Chapter 37 : Patron, Please Keep Me (17)

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Once Shi Sheng had managed to successfully shake the cameraman, she leisurely climbed up the path on the mountain. The footage would be edited anyways. That bit of footage at the start was enough. A little bit more filming once they reached the top and everything would be fine.

“Lu Qingyun, wait up! Hey wait for me! Couldn’t you have spoken less just now? That was a senior! Hey, hey… slow down! Do you know how much I did for you toda- Ms Jiang!!!” Su Yixiu’s grumbles turned into a surprised shout. “Ms Jiang, Ms Jiang, over here!”

Shi Sheng looked towards the source of the sound. On another little mountain path, Su Yixiu was wearing a suit while waving his hands at her excitedly. He made for a ridiculous image right now.

And he was currently pulling on her long absent mission target: Lu Qingyun.

‘Oh, I(bbb) was about to forget about it too.’ Shi Sheng leapt down from the slope, shocking Su Yixiu so much his jaw nearly hit the floor.

‘This girl’s athletic cells are quite good! En, definitely a match for Lu Qingyun. An athletic idiot and an athletic genius, they can make up for each other deficiencies. That’s just perfect.’

Su Yixiu’s gaze at Jiang Wan was as if he was looking at his daughter-in-law. Even Shi Sheng, who had a thick face, was feeling a little uncomfortable from that gaze. “Mr Su, Mr Lu, long time no see.”

“Hahaha, that’s not right, I see you every day on the TV.” Su Yixiu wanted to release Lu Qingyun but was afraid he would run so he pushed Lu Qingyun in front of Shi Sheng. “What is Ms Jiang doing here?”

Lu Qingyun’s gaze swept over Shi Sheng. He seemed like he was smiling but not. The sunlight that fell through the leaves overhead illuminated the area around him, causing him to look even stranger.

‘Well shit, looks like this bitch got even more perverted since I last saw him.’

“Filming a programme.” Shi Sheng blinked.

“Extreme World, right? I nearly forgot about this. Extreme World was filming here today. It’s all your fault Lu Qingyun otherwise I could’ve gone to fetch Ms Jiang at the foot of the mountain. When will you let me worry less? I have to take care of you like I’m taking care of a demanding old grandpa (continues rambling)…”

Shi Sheng “…”

Every time she met Su Yixiu, the atmosphere seemed to turn very harmonious. And his phrasing was really very weird!

‘I(bbb) feel a bit unable to adapt to this.’

By the time Su Yixiu finished lecturing Lu Qingyun, he shoved Lu Qingyun next to Shi Sheng before warning severely, “Lu Qingyun, help me bring Ms Jiang to the top. If you dare to run off halfway, I promise you’ll regret it!”

Lu Qingyun opened his mouth as if he was about to reject but the next moment, he shut it. His eyes shifted around and he nodded with a brilliant smile on his face. Shi Sheng felt goosebumps pop up all over her body. ‘Something seems off about Lu Qingyun.’

When Su Yixiu left, Lu Qingyun just stood there, not moving, as he stared smilingly at Shi Sheng. Not wanting to show any weakness, Shi Sheng naturally glared back.

A minute later, Lu Qingyun moved his gaze first as he turned and began walking uphill. Shi Sheng’s eyes flashed before she followed. “Mr Lu, are you really not going to consider my offer?”

‘The next time System dares to give me(bbb) this kind of quest, I’ll(bbb) kill…’

“Ms Jiang, why does it have to be me?” Lu Qingyun paused before casting his laughter-filled eyes at Shi Sheng, as if he wanted to see into the depths of her heart.

Back then her self-marketing wasn’t just empty words. Her funds had been built in the fastest speed possible and though her company wasn’t being run by her, she was quite a good judge of character. Why would a person like this, who could succeed on their own, want to be kept?

He could understand if it was because she liked him. However, she clearly did not. Sometimes, he could even feel the dislike and killing intent she revealed. Yes, she felt like killing him sometimes. ‘Wouldn’t I have to be crazy to accept this kind of person?’

“Because you’re hot!” Shi Sheng blinked before supporting her ‘worshipful’ face and speaking, “Mr Lu is handsome and rich. You’ve got the money, you’ve got the power, why wouldn’t I pick you?”

“There are a lot of people with money and power in this world…” Lu Qingyun pressed her with his gaze as he stepped closer. “Then, why are you picking me, Ms Jiang?”

‘Did you think I was willing? I was forced to okay? Do you know the feeling of someone forcing you to flirt with guys by threatening you with death?’

Shi Sheng suddenly lost her interest. ‘Why not just kill him and be done with it…’

Lu Qingyun narrowed his eyes before retreating a step. ‘There’s killing intent coming from her again.’

“Mr Lu, I heard you weren’t too good at physical activities.” Shi Sheng spoke very clearly. She didn’t withdraw the killing intent on her as she lifted her gaze to meet Lu Qingyun’s slighty doubtful one.

Lu Qingyun covertly reached behind him. Shi Sheng’s eyes curved into crescents as her body swooped forward, grabbed Lu Qingyun’s hand, went behind him and took out the black object at his waist. Shi Sheng moved too quickly for Lu Qingyun to see clearly.

“You actually brought such a dangerous weapon along with you. Mr Lu, you’re going to scare me off like this.” Though she said that, her hands swiftly dismantled the gun and she tossed the pieces to the ground.

Lu Qingyun “…”

‘Then at least look like you’re scared!’ He took a deep breath. “What do you want from me?”

Ever since he was young, he had met a lot of dangers. Some people made a direct move on him while others had attempted to seduce him.

But he had always been able to see through those people at a glance. It was only this woman who he was unable to see through at all.

“All I want is for you to keep me and give me money to spend. Please don’t go imagining too much.”

‘“I want US$10 billion, would you give it to me?” If I say this out, he’s going to kill me, isn’t he?’

“That simple?”

“What else would I want?” Shi Sheng asked in reply. She paused before she chuckled wickedly, “Mr Lu, you didn’t think I was sent by someone, did you?”

‘Do you have paranoia?’

System really wanted to shout at her ‘Have you ever seen anyone flirt with a guy like this?! If you manage to seduce him like this, I’ll livestream me eating a keyboard!’

Lu Qingyun’s eyelashes lowered, blocking his gaze. After a long while, he lifted his head again. “Since Ms Jiang insists, then I shall agree to your request.”

“En?” Shi Sheng looked in surprise at Lu Qingyun. “How come you suddenly agreed? Aren’t you supposed to resist even upon threat of death?”

‘And then we can play a round of fatal sadomasochism! You’re not even giving me(bbb) a chance to, I’m(bbb) giving a bad review!’

Lu Qingyun smiled slightly. “Then I take back my words.”

“No don’t!” He finally agreed, how could she let him take it back?

“Mr Lu, please keep this thing properly. Make sure you don’t accidentally trigger it. It won’t be good if you scare me. You know that girls don’t have big guts.”

‘You still know you’re a girl? What girl do you know could so easily take apart a gun like her?’

Lu Qingyun gave a light laugh before receiving the gun components. He reassembled them before placing it back on his waist.

“As my girlfriend, sleeping with me is an obligation too. Ms Jiang, why don’t we do it now?” Lu Qingyun had hints of laughter in his eyes as he grabbed Shi Sheng’s wrist and started pulling her uphill.

“What?!” ‘Sleep? Fuck, who wants to sleep with you?!’ “Hey, wait a second Lu Qingyun, shouldn’t we cultivate feelings first?”

“It’s faster on the bed.”

“Bloody nonsense! Loveless sex is just immoral! Shit, Lu Qingyun, you wait a moment…”

‘I thought you were utterly fearless. Very good, there’s still something you’re afraid of!’



Author’s note:


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I keep feeling like these two are going to destroy each other in this world hahahaha!



Translator’s Corner:

‘Sleep? Fuck, who wants to sleep with you?!’

Is it just me or did I make that sound suggestive?


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