Chapter 377 : Green Plum Meets Wine (28)

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Shi Sheng felt like this setting was a real ball ache. ‘Really wanna pummel System… The fuck kind of trash storyline is this? Why do I, a mere supporting female lead, need such a grand background? Can’t I(bbb) just have a happy family? Can’t you just let me(bbb) quietly show off?’

[Host, every person has their own family and background. In the original storyline, Sheng Xia inherited only the liquid assets which her parents had left behind for her. Since they had changed hands several times, of course no one could find anything, so she appeared to be a regular rich girl. But since you want to dig up the truth, you will naturally have to take a completely different route from Sheng Xia.]

‘Testing my(bbb) IQ? Fuck!’

“Uncle Gu, you guys should just stay out of this. I’ll deal with it on my own.”

Gu Yan immediately turned stern. “What can a young lady like you do? I was already worried enough pushing you into the spotlight…”

They’d been planning on using this method to lure out the people hidden in the shadows.

He’d thought of taking her with him and just leaving, but then he found that his every move was under constant surveillance. The situation on Yu Xingyun’s end was better, but going overseas was sure to spook their watchers and could cause them to take extreme action.

Since those people had merely been keeping an eye on them for two years, but hadn’t done anything else, it proved that they didn’t want to kill Sheng Xia.

As long as those people weren’t after their lives, they still had playing chips they could use.

“Uncle Gu, thank you. But you and Uncle Yu shouldn’t involve yourselves in this anymore, if you want what’s best for me. You need to believe in me;, I’m more capable than you think.”

Gu Yan’s arguments were all soundly refuted by Shi Sheng. Despite being an adult, he couldn’t win against a child.

“Then when are you planning on going back?”

“No rush. I still need to collect more data.”

After separating from Gu Yan, Shi Sheng gave Yu Jiu a call to ask whether he’d been the one dealing with any suspicious people around her.

Yu Jiu affirmed rather happily that it was the case, in a tone that was begging for praise. Had he been standing here right now, Shi Sheng would’ve smacked the phone in his face.


After much pondering, Shi Sheng felt like using her brain was truly too tiring, so she brought her sword with her while making a beeline for the Long Family mansion.

“Who are you looking for?” The servant who answered was frightened when they saw Shi Sheng’s dark expression and the sword in her hand.

“Open up.”

Of course, the servant didn’t dare to let her in. “Miss, who are you looking for?”

Feeling impatient, Shi Sheng lifted her hand and brought her sword down on the iron gates.

The once sturdy-looking gates couldn’t withstand even a single blow before it was cleaved in two.

The servant shrieked as they ran off to the side. Shi Sheng strode in.

“Miss, who are you looking for? You can’t go in! Please leave—” Shi Sheng pointed her sword at the speaker, causing them to retreat fearfully.

Anyone who dared to try to stop her was definitely going to get hacked…

This continued all the way to Long Run’s study.


The people in the study jumped in fright, but seeing the person standing outside caused them even more shock.

“Sheng Xia!” Long Run appeared much older than he had three years ago, but he was still as loud when he bellowed.

Shi Sheng’s gaze swept over those present. “All here, eh?”

Yin Mo and Shen Jiayin were here, as well as two other old men Shi Sheng didn’t recognise.

She didn’t know who was in the video, but she recognised this room. It was the background from the video. Even the furniture was the same.

Long Run must’ve been involved.

Shi Sheng turned to point her sword at the bodyguards who had followed her in. “Scram.”

What appeared to be a gentle and warm girl turned out to be rather terrifying when her face turned dark. It was as if they could feel a pressure radiating from her that suffocated them and caused their knees to go weak.

But Long Run was experienced in such matters, so he dismissed his bodyguards with a wave. They slowly retreated out of the room.

Shi Sheng shut the door and pasted a talisman on top. She’d made no move to hide her action, so everyone saw it, causing them to reveal odd expressions.

Out of all those present, Shen Jiayin’s expression was the oddest.

“Sheng Xia, what are you doing?” Shen Jiayin snatched the opportunity to question her first, since she actually knew her.

Shi Sheng turned to look at her and pointed her sword at Shen Jiayin’s forehead. “Shut up. Say one more word, and I’ll(lz) mince you!”

“Sheng—” Shi Sheng’s sword cut her off. Yin Mo agilely hugged Shen Jiayin and dodged the sword.

“Be good and stay here. You’ll have your chance to speak.” Shi Sheng didn’t mind that she’d missed. After all, with the heavenly dao’s help, it’d be impossible for her to hack these two roaches to death anyway.

Shi Sheng looked at Long Run, who was still seated calmly. “Mr Long, I trust that you’ve been well.”

Unlike three years ago, her voice was no longer immature, but it was still as melodious as ever, like a tinkling stream that flowed straight to one’s heart.

“Ms Sheng, why have you come here kicking up such a fuss?”

“Playing dumb with me?” Shi Sheng kicked a vase that was half the height of a person, shattering it. “Remember what I told you?”

Long Run’s expression darkened.

The three old fellows looked at each other. Long Run spoke first, “Sheng Xia, you already know your identity?”

Shi Sheng snorted. “I’ve always known who I am and what I’m entitled to. What I want to know is what that land Sheng Shi Group bought is, as well as the truth behind my parents’ deaths.”

“Don’t bother denying it. Take a look at this yourself.” Shi Sheng tossed them the thumb drive. “After you’re done, make sure you consider carefully before talking to me. If anyone dares to start bullshitting, I’ll slaughter the lot of you. Don’t think I wouldn’t dare. There’s nothing in this world that I don’t dare to do.”

“You’re mad!” An old man beside Long Run exclaimed in a low voice and an angry face.

“Tsk, just this got you scared? And you call yourself a bigshot?” Shi Sheng scoffed coldly in disdain. She tapped the table with her sword. “Hurry up and look. Stop dallying.”

These three had a combined age of more than 200, yet a girl not even 20 was bossing them around.

The old man seated on Long Run’s left silently put his hand behind him. Shi Sheng looked at him out of the corner of her eye and saw him pull out a gun and point it at her.

He pushed up his wire framed glasses, a kindly smile still on his face. “Little lady, do you think your sword is quicker than my gun?”

“Want to try?” The smile that surfaced on Shi Sheng’s face caused the old man to feel a bit uneasy.

But his trust in guns allowed him to suppress that bit of unease.

“Put the sword down, and let’s talk nicely.”


The old man felt something hit his wrist, lifting his arm. His finger accidentally pulled the trigger, causing the gun to shoot the ceiling.

The crack echoed in the room for a long time as the scent of gunpowder diffused in the air.

‘H-how did she do that? She clearly didn’t move at all!’

“She’s a cultivator.” Yin Mo’s unreadable gaze fixed onto Shi Sheng. “I really hadn’t expected you to be one.”

‘Yu Jiu’s eye for people is as good as always.’

Shi Sheng knew Yin Mo was a cultivator since the storyline had mentioned it. But in the setting, cultivation methods weren’t complete in this world, so Yin Mo’s aura was a bit haphazard. Although he’d cultivated longer than her, it couldn’t compare to her much purer spirit energy.

“Glad ta meet ya.” Shi Sheng spit these words out with an empty smile.


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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