Chapter 379 : Green Plum Meets Wine (30)

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Shi Sheng had learnt a bit more of what happened back then from Long Run.

Back then, Sheng Xia’s parents had acquired a piece of land and were planning to construct a hot springs resort there.

According to Long Run, they wanted to build one there as it already had natural hot springs present.

Since H Prefecture was being developed, it resulted in ease of transportation, so a holiday resort there was sure to make money.

After they’d signed the contract, someone suddenly spread the news that a diamond deposit was there. And that it was a rather large one too.

Diamond mines were scarce within the country’s borders, so this sudden information caused those who caught wind of it to eye Sheng Shi Group predatorily, wanting a share of the pie.

The land acquisition contract became something of a curse to Sheng Xia’s parents. This matter ought to have been reported to the relevant authorities, but the one in charge had decided to hide it and gave quite a few people money to keep their mouths shut.

Since this information hadn’t been in wide circulation in the first place, it was much easier to keep under wraps in an age without the internet.

With people eyeing up Sheng Shi Group, Sheng Xia’s parents quickly destroyed all the information related to the purchase of land, but this seemed to confirm the suspicion that there really was a diamond deposit in that place.

This led to the series of events afterwards where Sheng Xia’s parents were forced to drive their car into the sea, their bodies lost to the waves.

But those people didn’t manage to learn of the diamond deposit’s exact location. Even till now, the most they knew was that it was in H Prefecture.

“They wanted it for themselves?” Yu Jiu enveloped Shi Sheng in his arms, resting his chin on her shoulder.

“No.” Shi Sheng lifted her head. If that had been the case, they wouldn’t have had to kick up such a big fuss.

“There was someone higher-up who wanted it for themselves, but my parents wanted to report it to the government.”

“Who was that?”

“Yang Huairen[1].” Shi Sheng lightly spat out. “He’s done rather well for himself too.”

Yang Huairen was currently the second-highest-ranked person in the government, so one could say he was capable of blocking out the sky with one hand.

Yu Jiu held her silently. After a long time, he spun her around to face him. “Don’t hesitate to do whatever you want. I can protect you.”

“En.” Shi Sheng hugged his neck, silently cuddling with him.


That night, while Shi Sheng was busy going over files filled with information, Yu Jiu came over to her with an accessory box he’d gotten from who-knows-where.

Shi Sheng frowned and looked at him. Yu Jiu laughed lightly. “It was your mother’s.”

He sat down beside her. “I got it from my Master.”

“You have a Master?”

Yu Jiu rubbed Shi Sheng’s head but didn’t reply. Knowing he wasn’t willing to say anymore, she didn’t continue asking as she opened up the box.

The box contained a necklace. It was designed in a more antique style, but that didn’t take away from its charm—even if one wore it out now, it’d still cause others’ eyes to light up.

A blue jewel the size of a thumb hung on the necklace. When one held it to the light, it gave one the impression that it was filled with water.

“I saw her wearing it once. It was very special, so I recognised it at a glance.”

Shi Sheng’s thumb brushed across the surface of the jewel and held it up the light. It truly seemed to be filled with water, for shaking it slightly caused ripples to appear.

‘Nature sure is miraculous.’

Shi Sheng set the necklace down and turned around to grab Yu Jiu. “C’mon, let’s go out to stretch our limbs.”

“This late?” Yu Jiu was surprised but the next moment… “How about we do that in bed instead?”

Shi Sheng aimed a kick over. “Can’t you keep your mind on more proper matters?”

“How is this not a proper matter? Even the government’s concerned about procreation!” Yu Jiu defended.

Shi Sheng’s lips twitched. “They want less kids, not more.”

“But we don’t even have one yet!” Yu Jiu had an innocent expression as he pulled her hand. “Do you prefer girls or boys? I’d prefer a son, since he’ll definitely be as handsome as me! How about we have twins? Then we can have both!”

Shi Sheng suddenly fell silent. Feng Ci had never expressed any desire to have kids before—this was the first time that he did so.

“Dear?” Yu Jiu panicked a bit at Shi Sheng’s long silence and hugged her, trying to appease her, “Let’s not have kids, let’s not have them! If you don’t like kids, we’ll just not have any.”

Shi Sheng helplessly shook her head. It wasn’t a problem of whether or not she was willing. She was simply unable to.

“Do you really like kids that much?”

Yu Jiu’s hand on her back paused, his voice a bit muffled as he spoke, “Not really… I just feel somewhat insecure. Dear, it always feels like you’ll leave me at any time. I’m a bit scared.”

If they had a child, a portion of her attention would be diverted to the child. But he preferred it when her mind was completely on him.

Shi Sheng reflected for a bit. ‘Is that how it seems to him?

Though I don’t like stuff to drag out, I always make sure to tell him beforehand so he doesn’t get the wrong idea…

So how come he feels that way? Is it because I wasn’t as good to him in this world? Well, who asked him to be so goddamn obnoxious?! Is it my fault I feel like hitting you?! I’m not taking the blame for this!’

Shi Sheng sighed. ‘Really owe this guy huh…’

Shi Sheng flipped over to press Yu Jiu below her as she kissed him very gently. This time, Shi Sheng directed the whole experience. It was so gentle that Yu Jiu felt like he was in a dream. But once he courted death by trying to tease her—and ended up getting pummelled again—he knew that she hadn’t changed one bit.

‘Wifey is just as violent as always… Sigh… But that felt great! I really want another go!’

Yu Jiu felt a bit tempted as he looked at the person in his arms.

“Feeling particularly energetic today, eh?” Shi Sheng lifted her head to look at him, but it was too dark to make out his expression.

Don’t pull that nonsense about being able to see his eyes even in pitch-black darkness. She had to use spirit energy to do so.

She grabbed his hand and poured spirit energy into his body, allowing it to circulate through his meridians.

“Ooh…” Yu Jiu moaned. His body felt like it had been wrapped in a warm cocoon, washing away all the tiredness and exhaustion from before. ‘So comfortable.’

“Dear, are you really an alien?”

“Yep, you scared?”

“Nope. Even if you’re an alien, I’ll still adore you.”

“Pfft— I think you’d run faster than anyone if you really did meet an alien.” Shi Sheng circulated her spirit energy in his body a bit more before releasing him. “C’mon lil devil, let’s battle till daylight!”

“Huh?” Yu Jiu was confused. Only once Shi Sheng climbed on top of him did he react and take back the initiative.

Shi Sheng felt like she’d given him too much spirit energy—this fellow really did battle till dawn…

The morning sunlight poured in through the partially opened curtains, illuminating the two who were cuddled together. It seemed to make their bare skins glow with a layer of warm light.

The discomfort caused Shi Sheng to burrow deeper into Yu Jiu’s arms, but her movement woke him up. Yu Jiu loved the feeling of being able to see his wifey the moment he opened his eyes.

He planted a kiss on Shi Sheng’s forehead before checking the clock. It was actually nearly noon.

‘She’ll be hungry when she wakes, won’t she? But I really feel like just hugging her… So hard to decide…continue sleeping, or go make food?’

In the end, Yu Jiu still got off to prepare a meal. He couldn’t bear for her to go hungry.

[1] His given name, Huairen/“怀仁” means “to hold compassion”. But it also sounds very much like “坏人”, which means bad guy. So…yeah.


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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