Chapter 368 : Green Plum Meets Wine (19)

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After they got home, Shi Sheng snatched the keys from Yu Jiu and tossed him out.

But System just had to jump back out. Even if she didn’t open the door, it could still open by itself!

Yu Jiu once again helped himself in.

He took out the phone. “Xiaoxia-meimei, you don’t want this anymore?”

Shi Sheng silently turned towards her room. ‘It’s only 1k each, no big deal. Why would I give a shit?

…Don’t give a shit my arse!’

She suddenly turned around and held Yu Jiu down, giving him a good walloping. ‘This guy needs beatings to behave!’

Yu Jiu behaved himself much more after being taught a lesson—he stopped bugging her to go fiddle around with the phone.

“Hey, Xiaoxia-meimei, how do I use this? How come I can’t tap this?”

“Xiaoxia-meimei, is this a game? A simulation game[1]? I’ve never seen something like this even while I was overseas… Did you really meet aliens?”


It was as if Yu Jiu was unable to stop speaking. It got to the point Shi Sheng just wanted to tie him up. ‘Where’s my(lz) sack?!’

Just as Shi Sheng was preparing to pull out a sack to shove him in, he suddenly dashed over and loomed above her menacingly.

His expression was solemn and serious. “Xiaoxia-meimei, would you believe me when I say that I’ll tell others about this if you still refuse to be with me?”

‘Where’s ma(lz) sword?!’

Her sword appeared, and she had it pressed against Yu Jiu’s neck before he could react. With a cold, dark smile on her face, she spoke, “Which do you think is faster: your mouth, or my sword?”

‘Everyone who’s ever threatened me(bbb) has already gone down to propose to the King of Hell’s daughters!’

“Just kidding! How could I bear to let Xiaoxia-meimei suffer? Xiaoxia-meimei, blades don’t have eyes, so please move it away.”

Only after a few seconds did Shi Sheng take her sword away. “I want to sleep.”

Yu Jiu immediately gave her a self-recommendation. “I can help you warm your bed.”

“Are you leaving or not?!” Shi Sheng glowered ferociously and pointed the sword at him. “If you don’t, I’mma fuckin’ mince you!”

“I’m going, I’m going! I’m going, okay?” Yu Jiu raised the phone and showed Shi Sheng the screen. “Though, before that, can you tell me what this is?”

On the pirated Taobao app, the first thing she saw was a picture of a pair of underwear.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Forgot this bugger showed everything…’

Shi Sheng pointed at the words and spoke, a slight curve to her lips. “Don’t you know how to read? Yu Jiu-gege, did you feed all your books to a dog? Come say it with me now: 1-year-old underwear. Value: Over RMB100. Distance: 5 metres.”

Yu Jiu stared at Shi Sheng, stunned. This reaction…was different from what he anticipated.

“Yu Jiu-gege, so you were this interested in female underwear?”

Yu Jiu’s ears suddenly flushed and he avoided her gaze. “Er… I’m only interested in you. En, go to bed, I’ll…just…go now…”

Yu Jiu practically ran out like he was escaping. ‘I must’ve gone stupid trying to tease someone who reads porn…in English no less!’


The next day, Shi Sheng found Yu Jiu sleeping on the sofa when she got up from bed. He was all curled up like a cat.

‘He’s much cuter asleep than awake.’

Shi Sheng picked up the phone that had slipped to the ground. It appeared Yu Jiu had been playing a game before he fell asleep.

The phone didn’t use electricity, but rather some unknown power source.

While she was looking at the phone, she didn’t notice that the person on the sofa had woken up. Suddenly, a hand grabbed her by the waist and tugged her over, pressing her down on the sofa.

“Morning, Xiaoxia-meimei.” Yu Jiu lay on top of her, his face brushing against her neck.

She could feel his body heat…as well as the hardness pressing against her.

Shi Sheng made to kick him. Yu Jiu spoke in a hoarse voice, “Xiaoxia-meimei, don’t move. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that I won’t suddenly turn into a beast.”

‘Don’t worry. I’ll(lz) get you into a sack before that happens!’

[Chain Quest 5: Maintain this position for 20 minutes. Host, don’t resist, otherwise, there’ll be a punishment.]

‘Punishment? What kind of punishment?’

System didn’t reply.

Shi Sheng considered it for a moment, before deciding to not move.

She had revealed plenty to the system already.

She was probing it, and at the same time, it was gathering information on her.

‘This punishment probably isn’t anything simple. Well, this guy’s most likely Feng Ci anyways, so I guess I can let him hug me.’

She was so familiar with Feng Ci that she could recognise him almost instinctively.

‘There’s too little spirit energy in this world, and this body’s such a trash physique for cultivation. It’s been over a year and I’ve only just managed to start absorbing spirit energy… I gotta wait a lot longer ah!’

Shi Sheng’s uncharacteristic docility caused Yu Jiu to lift his head in surprise. She was staring unblinkingly at the ceiling, her gaze fixed on some unknown point.

He began brushing up against her.

“Don’t push it.” Shi Sheng lowered her gaze.

Yu Jiu pouted, but shifted back to just hugging her. He didn’t dare to move too much, for fear he really would lose control.

Had she not been too young, he really was of the mind to take her here and now. That way, at least…her body would belong to him, so her heart would soon follow.

Shi Sheng fiddled with the phone and messed around with the apps a bit. Yu Jiu watched her. “Where’d you get this? Can you get me one as well? I’ll repay you with my body.”

“Please. How much could that itty bit of flesh be worth?” Shi Sheng mocked him ruthlessly.

Yu Jiu, “…”

‘Is that contempt I hear? I’m being looked down on?

I have plenty of flesh on me!’

Once the twenty minutes were up, Shi Sheng shoved him off and sat up. Yu Jiu lay sprawled on the sofa, head buried in the crook of his arm, as he mustered the motivation to sit up.

As he pushed himself up, his hand pressed on the remote control on the sofa, causing the television to turn on. The living room was soon filled with the voice of a reporter.

Shi Sheng had been planning to leave when she heard the reporter speaking, and turned to look at the television.

The news happened to be broadcasting a scene from the venue of the event last night. It was still night with the lights of police cars flashing continuously. Two people were brought out, their faces covered.

Shi Sheng recognised their bright clothing as belonging to the group of foreigners who’d sent someone to speak to Yu Jiu.

Since they definitely wouldn’t be able to learn the truth from the news, Yu Jiu got up and walked over to the living room’s phone and dialled a number.

“What’s with last night?” It appeared the person on the other end could comprehend this question, despite having no prior context on what Yu Jiu was referring to.

Yu Jiu silently listened for about three minutes before hanging up. He looked at Shi Sheng. “After we left, someone opened fire on Yin Mo.”

The police had arrived too swiftly for them to react, so the one who opened fire got shot. But as a result, when the police conducted a search, they found the foreigners in possession of guns. The foreigners had no way of explaining themselves…

Yu Jiu grabbed his coat. “I’m going out for a bit.”

He paused before changing his mind. “I’ll send you to school first.”

“It’s the weekend, you idiot.” Shi Sheng walked back to her room with the phone.

“Idiot” Yu Jiu, “…”

‘I forgot, okay?’

“What do you feel like eating? I’ll buy it back for you.”


Yu Jiu sighed. ‘Why is my little green plum so hard to please?’

He grabbed the keys and left the house. Exiting the neighbourhood, he boarded a jeep that had been parked outside.

“Young Master.”

There was a bearded man sitting inside the car who appeared to be a foreigner. The man’s eyes gleamed blue, and his skin was a shade darker than normal. Muscles strained at his clothes, and overall he appeared like a very fine specimen.

“En.” Yu Jiu leaned against the seat. “Speak.”

The man spoke in fluent Chinese, “Long Run has been investigating you and Ms Sheng. But he hasn’t been able to find much of use, so he won’t act rashly for now. The girl called Shen Jiayin is in the same class as Ms Sheng. Her situation is a bit complicated, so we need a bit more time…”

[1] I think it’s more of an education simulation game, but that was too lengthy. I think for this genre, you usually play as a parent raising a child or something. I’ve seen something like it before on Steam.

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Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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