Chapter 369 : Green Plum Meets Wine (20)

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Knock knock.

Someone rapped on the car window while the man was busy delivering his report, causing him to raise his guard, his whole body becoming tense.

Yu Jiu turned around and, when he saw who it was, seemed to turn into a different person as he hurriedly opened the door.

“Xiaoxia-meimei, why’d you come down?”

“Get back in.” Shi Sheng pulled open the backdoor. Yu Jiu immediately shut his passenger door and squeezed into the back through the little gap between the front seats.

Shi Sheng, “…”

“Well? Drive! What’re you just spacing out for? You want to die?” Shi Sheng tapped the headrest of the driver’s seat.

The man naturally recognised the person he’d been tailing for the past year now, so he hurriedly fired up the engine.

From Shi Sheng’s casualness, he could see that he hadn’t been as adept at hiding as he thought—she’d long since noticed him.


Shi Sheng turned and squeezed out a dark smile. “Yu Jiu-gege, do you have a death wish?”

Yu Jiu’s brows furrowed, and he looked out the back of the car.

“Xiaoxia-meimei, I didn’t expect you to love me this much!” Yet, this was the only thing Yu Jiu had to say after seeing what was behind them…

Shi Sheng was too lazy to bother with him. “Take us somewhere with less people.”

Shi Sheng wasn’t omniscient—System had given a quest telling her Yu Jiu was in danger.

She had then used the Taobao app that turned out to be not-so-useless after all. It at the very least allowed her to see that someone had brought guns, and packing some serious heat at that.

Furthermore, that someone just-so-happened to stop behind the car that had been tailing her around this past year.

Her shadower had appeared not long after Yu Jiu left. She’d been planning to catch him at first, but after discovering that he didn’t have any intention to harm her, merely tailing her and even occasionally helping her out, she let him be.

The driver had also discovered the car behind them, and Shi Sheng’s orders couldn’t help but confuse him. “Ms Sheng, the Young Master’s people won’t be able to get here any time soon. We can’t head away from civilisation—they could have guns!”

“What’re ya afraid of? Drive us somewhere with less people—the middle of fucking nowhere even!”

The man felt like he was sweating. ‘Young Master…your childhood sweetheart is really strong ah!’

“Do as she says.” The man didn’t dare to disobey Yu Jiu, so he could only take the turn onto the highway and lead their pursuers to a more deserted area.

“Who wants you dead so much that they would bring this many guns with ‘em?” Shi Sheng handed Yu Jiu the phone.

He merely swept his gaze over it as his fingers slid across the surface. His expression remained unperturbed as he copied Shi Sheng’s usual tone, “An idiot.”


Something hit their car, causing it to careen to the side as the tyres let out an ear-splitting screech.

Yu Jiu pulled Shi Sheng into his arms and protected her head while yelling at the driver, “Speed up!”

Shi Sheng was completely enveloped in his arms. The only thing she could hear was his rhythmic heartbeat. She suddenly felt dizzy and allowed him to continue holding her.

Their car was smashed a few more times before bullets came flying. The windows had probably been switched out for bulletproof ones, for the bullets merely left lines on its surface.

Yu Jiu knew Shi Sheng was probably capable of protecting herself, but he was still worried about her safety.

Shi Sheng pulled Yu Jiu’s arm aside as she peered behind. They were no longer on the highway but a bumpy path in the middle of nowhere.

She struggled free from Yu Jiu’s grasp and shoved a ball into his hand, speaking into his ear, “Aim and fire! Send them to heaven!”

Bursts of gunfire echoed out continuously, almost drowning out her voice, but Yu Jiu still heard her clearly.

The ball in his hand wasn’t big, but it was smooth and cold to the touch.

He frowned. ‘Something this small…’


The bulletproof glass finally gave in and shattered under the onslaught of bullets. Yu Jiu pushed her down, shielding her from the incoming shards of glass with his body.

“Toss it you idiot!”

Yu Jiu chucked the ball out of the car.

What soon followed was a massive explosion as the gunfire ceased abruptly. The subsequent shockwave shoved their car further away.


The rest of the glass in the car shattered into pieces.

Yu Jiu held onto Shi Sheng tightly, as he shielded her until the explosions outside stopped and the car came to a halt, leaving the world completely silent.

He slowly released Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng wrested herself from his embrace and pulled at his shirt. “You okay? Lemme see your back.”

Yu Jiu obediently turned around. Though the glass shards hadn’t embedded themselves into his back, they had still caused several deep gashes to appear.

“Xiaoxia-meimei, it hurts.” Yu Jiu turned around and launched himself into Shi Sheng’s arms.

She couldn’t decide on laughter or anger at this point.

‘This guy’s a real idiot…’

She patted the driver, who still hadn’t come back to his senses. “Do you have a first aid kit?”

He nodded, almost robotically, before retrieving a first aid kit from the front of the car and handing it to her.

Shi Sheng pulled up Yu Jiu’s shirt. “Don’t move.”

Yu Jiu laid on top of Shi Sheng’s thighs. From his angle, he could see her face reflected in the little shards of glass scattered across the bottom of the car.

He reached out to hug her waist, and buried his face against her belly.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Really wanna kill him!’

Once she was done treating his injuries, she pulled his shirt back down. “Let go.”

“Don’ wanna.” Yu Jiu’s voice was muffled.

“You go check outside.” Having no other choice, Shi Sheng could only push this job onto the driver.

He was still in shock. “Check what?”

He had seen that violent explosion from the rear-view mirror. It was like countless lightning bolts were smashing against each other to create a spectacular light show.

“Check…” ‘Oh damn, I must’ve been jolted into temporary idiocy…’

Once the man got over his shock, he pushed open the door and got out of the car.

He soon returned. Noticing that his young master was still clinging on to Shi Sheng for dear life, the man could only report to her instead. “They’re all dead—there isn’t even a single piece of them left intact. And…there’s a really big hole.”

‘A hole filled with lightning…’

“Return to the city.” Shi Sheng nodded.

“We can’t.” A glass shard had carved a gash into the man’s face, which was currently bleeding. It looked quite scary.

Shi Sheng, “…”

Their car had been completely warped from the blast; even the tires were flat.

“Did Young Master fall asleep?” The man suddenly poked his head in to eye Yu Jiu curiously.

Shi Sheng shoved Yu Jiu, but he didn’t move. She then went on to pull his face away from her abdomen to have a look. Yep, he was asleep alright.

Perhaps due to the discomfort of being held in this position, he struggled to re-adjust his position and bury his head against her stomach once more.

“Young Master really trusts you.”

Shi Sheng looked at the man.

“Young Master would never fall asleep in front of us, no matter how tired he feels.”

Shi Sheng frowned. “Help me get the door open.”

The man immediately went to pull the door handle. But since it had been deformed from the impact, it took him quite a while to actually get it open.

Shi Sheng shifted her position before carrying Yu Jiu out.

Seeing a young girl carry out a fully-grown man…

The burly man’s mouth could only be described as an ‘O’ at this point.

‘Young Master, your little green plum is really a strong one ah!’

Yu Jiu was quite heavy, and Shi Sheng couldn’t carry him for long due to her body’s shit athletic ability, so she placed him down on the ground after getting out of the car.

“Go check if there’s anything inside that needs to be destroyed.”

The man, “…” ‘Why does Ms Sheng seem very experienced in this area…?’

The man searched through the car and brought out several objects, before digging out a bag to put them in. He had one of those clunky old-timey phones that looked like a brick, but it was useless since the signal here was terrible.

The two could only decide to get back onto a proper road first.

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