Chapter 38 : Patron, Please Keep Me (18)

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At the halfway point of the mountain, Han Ling and Co. were following behind the programme crew as they slowly made their way uphill. There were a total of eight people participating in the programme and they were allowed to pick their own routes, they just needed to be followed by two cameramen. The large majority of the group was following Xia Xuan.

“Xuan-jie says she wants to rest. Director, let’s rest for a bit.” Xia Xuan’s assistant ran to the director to say arrogantly. Without waiting for a reply, she ran back to Xia Xuan’s side. Helpless, the director could only allow everyone to take a rest.

Han Ling gulped down some iced water a crew member had given her as she stared speechlessly at Xia Xuan who was currently being waited on hand and foot. “This is already the sixth time we’ve stopped to rest and we’ve only made it halfway up. By the time we reach the top, it’ll probably be night-time already. If I’d known this earlier, I’d have followed Wan-jie up just now.”

The other three drew closer and Fang Jinyu gave a crafty smile. “I know why Wan-jie wants us to follow the programme crew now.”


Fang Jinyu waved a phone. With the tacit understanding they shared, the others immediately understood.

The four sat huddled together and discussed in low voices. It was mostly Fang Jinyu and Han Ling speaking with Yan Ze and Jiang Ming listening.

“Hey, you guys, go down the mountain and buy some spring water for Xuan-jie!” At some point, Xia Xuan’s assistant was standing next to them as she ordered them around arrogantly.

The people in the surroundings had scattered further away so the closest people were these four. And since the average age of this group probably wouldn’t exceed 20, Xia Xuan’s assistant locked on to them.

Fang Jinyu looked at the assistant. “I thought the programme crew prepared water?”

“Xuan-jie doesn’t drink from that brand. What are you still yammering on for? Hurry up and go.”

“Sorry, we’re not a member of the programme crew.” Yan Ze stood up and politely smiled at the assistant. “Can big sister go and ask one of the programme crew to buy it for Xuan-jie? See… we’re tired too.”

The assistant scowled before ridiculing. “Young people should exercise more. It’s just going to get some water, what are you so unhappy about? In this circle, improving relations is the most important skill.

Han Ling pulled on Yan Ze, preventing him from saying anymore. “What type of brand does Xuan-jie drink? We’ll go and buy it for her.”

“Now that’s more like it.”

The assistant told them the brand name and urged them to hurry up before strutting off.

“Han Ling, what did you stop me for?” Yan Ze was still upset. ‘That woman was clearly bullying us!’

“Xia Xuan is one of the Top Actresses and has a lot of influence. Even though the people by her side weren’t polite, look at how nice she is; Even the director was beguiled by her. We haven’t even made our debut yet, how are we going to be able to go against her?”

Han Ling was the eldest so she saw more clearly than the other three.

“Then are just going to take this lying down?” Fang Jinyu was still a bit upset.

“Why would you think that?” Han Ling smiled. “Have you guys forgotten who’s waiting at the top?”

The eyes of the other three lit up. ‘Wan-jie is up there!’

Han Ling went to inform the programme crew before bringing Yan Ze down the mountain to buy water. That crew member had wanted to go but had been politely declined by Han Ling.

Her pitiful appearance won her some points from a few of the crew members who began to feel slightly discontent with Xia Xuan as a result. By the time the main group had reached their destination, it was already closing in on 6pm.

Shi Sheng was sitting in the resting area. Seeing Han Ling’s group of four come over looking very dishevelled, she lifted her gaze slightly. “What happened? Why are you guys looking like such a mess?”

“Xia Xuan’s lackeys bullied us.” They didn’t have any hesitation to tattle  because they knew the company’s policy: Can’t beat them? No problem, there’s always the company!

Shi Sheng looked over to Xia Xuan, who just so happened to be looking in her direction. Their gazes met.

Shi Sheng’s eyes were calm, without the slightest ripple. This caused Xia Xuan to feel frustration growing inside her.

Xia Xuan had seen those four get off from her car hence she had found ways and means to torment them. However, Xia Xuan hadn’t expected Shi Sheng to not be upset at all.

“Go and rest with the others. Just leave the rest to me.” Shi Sheng patted Han Ling’s shoulder and walked towards the director.

The director called for the participants to gather. Aside from Shi Sheng, the remaining seven were in states of varying degrees of disarray.

“Hey, Little Meatball1, you’re the first to reach again.” A lady walked up from the side and hooked her arm around Shi Sheng’s neck.

She was called Fang Liqiu and was a 1st ranked celebrity. She had entered the programme at the same time at Shi Sheng and for some inexplicable reason, had taken a liking to her. She even gave her a nickname: Little Meatball.

‘You tell me, what kind of a damned nickname is that?’

“I wanted to look for you when I got off the car but who knew… By the time I went to look for you, you already disappeared. Can you imagine how lonely and helpless I was feeling?” Fang Liqiu cast a glance at Xia Xuan, her expression full of grievance. Back then, Xia Xuan’s car had been blocking a lot of cars, including Fang Liqiu’s, so she couldn’t make her way over.

“Nope.” Shi Sheng bared her teeth in a smile. “However, if you continue hanging off my body like that, I promise you’ll know what it really feels like to be lonely and helpless during dinnertime.”

Fang Liqiu immediately let go of Shi Sheng. “Heheh, Little Meatball is the best.”

The first one who reached got to enjoy a sumptuous dinner. Since it wouldn’t be completely filmed, as long as Shi Sheng was willing, Fang Liqiu could share some.

In the time Fang Liqiu and Shi Sheng were having their discussion, the director had finally finished with the non-important parts and had finally gotten to the point. “…*cough* I’ll issue the quest slips now. There are only hints written on these slips. Your missions are to get up at 7am tomorrow to go find the object the hints are referring to. Those that don’t manage to find any objects won’t get any breakfast.”

The hints offered by the programme crew were extremely frustrating to crack. You had to consider all 18 generations of ancestors of the phrase2 before being able to find the object. After the quest slips had been issued, it was time for dinner. Apart from Fang Liqiu, everyone else could only stare hungrily at Shi Sheng’s extravagant dinner.

Xia Xuan poked at the Chinese cabbage3 in her bowl. Her expression was ugly but when the camera turned to face her, it immediately regained its gentle elegance. She ate the boiled Chinese cabbage as if it was a high-quality meal.

When shooting was over, Fang Liqiu was dragged away by her assistant, leaving Shi Sheng sitting alone in the hall.

“Jiang Wan, long time no see.”

Shi Sheng looked up and the corner of her mouth lifted. “Yes?”

‘I(bbb) haven’t gone looking for you yet but you delivered yourself up to my(bbb) doorstep.’

“Aren’t you curious as to why I’m here?” Xia Xuan sat across from Shi Sheng as she examined her with narrowed eyes.

Shi Sheng pretended to ponder for a bit before smiling as she spoke, “Wilfulness?”

“You-” Xia Xuan’s expression changed. This answer’s not in the script ah!!!

“Heavens, that guy is so hot…”

“Is he a guest star for the program? But I’ve never seen a celebrity like him before… Yi? He’s heading towards Xuan-jie…”



Author’s note:

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Translator’s Corner:

The assistant’s gender was hard to guess but since Xia Xuan is a girl I’m guessing her assistant is probably a girl too? You know, to prevent rumours. {Edit from half a chapter in}: Yay got confirmation from the raws! Call me Sherlock Holmes 😎

And you guys have no idea how hard it was pinning down the exact genders of that four-man group. I had to go through until half of this chapter to find a single reference to Yan Ze’s gender. Fortunately I know Xiaoming – ahem – Jiang Ming is male. So the other two must be females.

That company sounds awesome… and like a Xianxia villain’s dad…



  1. She referred to Jiang Wan as Xiaowanzi. The ‘wan’ in Xiaowanzi is different than Jiang Wan’s ‘Wan’. Jiang Wan is ‘江晚’ while Xiaowanzi is ‘小丸子’ which literally translates to Little Meatball.
  2. This is not literal. It just means to research thoroughly but I kept it in because I felt it would convey the feeling of the raws better.
  3. Looks like this: 白菜

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