Chapter 374 : Green Plum Meets Wine (25)

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“You leave first.” Yin Mo spoke to Shen Jiayin.

She nodded and got up to leave. As she was about to walk past Shi Sheng, she paused. “Ms Sheng, how about we go out for a walk?”

Shi Sheng propped up her jaw with one hand, appearing rather beat. “Don’t feel like it.”

Shen Jiayin’s eyes darkened, and she looked towards Yu Jiu.

‘These two are going to talk about proper business matters, so would he allow her to remain?’

But Yu Jiu didn’t show any signs of getting angry, merely ruffling Shi Sheng’s hair instead. “Tired? We’ll be done soon.”

Yu Jiu’s attitude was quite clear on this—Shi Sheng didn’t have to leave.

Shen Jiayin turned to look at Yin Mo. He was currently sizing Shi Sheng up rather curiously.

Shen Jiayin grit her teeth and left without saying anything.

The moment she left, Yu Jiu got to the point. “After intercepting my goods and then asking to meet me, I believe you must have a request, do you not, Mr Yin?”

Yin Mo switched his posture so that he appeared even more casual. “It’s not so much a request as a transaction.”

“Transaction?” Yu Jiu scoffed. “What transaction is enough for Mr Yin to run all the way out of the country to intercept my goods? I bet it must’ve taken a lot of effort huh?”

Yin Mo’s interlocked fingers tightened.

His organisation was all within the country, so it was true he’d expended a lot of effort to get the job done.

The two continued to skirt around the topic for quite some time. It was only when Yu Jiu noticed Shi Sheng’s worsening expression and recalled her distaste for wasting time that he got to the point. “What transaction did you have in mind, Mr Yin? Do tell.”

Yin Mo had been waiting for Yu Jiu to say that. “I want the necklace called “Memory” in Mr Yu’s possession.”

“You intercepted my goods for the sake of a necklace?” Yu Jiu’s smile had turned somewhat mocking.

“That necklace was handcrafted and is very unique. It is the only one of its kind in the world. I believe Mr Yu is aware of its value.”

“En, I’ll consider it.”

“Then I shall await your good news, Mr Yu.”

Although Yu Jiu’s lips were pulled upwards into a smile, it didn’t reach his eyes. With a very perfunctory attitude, he bid Yin Mo farewell, “Goodbye.”

Yin Mo glanced towards Shi Sheng before leaving, and she stared back with a provocative gaze.

“Going by story clichés, there’s something important about that necklace.” Once Yin Mo had left, she lightly mentioned.

“Story clichés? Xiaoxia-meimei, you certainly have unique analogies.” Yu Jiu pinched her cheek. “C’mon, my Empress, let us return to our palace for the night.”

Shi Sheng gave him a meaningful look—Yu Jiu was deliberately dodging the topic.

He hugged and rubbed up against her. “There’s no need to worry, I can handle this.”

“Oh, okay. Then from now on, don’t stick your nose into my business either.” Shi Sheng nodded.

“As long as you’re fine, I’ll obey you in everything.” Yu Jiu’s words came easily. Though Shi Sheng was pleased, she didn’t let it show as she got up and walked out.

As their car left the winery, Shi Sheng saw Shen Jiayin and Yin Mo standing in front of another vehicle. The contents of their discussion were unknown, but the atmosphere around them seemed off.


This matter was but an interlude before Shi Sheng began preparing to inherit the Sheng Family business.

But she hadn’t expected Yu Xingyun to be the first one to approach her.

The two found a coffee shop to talk in. Yu Xingyun’s forehead was creased with concern.

“Xiaoxia, do you really want to inherit Sheng Shi Group?”

Shi Sheng gave Yu Xingyun a doubtful look. “Uncle Yu, just say whatever’s on your mind.”

“You’re heir to the majority of the shares in Sheng Shi Group. But recently, the government’s been buying up the other shares. Now, other than your inheritance, most of the other shares are owned by the government. Do you get what I’m saying?”

Seeing that Shi Sheng remained silent, Yu Xingyun continued, “Your Uncle Gu and I think it’s best if you only inherited the liquid assets. There’s enough money to last you a lifetime. Plus, there’s Yu Jiu, so you won’t suffer by any means.”

Shi Sheng stared straight into Yu Xingyun’s eyes. “Uncle Yu, how exactly did my parents die?”

Yu Xingyun’s heart skipped a beat. “Xiaoxia…”

Yu Xingyun practically ran off in a panic. He and Gu Yan had been planning on keeping this from her for the rest of her life. But when did she start having doubts?

Yu Xingyun went to discuss this in private with Gu Yan, who returned home to try to persuade her to only inherit the liquid assets.

In the original storyline, Sheng Xia had done so. And the money really was a lot—it was enough for her to squander and still live without worries for the rest of her life.

But if she didn’t inherit the company, how was she to investigate the death of her parents?

Shi Sheng had also asked Gu Yan the question she asked Yu Xingyun. Instead of fleeing in panic like Yu Xingyun, Gu Yan’s reaction was much calmer.

He merely sighed and told her not to think too much on it.

Yu Jiu found that his little green plum was getting busier by the day; he’d have to make an appointment now just to meet her.

After finally managing to get some alone time with her, she was still busy reading through files.

Yu Jiu embraced her from behind, his gaze sweeping over the files as he spoke beside her ear, tickling it with his warm breath. “Xiaoxia-meimei, this is the government’s info. Where’d you get it?”

‘My lil green plum is even more capable than me ah.’

“Money can do wonders.” Shi Sheng flipped through the information. “Don’t bother me. If you want to sleep, you can go to bed first.”

“I want you to accompany me.” Yu Jiu bit her earlobe, his tongue brushing against it, causing Shi Sheng to be unable to focus.


Shi Sheng smacked the files onto the table and grabbed him by the lapel. “I’m(lz) gonna make sure you can’t get off the bed if it’s the last thing I(lz) do!”


At an apartment, Shen Jiayin sat on a balcony, staring at the countless lights dotting the night.

A phone rang inside the house.

She went inside to answer it.


But apart from this, one couldn’t hear any other noise until she hung up.

After a long while, she dialled a number. The other party only picked up after quite some time. A low, nasally male voice answered, having probably been woken from his sleep.

“I’ve considered your offer.”

“Oh?” Yin Mo dragged out that syllable. “Come to my place.”

Shen Jiayin tightened her grip on the phone. “You should come over to mine.”

“Shen Jiayin, don’t challenge my patience.” Yin Mo hung up.

Shen Jiayin flung the phone to the floor, a dark and unsightly expression on her face. After a while, she got changed into a dress and left the house with her purse.

Once she reached Yin Mo’s residence, she didn’t have to knock before the door swung open and she was pulled in. The door slammed shut behind her.

An alcohol-filled kiss forced her against the door with no means of escape.

“Yin Mo.” Shen Jiayin shifted to the side with much difficulty. “Sober up.”

Shen Jiayin’s resistance got Yin Mo to stop. He flicked on the foyer lights before turning to head upstairs without casting her so much as a glance.

Shen Jiayin grit her teeth and followed him.

Yin Mo stood in his study smoking a cigarette. Shen Jiayin dallied for a moment before entering. She was rather scared of this man.

“I can help you.” Yin Mo stubbed out the cigarette in the ash tray. “But I’ll need to add another condition.”

“Go on.” Shen Jiayin tried her best to maintain her image, even though she felt that it was useless to try so in front of this man. She’d long been flustered around him, as though she was bare naked in front of him.

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  1. P-Orc · Jul 18, 2020

    [[ “I want you to accompany me.” Yu Jiu bit her earlobe, his tongue brushing against it, causing Shi Sheng to be unable to focus.


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