Chapter 365 : Green Plum Meets Wine (16)

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“You’re looking down on me! Xiaoxia-meimei, you have to believe that your Yu-gege is really capable!”

“Yet you still end up being beaten by me.” Shi Sheng spoke coolly.

“If it was your wish, I naturally had to comply.” Yu Jiu laughed as he said this.

Shi Sheng turned and caught sight of the smile playing on his lips. She stared at him for a few seconds, before handing the phone to him.

Smartphones hadn’t even appeared in this time period yet, so Yu Jiu’s eyes lit up upon seeing it, just like when he’d first seen her sword.

“Xiaoxia-meimei, where’d you get this? It’s much more advanced than the current technology!” Yu Jiu turned so that his body blocked the phone from view of the surveillance cameras and other people.

“Aliens gave it to me.” Shi Sheng began bullshitting. “Do you believe it?”

“As long as it came out of your mouth, I believe it.” Yu Jiu placed the phone in his pocket. This place was too crowded—it was unsuitable for him to examine it further.

Shi Sheng gave him a look, to which he replied with a brilliant smile. “My body and heart belong to you, Xiaoxia-meimei.”

“Is that so?”

Seeing that she wasn’t angry, Yu Jiu continued, “Mhm. Xiaoxia-meimei is welcome to collect them at any time.”

“Sure.” Shi Sheng nodded. “Go dissect yourself. I’ll collect the pieces.”

Yu Jiu, “…”

For some reason, the book titled “101 Ways To Die” that he’d found in her room floated to the forefront of his mind.

And that couldn’t help but conjure an image of Shi Sheng in a doctor’s gown, as he lay bound on an ice-cold operating table…

He shivered and hurriedly pulled Shi Sheng. “Xiaoxia-meimei, I don’t want to be separated from you by the boundaries of life and death! I want to be with you forever!”

Yu Jiu froze after he said that, but he soon felt at ease. ‘My little green plum is so cute; I can’t let other people have her!’

“Sounds like you’ve said it to a lot of people before.” Shi Sheng pulled his hand off with a fake smile. “Yu Jiu-gege, it seems you’re looking down on me too since you’re trying to use a tactic for coaxing little girls on me.”

Yu Jiu swore with three fingers raised. “I have no interest whatsoever in other girls.”

“Oh? So you’re interested in boys? Really couldn’t tell that Yu Jiu-gege was inclined that way! Don’t worry, I won’t tell Uncle Yu. But if you’re planning on tricking me into a sham marriage[1], forget about it!”

Yu Jiu, “…”

Shi Sheng harrumphed and laughed. ‘Fight with me(lz) will ya? Think all those people I(lz) killed were in vain?’

Yu Jiu put his hand down, feeling a bit melancholic. ‘Why does my lil green plum seem to have such a poor impression of me?

Was it because I was too much of a dick?’

Yu Jiu tried his best to recall, but the memories that were once clear as day were now blurred. The only thing left was the current her.

He scratched his head and watched Shi Sheng, who had gone to stand in front of the unopened ores.

#How do I get my lil green plum to quickly like me? SOS urgent#

“Which one do you like? I’ll buy it for you.” Yu Jiu decided on pleasing Shi Sheng for now. There was just no way to get together if she was always sarcastically mocking him…

“And make me pay again?”

Yu Jiu, “…”

Thinking of that asshole move of his, Yu Jiu really wanted to turn back time.

“I can see green!” A loud shout brought the attention of everyone to where the stones were being pared.

That side was instantly surrounded by people as excited shouts travelled across the room. When it was Shen Jiayin’s turn, the crowd was practically boiling over with excitement.

While other people would have one out of three stones that showed green, all three of Shen Jiayin’s were like that. And one even turned out to be a rare Emperor Green! An Emperor Green ah!

When it came to the boy’s turn, he had nearly lost all hope. ‘What’s better than an Emperor Green?’

“Heavens, it’s another Emperor Green…and a Glass-grade one!” An excited exclamation caused the boy’s head to shoot up.

The other Emperor Green had merely been Ice-grade.

The boy’s face was filled with disbelief.

‘Did I really pick this…? Wait, no, I didn’t pick this. That girl did.

Emperor Green…and Glass-grade at that.’

Shen Jiayin’s expression turned unsightly. She’d seen this ore too, but she hadn’t chosen it because she couldn’t really tell its value and wanted to play it safe.

The unopened ore that the boy had chosen was very large. Once the worthless outer layer had been completely removed, everyone sucked in a cold breath.

This Emperor Green was very large. It was at least the size of a ten-year-old’s head, a full size larger than Shen Jiayin’s.

‘That’s all money ah!!! Several hundred million worth!!!’

Yu Jiu’s brows lifted as he gave Shi Sheng a thumbs-up. “Xiaoxia-meimei, you’re great!”

Shi Sheng remained silent.

‘I dunno how to appraise; it’s the phone in your pocket that does…’

The boy was quite lucky. Of the other two stones he’d picked, one was revealed to be an Ice-grade Violet. Violet was pretty rare too, and this specimen wasn’t a small one either.

Without question, the boy had won this contest.

The boy was brought away, probably to go see the magnate.

Now that the show was over, Shi Sheng planned to leave. But before she could leave the stone-paring area, she was stopped by two men in black.

“Ms Sheng? Our employer wishes to see you.” Their attitudes were very unyielding.

Yu Jiu calmly positioned himself in front of her. “Who is your employer?”

“Mr Long.” They appeared much more respectful when saying that name.

“Not dead yet, eh?” Yu Jiu asked out of the blue.

Their expressions changed. “Sir, please watch your words!”

“What? Don’t tell me he is dead?”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Idiot hobby-horse is causing trouble again…’

At some point, more men in tuxedos had surrounded Shi Sheng.

Yu Xingyun and Gu Yan had been chatting with other people somewhere else, when they heard the disturbance. At first, they’d just swept their gazes casually across. But upon recognising who it was, their expressions changed simultaneously.

They didn’t even bid their conversation partners goodbye before rushing over.

“Xiaoxia!” Gu Yan protected Shi Sheng behind him and looked at the two men who had spoken just now. “May I ask how has Xiaoxia offended Mr Long?”

He recognised these people as Mr Long’s bodyguards—everybody did.

“Mr Gu?” The bodyguards were surprised. “Ms Sheng is your…?”

“My daughter.” Gu Yan replied with a frown.

The bodyguards felt doubtful. ‘Wasn’t Mr Gu single? Where did he get a daughter from?

…And she doesn’t even share his surname.’

They couldn’t thoroughly investigate her in such a short period of time. All they knew was that she came in with another young lady, as well as her name (which the receptionist had). Sheng Xia.

They thought she was just a friend who the young lady had brought over, and hadn’t expected her to be related to Gu Yan. The bodyguards couldn’t help but handle the situation more prudently.

“It’s like this: Mr Long wants to meet Ms Sheng for a bit. There’s no other motive, so don’t be nervous, Mr Gu.”

Yu Xingyun walked over with a cold face too. “And why does Mr Long want to meet Xiaoxia?”

“Mr Yu…” ‘How come he’s here too? Just what is this girl’s background?’

Yu Xingyun was the biggest new business mogul in the country this year. His company was headquartered overseas, but it seemed that he was planning to shift it back here, so a lot of people had their eyes on him.

“Is this the attitude you use to invite people?” Shi Sheng poked her head out from between the two men hiding her behind them. “Phew, I thought you guys were going to silence me or something.”

Bodyguards, “…” ‘Although we were a bit stern just now, it’s a little too much to think we wanted to silence you, miss…’

[1] I think it’s implied that it would be unconsummated? Since she’s basically saying he wants to marry her to cover up his preference for men…

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: If you don’t vote, I’m going to start silencing people!!!

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: I’m not clear with terminology (and I doubt the author is too). I could infer everything though, so I wasn’t sure if you guys needed a footnote…?


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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