Chapter 380 : Green Plum Meets Wine (31)

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In the days that followed, Shi Sheng continued collecting information on Yang Huairen.

Someone who could get to where he was today must’ve had some ability. But he was getting on in years and would probably retire in another two.

It wouldn’t be as easy to get close to him as Long Run. That wasn’t to say it was because he had particularly impressive guards. Rather, it was because his position was too high, so anything that happened to him would attract a lot of attention.

The part of the side quest related to investigating the deaths of Sheng Xia’s parents was pretty much done. Now all that was left was finding out who leaked the information in the first place.

From Long Run’s tone, Shi Sheng deduced that Yang Huairen still hadn’t given up on looking for that place.

Of course, the reason Shi Sheng wanted to kill Yang Huairen wasn’t to avenge Sheng Xia’s parents—she merely wanted to live a peaceful life in the future. And the easiest way to do that was to get rid of anyone who might become a threat.

Shi Sheng felt like she ought to take back Sheng Shi Group first. ‘If Yang Huairen knows the rightful heir of Sheng Shi Group has returned, wouldn’t he just show up on his own?’

Shi Sheng immediately contacted the lawyer who had drawn up the share transfer document which Gu Yan handed to her.

He was someone who wasn’t that famous, probably for the sake of being able to protect these documents better. But from their conversation, Shi Sheng knew this lawyer had talent.

For the sake of not drawing other people’s attention, he had never once displayed his talent, instead remaining content with a law firm making just enough for a living.

He had gotten all the necessary documents ready after receiving her call. All that was needed was her signature.

The rest of the procedures also went by very smoothly, to the point it’d make one click their tongues in astonishment, as if there was some invisible pathway opening itself up to her.

“Your parents were very good people. They once sponsored a lot of needy university students.”

This was the only irrelevant thing the lawyer had said to her this whole time.

The tree planted by one’s ancestors allowed their descendants to enjoy the shade[1]. Sheng Xia’s parents had probably never expected that someone they’d once sponsored would bring their daughter much convenience in the future.

Had Sheng Xia chosen to inherit the company back then, though she might not have achieved a perfect victory, at the very least she wouldn’t have lost too terribly.

Shi Sheng brought the materials with her to Sheng Shi Group to show off.

“Miss, may I ask if you have an appointment?”

The receptionist blocked her path. It seemed the lady couldn’t help but take her lightly, because she had come alone and dressed casually.

“Appointment? With who?”

The receptionist, “…” ‘You don’t even know who you’re looking for? Are you just here to cause trouble?’

“Miss, you can’t enter without an appointment.” Her attitude immediately toughened up.

“Why would I need one when I’m returning to my own—”

“Hello, I have an appointment with CEO Yang.” Someone suddenly interjected from the side.

Shi Sheng leaned against the reception desk with both hands and sighed heavily. ‘Really no way to get away from you ah!’

It seemed Shen Jiayin had just noticed Shi Sheng too, for her expression displayed a slight hint of surprise before turning guarded and backing away.

‘This woman is very violent!’

But upon thinking that Shi Sheng wouldn’t go so far as to attack with so many witnesses around, Shen Jiayin calmed down.

“You are Ms Shen, yes? CEO Yang is already waiting for you. Please get on Elevator 2. CEO Yang is on Floor 20.” The receptionist’s attitude immediately improved.

“Thank you.” Shen Jiayin didn’t speak with Shi Sheng, instead avoiding her as she walked towards the elevator.

“Go call your manager.” Shi Sheng smacked the reception desk. “Who’s your manager?”

The receptionist looked at her like she was a lunatic and beckoned the security guard in the distance over with a wave.

She flipped through the thick, messy file she was carrying and finally found the name of the current CEO of Sheng Shi Group: Yang Huaili, Yang Huairen’s younger brother.

But by now, the security guard had already arrived.

The security guard held an electric baton in his hand, gesturing for her to leave. “Miss, may I please trouble you to vacate the premises?”

“For what?”

The receptionist, “…” ‘This lady definitely has a mental illness!’

She shot a security guard a look, whereupon he immediately reached out, but was stopped by another hand before he could even touch her.

Shi Sheng stared wordlessly at Yu Jiu, who had entered the building at some point. ‘It’s like this kid is afraid I’ll run off or something…’

“Er, Sir…”

Yu Jiu ignored the security guard as he placed an arm around Shi Sheng’s waist before presenting a name card to the receptionist. “Is CEO Yang free now?”

The receptionist was still in her fantasy of wanting to touch this very cute boy when she heard him speak, and hurriedly looked at the name card.

HK Group

Vice CEO

Yu Jiu

The receptionist was scared by his lofty status. HK had been very high-profile these past few years. Due to their early-year development overseas, they were now considered one of the biggest multinational corporations in the country.

‘I heard CEO Yang wanted to meet the person in charge of HK, but wasn’t even able to get the chance…’

The receptionist made a call. Soon, someone emerged from the lift to guide the two upstairs.

“Since when were you a Vice CEO?”

‘This fellow is either hovering around me all day, or abroad fiddling with that underground kingdom of his. He didn’t go to work even though Uncle Yu told him to several times already, so where the hell did he get a name card from??? And a position for Vice CEO at that???

Is this a joke?’

“When dad was getting these name cards printed, I had him print some for me too.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘So you’re a fake? Yu Xingyun, you actually indulge your son to go around issuing fake name cards! Conning people is going to invite beatings, I tell ya.

…I can almost imagine how you’re going to be seen through, then I’ll have to go tear up that little imp—Pei!—that CEO Yang or something.’

The two were brought outside Yang Huaili’s office. They could see what was happening inside through of the glass. It seemed Shen Jiayin was preparing to leave after her discussion with Yang Huaili. And from the look on his face, it probably hadn’t gone in his favour.

“Ms Shen, you ought to consider this more. It’s the same no matter who you sell it too; and what’s more, I’m offering a much higher price.”

Shen Jiayin maintained composure akin to a goddess as she spoke placidly, “CEO Yang, there are some things money can’t buy. Goodbye.”

Shen Jiayin got up and left, but not before giving Shi Sheng a deep look when walking past her.

Once Shen Jiayin had left, Yang Huaili straightened out his features before calling for the people outside to come in.

The moment he saw Shi Sheng, Yang Huaili’s expression changed—but only for an instant—before he shifted his gaze, pretending not to know her.

“What wind has brought HK’s crown prince over to my place today? Please, do sit.”

As Yu Xingyun only son, and therefore ‘crown prince’ of HK Group, Yu Jiu’s information had naturally made its way into their hands.

“What do you think, CEO Yang?” Yu Jiu gave Yang Huaili a half-smile.

Yang Huaili was roughly the same age as Yu Xingyun, but he appeared much older. And because he had a beer belly from too much drinking, his physique was completely incomparable to Yu Xingyun’s muscular figure.

Yang Huaili didn’t know why this ‘crown prince’ had brought the Sheng Family survivor to his place for, so he could only try to divert the topic with a laugh. Though he was finally unable to hold himself back in the end.

“And who might this young lady be?”

“My fiancée. Surely your eyes aren’t that bad, CEO Yang?”

But without waiting for him to give a reply, Yu Jiu continued, “Oh, and I nearly forgot. She’s also the soon-to-be CEO of Sheng Shi Group.”

[1] This basically means the smart investments your forebears made benefit their descendants (i.e. you)

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