressionlessly slammed the door on Yu Jiu’s smiling face. ‘Does thinking of killing you count?’


Shi Sheng watched as he opened the door with a key and revealed his face once more.

“Uncle Gu gave me the keys~” Yu Jiu waved the keys in his hand about triumphantly.


A sword appeared without warning.

“Get out, or I mince you. Choose.” There was nearly no inflection in her tone.

Her overbearing and domineering manner that made her look like an emperor stunned Yu Jiu. His hand was still in mid-air, the keys swinging slightly in his hands, making little clinks as they brushed each other.

His eyes were very bright, causing Shi Sheng to feel a bit puzzled.

“Xiaoxia-meimei, your sword looks very powerful.”

‘This idiot…’

She squeezed out a smile. “Know what this sword is called?”

“Hm?” Yu Jiu cocked his head slightly, dimples beginning to show as his eyes lit up. “What?”

Shi Sheng tightened her grip on her sword. “Idiot-Fixer.”

‘Idiot’ Yu Jiu, “…” ‘Why do I have the feeling that my lil green plum is insulting me?’

“Xiaoxia…” A rather doubtful voice suddenly spoke up from behind. “What are you guys up to— Where’d this sword come from? Why are you pointing it at your Yu-gege? Hurry up and put it away!”

Gu Yan had appeared outside the doorway at some point, staring at the sword in Shi Sheng’s hands in surprise and anxiety.

‘I don’t believe I had this type of murder weapon in my house before… Pei! It’s not a murder weapon!’

“Uncle Gu, I gave it to Xiaoxia as a gift.” Yu Jiu naturally continued along this train. “Xiaoxia-meimei, do you like it?”

‘Xiaoxia-meimei’ Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Like your fucking head! This was mine(lz) in the first place! Who gave you the face to claim that you gave it to me, huh?! If Gu Yan wasn’t here, I’d(lz) pummel you till not even your dad would recognise you!’

As expected, Gu Yan’s expression relaxed. “Still, you can’t just point that at people! Xiaoxia, put it away!”

‘What if someone gets injured? That sword looks very sharp… Is it a toy? If it is, it’s very realistic… Just where did this kid Yu Jiu get such a dangerous object from? I’ll have to find a chance to confiscate it in the future…’

Shi Sheng glared at Yu Jiu, who merely curved his lips in a harmless smile, revealing his dimples.

Shi Sheng unwillingly put down her sword, her frosty gaze sweeping over Yu Jiu.

Gu Yan helped Yu Jiu carry his things inside and smiled as he spoke to Shi Sheng, “Xiaoxia, your Yu-gege’s going to be staying at our place from now on. You know I’m busy with work, so I’ll have no time to accompany you.”

“Can I say no?” Shi Sheng looked at the ‘intruder’ and asked Gu Yan with a cold expression.

Of course, Gu Yan wouldn’t allow it.

The summer break was too long, and he’d be too busy with work to keep an eye on her. As she was at the period where she needed guidance and counselling the most, he wasn’t assured with just leaving her alone at home, which was why he’d gotten Yu Jiu to come and accompany her.

He also figured that since they’d known each other from childhood, it’d be okay if they got together in the future.

Shi Sheng nearly used the classic spoil brat’s triple combo[1]… But the more Shi Sheng opposed it, the more Gu Yan felt he needed to have Yu Jiu here.

After Gu Yan helped Yu Jiu unpack his things, he called the latter out for a talk.

“Xiaojiu, there’s been something going on with Xiaoxia. At her age, most kids are in their rebellious phase, so please help me keep an eye on her and don’t let her pick up any bad habits.” Gu Yan’s brows were tightly knit together as he stared at the door.

‘My lil green plum is already hacking people up with a sword… She was already bad long ago, okay?’

Yu Jiu smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry, Uncle Gu. I’ll take good care of Xiaoxia-meimei.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble you. Her lifestyle habits aren’t too healthy, so you have to make sure she eats and sleeps in a timely manner.” Gu Yan patted Yu Jiu’s shoulder. “Take this card. If there’s not enough, just call me.”

Yu Jiu didn’t reject it, and naturally took it. “Alright, Uncle Gu.”

After Gu Yan left, Yu Jiu entered with the card in hand. The sight that greeted him was Shi Sheng, her feet propped up as she sat on the sofa. He could almost read from her expression: ‘There’s no one else here now; I want to pummel you to death.’

“Girls should sit properly.” Yu Jiu cocked a brow, his smile filled with slyness. “Xiaoxia-meimei, I can see your underwear~”

“I’m(lz) wearing shorts. Tell me(lz), how could you see my(lz) underwear?” Shi Sheng’s expression was calm.

Yu Jiu, “…” ‘Sigh…lil green plum isn’t cute at all.’

Yu Jiu ended up being beaten again before having a door slammed in his face. Shi Sheng decided to ignore this idiot that had just helped his way into her house.

As Yu Jiu surveyed the messy living room, he sighed. ‘Just how did she survive alone?’

He rolled up his sleeves and got to work cleaning up the living room. When he was cleaning up the table, he caught sight of that sword.

His eyes lit up as he reached over to grab it.

It was very light… Well, at least much lighter than he’d expected. He tried waving it around, but it was like there was an obstruction in the air preventing his movements from being executed fluidly.

He was rather surprised.

‘How come it looks much better in my little green plum’s hands?’

After waving it about a couple of times, he placed the sword back and continued to clean up the living room. By the time he was done, it was nearly 1, yet the person in the room showed no signs of emerging.

He went to knock, but no one answered.

Yu Jiu waited for a bit before trying to push open the door, whereupon he discovered that it had been locked from the inside.

Yu Jiu, “…”

‘It isn’t good for my little green plum to be so wary of me.’

He went to call Gu Yan and asked him where the spare keys were located.

Yu Jiu then followed his instructions and headed to the living room drawer. where he found the keys.

He inserted them in the lock, turned them, and opened the door…

The room was pretty well-lit. If he had to use one word to describe it, it’d be: messy.

Fortunately, only books and normal articles of clothing were strewn everywhere—nothing especially private like underwear could be seen.

A tiny lump was curled up on the bed. When he went over to take a look, he found Shi Sheng sprawled across the bed, the side of her face pressing against a pillow.

“No wonder your chest isn’t growing if you sleep like this.” Yu Jiu shook his head and went over to turn her over, so she was sleeping the right side up, before helping to cover her with a blanket.

Throughout this, Shi Sheng didn’t wake.

System had also noticed that in modern worlds, Shi Sheng was a pretty good sleeper, unlike in other words where she’d wake up as soon as someone appeared in her vicinity.

‘Just how did her brain develop this way…?’

System wished to express that it couldn’t understand her at all.

Yu Jiu watched Shi Sheng with a smile for a moment before bending over to pick up the messily strewn books.

Most of the books were in English. He took a casual glance at their titles, but what he saw caused his expression to turn weird.

‘My little green plum…has quite the future ah! Even the pornos she reads are in English… Can she really read them?’

Other than pornos, there were also some other ‘unique’ books. As Yu Jiu picked them up, his expression turned even weirder.

101 Ways To Die[2]

Death’s Persistence & Efficiency…

Yu Jiu turned to look at the person on the bed. Her chest rose and fall slightly as she breathed evenly. The current her was nothing like when she was awake.

It seemed like all the thorns of guardedness and antagonism had been stripped away, leaving behind only a silent peacefulness.

Yu Jiu turned back, his lips slowly raising. ‘My little green plum sure is full of surprises. Since that’s the case…’

Yu Jiu organised all the books on the bookshelf, sorting them by genre.

On the bookshelf, he saw several photographs that had been framed. Most of them contained Sheng Xia and her parents. But there was one where another child appeared.

The boy was taller than the girl by a head. He was hugging the girl, while she had a timid expression on her face and it seemed like she was still crying…

“We’ll have ample time in the future, little green plum.”

[1] 1. Cry, 2. Kick up a fuss, 3. Threaten to hang (one)self

[2] This is the title of a real video game, though I don’t think the author was aware of this…

Author’s note:

Thanks for the feeding, my little angel sponsors~

Little Fairy: Ample sexy time???

Yu Jiu: Don’t be filthy! My little green plum is still young. Please vote~~

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    [[ ‘My little green plum…has quite the future ah! Even the pornos she reads are in English… Can she really read them?’

    Other than pornos, there were also some other ‘unique’ books. As Yu Jiu picked them up, his expression turned even weirder.

    101 Ways To Die[2]…

    Death’s Persistence & Efficiency… ]] HAHAHHAHAH I knew she was reading p0rn in class that one time!

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