Chapter 375 : Green Plum Meets Wine (26)

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Yu Jiu sacrificed himself to prove the veracity of this saying: there were only fields that could be ploughed endlessly, but no cows that wouldn’t die of exhaustion.

He lay on the bed, a despairing expression on his face. ‘My lil green plum’s stamina was actually so good…’

Shi Sheng covered him with the blanket. “You should sleep now, yeah? Be cheeky again and I’mma kill ya.”

Yu Jiu felt his self-esteem receive a blow and huffily curled up under the blanket.

Shi Sheng felt amused as she stared at the lump on the bed. She had spirit energy, so she’d naturally be much more energetic than him.

Shi Sheng took the files with her to the bed. She’d only just got on when Yu Jiu rolled over to hug her and fell asleep.

She sighed, and could only leave a single light on while slowly looking through the dense stack of files.

They did not contain much information; the files only described several acquisition plans and evaluations regarding Sheng Shi Group.

‘Yu Xingyun said Sheng Shi Group is controlled by the government, but why? Sheng Shi Group has a long history; it’s not as if it’s some kind of startup. Why would the government want to acquire a company with such complex dealings?

And why were the former shareholders willing to sell their shares? If it’s for the sake of money, at the rate Sheng Shi Group is developing, the dividends each year are enough for them to collect till their hands grow numb.

But they’re giving all that up by selling off their shares.

Tsk, how intriguing.’

Shi Sheng didn’t even apply to university when they opened. She’d already gone through university many times and had no wish to do it again.

No matter how Gu Yan and Yu Xingyun persuaded her, Shi Sheng’s attitude remained that of ‘this Crown Prince is going back to ascend the throne!’

Yu Xingyun got Yu Jiu to try and convince her otherwise, but that failed. After all, would he oppose her decision? He supported her with his entire being.

In the end, the two parties could only sit down to talk it out.

“Uncle Gu, Uncle Yu, if you guys don’t give me a reason that’ll convince me, I won’t give up.” Shi Sheng spoke in a calm tone.

“We know.” Gu Yan sighed. “Today, we’re here to discuss the current state of Sheng Shi Group with you.”

“Yu Jiu, what’re you holding onto Xiaoxia for? Go and make some tea!” Yu Xingyun kicked Yu Jiu’s calf. “Honestly, what use are you? Couldn’t even accomplish the simple task of convincing someone!”

Yu Jiu, “…” ‘Why is it my fault again?’

Under the threatening glare of his father, Yu Jiu could only get up to brew tea before returning and continuing to embrace Shi Sheng.

Such PDA[1] caused the two men to sweat in their boots.

“Ahem…” Gu Yan coughed. “Sheng Shi Group has businesses across many industries. But recently, it’s been starting to incur losses. The government is only holding onto the shares. Meanwhile, every layer of management seems to skim a little bit here and there, and a lot of them have higher connections. Xiaoxia, if you really want to take the reins, it’ll be a difficult path.”

Gu Yan was unwilling to just accept it too. After all, the company originally belonged to the Sheng Family, yet other people had caused it to fall to this state.

“Uncle Gu, I’m still young; I need trials.” Shi Sheng phrased it euphemistically.

“Eh, Ol’ Gu, Xiaoxia takes after her mother; she’s a bold one, she is. Just let her be. Even if she fails, she still has you and us, no? She’s not exactly going to starve to death…”

“I’ll provide for my wifey.” Yu Jiu immediately raised a hand and volunteered.

“Damn brat, first look at your Xiaoxia-meimei, then take a look at yourself! You’re always up to a bunch of useless stuff. I reckon Xiaoxia would have to provide for you in the future!”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Your son is capable alright.’

“I’m willing to let Xiaoxia-meimei provide for me. Xiaoxia-meimei, will you look down on me for living off you?”

Shi Sheng affirmed this by giving him a contemptuous look.

“You really have the face to say that as a man?! Damn brat!” Yu Xingyun flared up.

The topic had somehow gotten derailed…


Shi Sheng wasn’t hasty in looking for a lawyer, instead conducting a thorough investigation on the company.

Since it would take a long time, Shi Sheng felt like she should deal with Shen Jiayin first.

The latter’s company was in the business of e-commerce, an industry that was bound to rise in the future. Truly, one had to admit that Shen Jiayin had managed to poach some good talents. At least, they’d be considered talents in the future even if they weren’t now.

And since the FL was willing to spend money, they were very loyal to her.

Shi Sheng didn’t really do much—she merely left a few provocative comments on their site everyday and changed the source code so porn videos played.

A perfectly good website had been turned into Pornhub thanks to Shi Sheng…

‘Isn’t the FL begging for it by entering this industry with me here?’

But since the company wasn’t the FL’s real money maker right now, all Shi Sheng really accomplished was slowing down their progress.

Shi Sheng also felt that this wouldn’t do. ‘Gotta find a chance to kidnap the FL and then get someone to kill her off. It’d make life a lot easier. En, I’ll do that.’

But before that…

Shi Sheng had to convince Gu Yan to switch trades.

In the future, the property market wouldn’t be doing so hot as it was now. The time was just right for Gu Yan to switch industries.

With his ability, it’d be no problem to hold his own—and even become the leading company—in the e-commerce industry.

After several days of wheedling, Gu Yan finally agreed to give Shi Sheng’s suggestion a shot.

Many years later, when Gu Yan recalled how he was hoodwinked into this business, he’d always struggle to hold back his laughter. There had clearly been no sincerity in her tone, as if she was drawing a flavourless biscuit[2] for him. But her expression was as serious as if she had once seen a world like that.

Shi Sheng continued causing trouble for Shen Jiayin’s website every day.


Yu Jiu entered the room. “Please help me.”

Shi Sheng crooked her finger, whereupon he went over with a smile. She hooked her arm around his neck and planted a kiss on his cheek. “Where’ve you been?”

Yu Jiu pulled up a chair to sit beside Shi Sheng. “There was some stuff I had to handle overseas, so I’ve been a bit busy. Dear, don’t be angry. When I’m done, I’ll come back to accompany you.”

Shi Sheng nodded. They both had things they needed to do. She wouldn’t stick her nose into his business as long as he was safe.

“What did you need my help with?”

Yu Jiu took out a thumb drive. “This thumb drive’s been encrypted, and none of the people I found could crack it. Dear, you’re the best, so please help me!”

“Honestly, what kind of scrubs did you find?” Shi Sheng pointed at the computer with her chin for him to plug it in.

After a moment, “I take that back.”

It wasn’t that Yu Jiu had found a bunch of scrubs, this encryption method was just really special. Shi Sheng only cracked it after more than an hour.

There were several videos and files inside.

Yu Jiu made no move to hide its contents from her as he clicked on the videos.

The first few were all a bunch of illegal transactions that had been filmed as evidence to use in a last resort situation.

But the last one appeared to be from a long time ago. The video quality wasn’t too clear as the camera shook about everywhere. It ought to have been shot in secret.

“Wait a moment.” Right as Yu Jiu was about to close it, Shi Sheng suddenly told him to stop.

Shi Sheng enlarged the video. The quality was already terrible, but enlarging it only made everything blurrier. Shi Sheng could barely make out what was in the video.

There were three people present. Including the person shooting the video, there ought to be four.

Shi Sheng turned on the sound, and a lot of static ensued. She could only discern that someone was arguing.

“…this…Sheng Shi Group…they deserved…that…is…public…what more…we’re all…involved…you…back out now?” The video started shaking before a muffled grunt was heard and it got cut.

[1] Public display(s) of affection for those of you who’ve never gotten to use it firsthand (including me) and don’t really read romance (how are you here lol)

[2] The proper saying is to draw a biscuit, or basically paint a picture of an ideal future. Flavourless means she didn’t even try to make it sound plausible.

Author’s note:

Once you’re done reading, hurry up and go to bed!


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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