Chapter 378 : Green Plum Meets Wine (29)

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Cultivators were no secret amongst the top tier elite. There were some who’d even keep someone like this around to protect them.

Yin Mo’s words caused the three elderly men’s expressions to change.

A cultivator…was a grandmaster with formidable might in their eyes. They couldn’t afford to offend this type of person.

In the end, the three acquiesced and went over to Long Run’s study desk to watch the video. Long Run took the opportunity to send for help using the internet.

Shi Sheng coldly watched them. ‘If those useless sods can enter this room, I’ll kill the leads here and now.’

“I knew it was him! That old bastard Wang has always guarded against us!” Once they’d watched the video, the old man who’d drawn the gun angrily spat.

Long Run signalled for the other two to remain silent. The most important thing now was for them to stall for time. As long as his men arrived, he didn’t believe that he’d be unable to deal with a little girl.

As Shi Sheng waited patiently, she gave Shen Jiayin a smile. It was very bright, but at the same time, sent chills up one’s spine.

Shen Jiayin had never met such an odd person even after having lived two lifetimes.

Was she angry? It didn’t appear to be the case. Though the words she spoke were filled with malice, her tone was very calm and unlike someone who was fuming.

But if you said she wasn’t angry? Her smile was much too sinister for that. It was as if she could peel your skin off at any moment.

“Sheng girl—”

“Think before you say anything. I have a brain. If you want to fool me, you’re going to have to come up with a good story.” Shi Sheng reminded. “Stories must have a beginning and an end. Don’t craft one that’s full of holes and make a fool of yourself.”

Long Run choked on his words. ‘Why is this girl so unpredictable?! She cuts me off before I can even get started!’

“Your parents were very capable, but there are times when one must go with the flow. Besides, we weren’t in charge of this.” Long Run revealed a hint of grief in his expression, as he played the part of an elder who had no other choice.

Shi Sheng listened to him bullshitting as he stalled for time, but didn’t stop him. Long Run kept saying how her parents brought their fate on themselves, but never got to the actual point.

Long Run carefully observed Shi Sheng’s expression as he spoke. Ever since he started speaking, her expression hadn’t changed from it’s strange stillness.

His heart pounded as it raced. ‘Why are this girl’s eyes so piercing, as if they can see right through me?’

But just as he and the others were trying to figure out what was off, a sudden screeching of tyres could be heard from outside.

Long Run exchanged glances with the other two elderly men. Their reinforcements had arrived.

But other than the initial screech of tyres, no other sound could be heard.

‘What’s going on? How come it’s so quiet out there?’

The elderly man who’d drawn the gun just now couldn’t hold himself back from sprinting to the window and pulling the curtains apart, causing sunlight to stream into the study.

One could see the front gates from the study’s window.

A group of men dressed in suits and wielding guns were blocking the gates, preventing the cars and people outside from entering. The atmosphere was very tense.

A young man stood in the middle of the open gates. A bearded man by his side appeared to be reporting something. Shi Sheng looked outside.

Yu Jiu seemed to have sensed it, for he looked in the direction of the study.

Since they were too far away, Yu Jiu was naturally unable to see Shi Sheng, so he could only smile in the direction of the study and signal for her to not worry. He’d handle the rest.

“Don’t let unnecessary people bother her.” Yu Jiu gave Bearded Guy an order before heading back into the car.

Bearded Guy was a bit puzzled. ‘Why does Young Master seem completely unconcerned about whether or not Ms Sheng will face any problems in there?’

“Young Master, we’ve mobilised too many people this time. I’m afraid we have attracted unwanted attention in the country. Shall we give them a heads-up?” Bearded Guy suppressed his doubts and schooled his features as he leaned closer to the car to speak.

“No need. Someone will deal with it.”

Bearded Guy’s expression was bewildered. ‘Why does it seem like it’s getting harder to understand Young Master?’

But since his Young Master had already said so, Bearded Guy didn’t dare to raise any questions, merely remaining outside like a door god[1]. However, he was still wondering what his Young Master and Ms Sheng were playing at.

Shi Sheng remained inside for roughly two hours before emerging.

Long Run and the other two followed her out, their dark gazes fixed on Shi Sheng’s back. But the latter was unaffected as she strolled along casually, completely unafraid that they’d ambush her from behind.

The weird part was that no one did so, merely following her out silently.

“Karma will catch up to you sooner or later.” When she got within ten metres of Yu Jiu’s car, Shi Sheng stopped and turned to look at them, her gaze calm.

“You ought to believe it. I don’t mind you guys playing tricks. Of course, you’d best not mind dying silently somewhere too.”

Shi Sheng waved her hand. “No need to see me off.”

Their expressions turned ugly. The events just now had been too strange and sudden for their liking.

Yin Mo had suddenly started a fight with Shi Sheng, whereupon the three old men tried to take the opportunity to flee. But once they got to the door, they found that it wouldn’t open. None of them could touch the casually placed talisman on the door either.

When they turned back around, they saw Shi Sheng stab at Yin Mo—when the very air itself seemed to twist, and both Yin Mo and Shen Jiayin disappeared.

It was a live version of a disappearing act ah!

Shi Sheng had already gotten used to the leads having countless methods to save themselves, so she wasn’t surprised.

She paced over to the car door Yu Jiu had opened and got in the car.

He reached over and slowly closed the door, the smile on his face causing the others who’d emerged from the room to feel startled.

Once the door was shut, Yu Jiu clung to Shi Sheng as he nuzzled her neck. Shi Sheng took the opportunity to peck at his cheek. “Why’re you here?”

“Came to fetch you.” The smile in his eyes was like a brilliant firework that lit up only for her.

“Pretty smart.” Shi Sheng laughed lightly. “Let’s go home.”

Bearded Guy was their driver, so he started up the car upon hearing her words.

The men in suits all got on their cars before boldly leaving the Long Family mansion. Only now could those reinforcements who had been stuck outside swarm in.

None of the three were injured, but the fright they received was not light. The other two hastily bid their goodbyes and left.

Long Run was the calmest and he waved his hand, indicating for them to quiet down.

“I don’t want today’s events getting out. Am I understood?”

“Sir, are we not going to do anything about those people just now?” Someone raised the question. ‘They don’t look like ordinary bodyguards no matter how you look at it.’

“You can go ahead and try them if you have a death wish.” Long Run gave the speaker a cold look before pointing at his sons. “You three, follow me upstairs.”

All three of Long Run’s sons were quite accomplished.

“Dad, that Sheng Xia—”

“Don’t mention this topic, and don’t stick your hands into Sheng Shi Group’s matters.” The mere mention of ‘Sheng Xia’ caused Long Run to flare up. “Don’t annoy that lunatic! If she wants revenge, let her go duke it out with those people!”

“Dad, what’s her background?” ‘It actually scares dad this much…’

The scenes from before flashed in Long Run’s mind. What background?

She didn’t have any background. She was just not afraid to die and obscenely arrogant to boot. But she had ability, and that alone established her status.

After all, would someone who could seal the door shut with a single talisman have no ability?

The older one got, the more they feared death.

[1] Door gods are gods that guard doors. Yep.

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