Chapter 366 : Green Plum Meets Wine (17)

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With Yu Xingyun and Gu Yan present, the bodyguards didn’t dare to display their previous attitude.

Shi Sheng supported her chin. “Uncle, see? Capitalists, amirite?”

Gu Yan, “…” ‘I’m…technically a capitalist too.’

“But I like it.” Shi Sheng continued, “Different people should be treated differently. If everyone was treated the same, wouldn’t complete chaos ensue?”

If everyone felt like they were equals and thus refused to get any work done or listen to their superiors, how would this world continue to run?

Gu Yan, “…” ‘My girl is feeding me chicken soup again…’

“Xiaoxia-meimei is right.” Yu Jiu piped up. ‘Lil green plum is always right.’

Shi Sheng gave him a look, whereupon Yu Jiu smiled, revealing his dimples, an almost unnoticeable affection and indulgence in his eyes.

“Mr Long said he just wanted to meet Ms Sheng. We were only obeying orders. As for the specifics, everything will be clear once Ms Sheng follows us. If Mr Gu and Mr Yu are still unassured, you can follow us too.”

In the end, the bodyguards gave in.

Yu Xingyun had nothing to fear from this Mr Long because most of his operations were still overseas. But things were different for Gu Yan.

Mr Long had businesses in the real estate industry too, and it was one of the leading ones in the industry. Gu Yan would suffer if he really offended him.

In the end, they all followed the bodyguards upstairs, leaving behind a confused crowd.

Yin Mo had been standing in a spot that wasn’t too crowded. As he stared at Yu Jiu’s departing back, he spoke in a low tone, “Don’t you think that boy resembles someone?”

The bodyguard hidden away in the shadows lifted his head to take a look, managing to catch sight of Yu Jiu’s profile.

“Young Master, you must be mistaken. He appears no older than 16 at most. How could it be him?”

“En.” Yin Mo massaged his temples. He’d probably just been thinking too much.


Mr Long’s full name was Long Run. He was the organiser behind this event.

Long Run was nearing his eighties, a bigshot in the business world, as well as a senior in the academic circles. He seemed to have possessed countless haloes throughout his entire lifetime. It wouldn’t be a problem to write a several-million-word story based on his life.

Long Run sat on the leather sofa, wearing a Mao suit[1]. Perhaps because he exercised on a regular basis, Long Run appeared in his sixties at most with half a head of white hair. His somewhat plump face was stern and his eyes were filled with a sharp light, making him appear quite intimidating.

He held a cane in his hands. The handgrip was carved in the shape of a dragon’s head, while its body wound around the length of the cane.

Plus, Shi Sheng could somewhat recognise him.

He was the old man who’d been chatting pleasantly with Shen Jiayin in the auction from a year ago.

Shi Sheng merely gave him a cursory glance. She wasn’t even afraid of the Jade Emperor, let alone this mortal.

The moment they entered the room, Yu Jiu took Shi Sheng’s hand in his.

Shi Sheng struggled, but couldn’t break free, so she could only pinch Yu Jiu. His grip loosened from the pain, whereupon Shi Sheng took the opportunity to wrest her hand free and give him a warning glare.

Long Run was nearing the end of his lifetime, but not once had he met people who disregarded him like this—especially not two youngsters. His expression darkened even further.

“Mr Long.” As Yu Xingyun was an elder, he could keep his back straight and talk without bowing in front of Long Run. But since the latter was slightly older, Yu Xingyun couldn’t help but use formal speech. “May I know why you are looking for Xiaoxia?”

Long Run tapped the wooden floor with his cane, making a low thud.

“Mr Yu, I wish to have a private talk with the girl.” Long Run spoke loftily.

Yu Xingyun frowned. ‘Just how did Xiaoxia offend this bigshot?’

He looked to Gu Yan, who gave Shi Sheng a concerned look.

Long Run could probably discern their concern, for he harrumphed. “I’m a senior. What can I do to a junior?”

The atmosphere was a bit tense.

Gu Yan, “…” ‘I’m worried about what the lass will do to you. She doesn’t bother with manners anymore! She’s managed to get those fellows in the company who can’t hold their tongues to feel speechless!

You’re already reaching 80. If anything happens to you because she angered you too much, I can’t afford the compensation…’

“Uncle Gu, Uncle Yu, you guys can leave first.”

Now that Shi Sheng had spoken, Gu Yan and Yu Xingyun could only reluctantly leave. Once the door was shut, only Long Run, Shi Sheng, and Yu Jiu were left in the room.

“Go on then, what under-the-table deal do you have in store for me?” Shi Sheng lifted her chin. ‘This old bugger smiles like a goddamn flower whenever he sees the FL, but scowls at me like I owe him money…’

Long Run, “…”

Yu Jiu stifled a laugh. ‘Under-the-table deal? She even dares to use this description.’

Long Run’s expression darkened as a hint of oppression appeared in his tone. “During the competition, you helped Qu Jin pick an ore and broke the rules. Did you think I didn’t notice?”

“Your eyesight’s rather good for someone of your age. Cheers for you. Bet you’ve eaten your share of miracle medicines, eh?” Shi Sheng casually replied. After a slight pause, she asked with a puzzled expression, “Who’s Qu Jin?”

“The boy who picked the Glass-grade Emperor Green.” Long Run rumbled.

He was at least above being angered by a little lass.

“Oh, him.” Shi Sheng appeared to have been enlightened. “And what’s that have to do with you calling me here? Old man, don’t beat around the bush. I don’t want to dance circles with you—it’s a waste of time.”


The whole room was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Yu Jiu stood at his spot with a smile, his dimples making him look adorable.

His posture was relaxed as he stared at Long Run’s cane, not a hint of nervousness or anxiety on his face.

The other was even worse—she simply walked to the side and helped herself to a seat. She was simply as comfortable as she would be in her own home.

Long Run harrumphed with a dark face, disapproval in his eyes. “Young people nowadays are truly bold!”

Shi Sheng’s lips curved up into a smile as she spoke in a melodious, yet immature voice, “Thanks for the compliment.”

Long Run, “…”

“Good, good, good!” Long Run suddenly spoke, though his expression was scarily dark. “Ms Sheng truly makes others look at you in a different light! Being so arrogant from a young age, it’s only a matter of time before you suffer for it!”

“If you’re not gonna say it, I’m leaving.” ‘Sonovabitch, I’m(lz) not here for you to lecture me! Why run circles around the damn topic?’

“Fine.” Long Run took a deep breath and decided to not hold her transgressions against her. “Tell me, why did you help Qu Jin cheat?”

“Since when did I do that?”

“You helped him pick the ore, how was it not cheating?” Long Run tapped his cane on the floor hard.

Shi Sheng had an innocent expression. “Your rules never said other people weren’t allowed to help.”

Long Run tapped the floor even harder. “Nonsense! Don’t tell me you were planning to help him out for life?!”

‘I’m selecting a final disciple, not someone to send me off! Everyone knows the rules to this, yet she tells me it’s not in the rules…

Simply…going to anger me to death! I’ve never seen such a lass with no respect for her elders!’

“What? Can’t I just feel like helping him out this one time? Freedom of speech and all that, no? What I say is my own business. Don’t tell me you want to control other people’s words and actions?”

Long Run felt his blood pressure rising dangerously high.

‘Why is such a good-looking young lady so arrogant?! Though…she looks familiar…’

[1] Something like this:


Author’s note:

Morning babes~

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    His posture was relaxed as he stared at Long Run’s cane, not a hint of nervousness or anxiety on his face.

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