Chapter 370 : Green Plum Meets Wine (21)

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When Yu Jiu woke up, he found himself lying in a hospital bed. His injuries had already been bandaged. However, he could only see his bearded underling, and not Shi Sheng.

“Where is she?” His first instinct was to ask after her.

The man made a shushing gesture before pointing at a chair to the side.

Yu Jiu turned to look. Shi Sheng was curled up on the chair, sleeping. Her expression looked rather tired.

“Carry her over.”


“Carry her over.” Yu Jiu repeated himself.

Bearded Guy made his way over and hesitantly touched Shi Sheng. Only after making sure that she wouldn’t react did he pick her up.

Shi Sheng’s brows furrowed as if she was about to wake up. Bearded Guy hurriedly made his way to Yu Jiu’s bed and set Shi Sheng down there.

She immediately relaxed again and snuggled closer to Yu Jiu. He pulled her into his arms, but the exertion pulled at the injuries on his back, causing it to hurt a bit.

“Young Master…”

“I’m fine.” Yu Jiu waved his hand, as he replied in a low voice.

Bearded Guy waited for a while before asking, “Young Master, what happened back then…”

‘What was with that explosion? Just what did Ms Sheng give Young Master to throw???’

Yu Jiu’s eyes immediately turned cold, as his voice took on a warning tone, “Do not mention this to anyone! I want you to take this to your grave!”

Bearded Guy’s expression took an odd turn. “Yes, Young Master.”

“Er… Young Master, how should we deal with this matter?”

“Let me think.” Yu Jiu reached out to massage his temples, a complicated expression on his face.

“Young Master, you’ve already fulfilled your promise to Mr Luo Sen. It’s that person who’s not letting you off, so you shouldn’t show him any mercy.” Bearded Guy pointed out.

Yu Jiu’s gaze lowered to look at the girl lying in his arms, his brows tightly knitted. After a long time, he spoke, “Do it then.”

Even if not for his own sake, for his little green plum he’d still have to get rid of that person.



Shi Sheng woke up in the evening. The warmth beside her caused her to space out a bit.

She’d only ever slept this deeply by Feng Ci’s side.

Yu Jiu knew she was awake, but he didn’t say anything. Shi Sheng didn’t move either, remaining in that position.

“Xiaoxia-meimei, can you give me a chance?” Yu Jiu’s lips moved as his voice filled the otherwise silent room.

He got no reply.

Yu Jiu felt a bit disappointed. ‘Still won’t do, eh? Gotta work harder…’

“I’ll give you the answer on the day I turn 18.” Shi Sheng propped herself up. ‘I should be able to confirm whether or not he’s Feng Ci in two years.’

Although she was nearly certain that it was him, humans were creatures that needed absolute certainty to be reassured.

“Then I count as your admirer?”

‘I want her.’

Yu Jiu had never held such a strong wish before. From their meeting a year ago, this thought had always haunted him. He didn’t know why either.

It was as if…she was the one he had been looking for all this time.

And whatever he wanted, he’d use any means to obtain.

“Want to court me?” Shi Sheng casually tied her hair up. “That’ll depend on your performance.”

“Oh, I’ll definitely perform well.” Yu Jiu gave her a smile filled with resolve.

Shi Sheng gave him a glance, before getting off the bed and straightening out her wrinkled clothing. Turning around, she caught sight of that obnoxious smile once more, causing her chest to feel stuffy. ‘This guy’s really begging to be beaten ah…’

She swallowed back her initial intent of asking him whether or not he needed help, and simply exited the room instead.


News of the shooting at the event was suppressed somehow. Other than the initial reporting on the first day, there was no other news.

After all, with the Long Family on one side and Yin Mo on the other, the media would require balls of steel to report it.

Shi Sheng didn’t know what Yu Jiu had told Yu Xingyun, but the latter didn’t show up even though the former was hospitalised for the next few days.

After being discharged, Yu Jiu packed up his things and moved into her house for real this time.

Shi Sheng found that ever since Yu Jiu moved in, she seemed to sleep better and better every day.

‘Such a peaceful life. Really makes one want to…’ A hard glint flashed in Shi Sheng’s eyes that Yu Jiu just so happened to catch. But she didn’t give him time to scrutinise it before turning to enter her room.

Over the next few days, Yu Jiu tried various ways and means to seduce her, causing Shi Sheng to have the urge to smack him to death.

‘For fuck’s sake! I’m(lz) still underage, okay?! What’s the point of seducing me?!’

Yu Jiu transferred to the University near Shi Sheng’s school and always arrived punctually every day to pick her up, so the whole school knew Shi Sheng had a ridiculously cute boyfriend.

“Hey, hey, Sheng Xia, your lil boyfriend’s here to fetch you again~” Yao Qin pointed excitedly at a figure standing outside the school grounds.

He stood, hands in his pockets, beneath a tree outside the school gates, the sunlight gently enveloping him in a radiant cocoon, looking for all the world like he belonged in a beautiful painting.

The girls who were passing by stopped to stare at him.

“Not like I agreed yet.” Shi Sheng coolly replied.

“Isn’t that just a matter of time? You guys are childhood sweethearts, and now he’s even courting you this much. Tsk tsk…” Yao Qin counted with her fingers.

Girls around the age of senior high students more often than not held unrealistic expectations and fantasies about love. They didn’t need to worry about the future—they only wanted to enjoy a romance that they could look back on with nostalgia later in life.

“I really didn’t expect certain people to be so shameless after keeping up such an aloof façade.” A mocking voice cut in.

Shi Sheng turned to look at the speaker, a girl she didn’t recognise. And behind the girl stood Shen Jiayin, who appeared to be on her side.

The contempt in Shen Jiayin’s eyes was practically about to spill out onto her expression.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Shit, I’m(lz) losing control of my(lz) temper! Gotta find an opportunity to pummel this FL…’

“Who’s shameless, eh? Cao Ke, I think you’re just jealous!” Yao Qin immediately countered.

“Who’s jealous? I for one am studying to enter uni, unlike some people who ignore their studies to pursue a relationship! I really wonder how they managed to get admitted here.”

Yao Qin felt like laughing in her face. ‘When Sheng Xia decides to show her top student prowess, she’ll scare you to death!’

She suddenly sort of understood what Shi Sheng had been getting at back then—this feeling of disguising one’s true abilities was quite enjoyable.

“I’ll be going first then.” Shi Sheng bid Yao Qin goodbye. “Don’t talk with idiots too much—you’ll lower your IQ.”

“Pfft!” Yao Qin waved at Shi Sheng.

Although Cao Ke flushed with anger, she didn’t dare to make a peep. ‘This woman has violent tendencies! She’s beaten up a lot of people in school, yet she always manages to find a legitimate reason so that the school can’t do anything to her!’

Seeing Shi Sheng walk out, Yu Jiu took the initiative to walk towards her. “Xiaoxia-meimei, your classes are ending later and later. I’ve been waiting for half an hour now. I swear those girls are stripping me down with their eyes!”

“You could just not come.” Shi Sheng stared at him with a half-smile on her face.

“I’m willing to wait for you, no matter how long it takes!” Yu Jiu immediately changed his tune.

“Is that so?”

“Time will prove that I’m as true as steel to you!”

Yu Jiu hadn’t driven here, so the two had to take a taxi. While they were waiting, Shi Sheng saw Shen Jiayin board a luxury car which just so happened to drive by them.

Since the car window wasn’t rolled up, Shi Sheng could very clearly make out the disdainful look Shen Jiayin tossed her way.

‘Just what about me(lz) are you being disdainful of, huh?! Really now! Feeling superior just ‘cos you got reborn? Alright…I guess that is normal…’

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